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The long awaited release of the new record from the Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence is finally moving forward.
The long awaited release of the new record from the Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence is finally moving forward.
96 backers pledged $3,309 to help bring this project to life.

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Ready for Release!

Hey everyone.   Sorry i've been a bit out of touch.   Things have been crazy in Europe on this leg of the tour.  There were a few last minute changes to the artwork for typos, etc. but everything has been updated and the printing and pressing are underway.   I'll be sending out backer surveys in the next few days in order to gather all the necessary information for me to deliver all the rewards.   At the most basic level, it will just be an email address so i can send you a link for the digital download.  Digital download will be via a dropbox folder, and will be available in a day or so.  For physical copies I'll need a mailing address to send the record to.   Physical copies are being pressed in France.   The lead time is about 6 weeks.  They will definitely be ready in time for the scheduled October release.   All backers at that level will receive their copies as soon as I have them in hand and can get them mailed to you.   This will happen before the record is officially released.  Look for an email regarding the backer survey in the next couple days and respond so I can get everyone their copies!!   I want to thank you all again for believing in the project and helping to make it happen.   Greetings from London, Cheers!


We made it!!! + a word from our cover model:)

We have officially reached our goal!!!  This means that the project is moving forward and pressing of the vinyl will begin ASAP!   Everything is ready to go, all artwork and mastering are finished.  It's just a matter of time now.  As i said on my facebook post, i have been truly humbled by the outpouring of support for this project.    Thank you all so much for believing in my efforts and helping to make it happen.  Cheers to you all!! 

And now, a word from our cover model and the original Cobbler's Kid, young master Malachy Bender Herb.

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almost there!!

I've been meaning to post an update and thank everyone for the big swell of support in the last couple days. we're at 85%. only $434 to the goal line. I think we can make it!! I can't thank you enough for all of your help. cheers!!

a better share of the single, link to download

so I was kinda bummed at kickstarter's implementation for sharing that track yesterday. I thought it was lame that you could only listen to it on the kickstarter project page and there was no convenient way to download or save it to import into your iTunes or whatnot. so.... here's a dropbox link that will allow you all to download the mp3 version of "knew order". that way you can put it in your libraries, send it to friends, do with it as you like. if I'm going to give a track away I want to do so in a manner that allows people to use it as they prefer. I suppose I should clarify that I mean private non-commercial use but you get the idea. here you go, enjoy! thanks again for the support. I think we can make it if we keep the ball rolling! -herb.