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A fast and fun turn-based adventure where you use top-down tactical combat and collectible card mechanics to master your strategy.
A fast and fun turn-based adventure where you use top-down tactical combat and collectible card mechanics to master your strategy.
114 backers pledged $11,141 to help bring this project to life.

100% Funded in 13 days!

Posted by D20Studios (Creator)

Thank you for believing in us! We’re going to deliver an amazing game for you to enjoy.

Wow, everyone! Kelly and I can't express our gratitude and appreciation to you enough. Here's what it was like when it happened: We were sitting together on the coach, finally taking a breather after a nonstop push to get our community forums up and running, when Kelly turns to me with a smile, holding her phone up with an email from Kickstarter that read in big bold letters "Ready? Set? Scream! Your project hit its goal. Congratulations!"

Scream we did. Followed by an enormous sigh of emotional relief and excitement. We made it. But how did it happen? There wasn't some sudden influx of new backers driven by a stroke of luck publication on a major games site. The final gap was closed by one of you generously upgrading your pledge in a resounding statement that said "I believe in you and it's time to finish this!"

Looking at our campaign, it is clear to us that this sentiment of support is shared by each of you who have backed us. For 70 people to fund a $10,000 goal on a free-to-play game: that is a huge statement! You've broke the mold. You've made this happen! Kelly and I are absolutely thrilled and we are so honored to have the privilege of serving you. This game is happening, and we can't wait to fulfill your backer rewards, launch Summoners Fate, and provide quality entertainment custom tailored for you for many years into the future.

We will always remember that you were the first to recognize our potential, that you were the first to join us, and that your trust and belief is what built the foundation of our success! Thank you!

New Stretch Goals Revealed

Thanks to your support, we’ve hit our funding goal and will be able to polish our game and deliver a truly exceptional experience for you to enjoy! With 10 days still left in the campaign, we are trending towards hitting several stretch goals, and we've got some exciting ideas for where to take the game next!

Our first stretch goal is to add a race of Steampunk Celestial Timekeeper Rats. Now doesn't that sound intriguing? When I was compiling a list of potential creatures to include in the game, the notion of humanoid ratmen naturally came to mind. Traditionally, ratmen are represented as scavengers, living in the sewers and plotting revenge against the overworld. It's possible I may have gone that route if Kelly hadn't stepped in and said "That doesn't sound very original or exciting...but here's an idea that will turn it on its head..."

Kelly went on to describe an entirely new concept, never before done in any game I've ever heard of, about representing the rat as a good-aligned character and combining them with a highly sophisticated steampunk look: top hats, monocles, and clockwork/gear driven weapons. What else makes them different? They are aligned to Celestial magic and the spiritual order. And they have the power to control time.

That's what makes working with Kelly so much fun. I'm often blinded by my preconceptions of what games are supposed to look like, and she is able to bring a whole new creative perspective. I would never have imagined this idea, but I fell in love with the concept just thinking about how distinct the race would look as well as the original gameplay mechanics that would allow players to control time.

We’re in striking distance to hit this goal and I hope that you have lots of questions for Kelly in the comments. 

Our second stretch goal is to add an extended horror class of nightmare creatures like vampires, succubi, greater demons and more. After seeing reactions to the little girl transforming into the banshee (also Kelly's idea by-the-way) we got excited to bring to life the backlog of various concepts we've come up with over the past several months. Got a favorite horror/nightmare themed creature you'd like us to include? Tell us in the comments.

After that, we have a new feature planned you'll absolutely love. Share your excitement with us in the comments :)

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