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To ensure my original artwork is professionally made into prints, I am turning to Kickstarter, as many of my fellow friends have. Read more

Santa Cruz, CA Art
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This project was successfully funded on June 15, 2011.

To ensure my original artwork is professionally made into prints, I am turning to Kickstarter, as many of my fellow friends have.

Santa Cruz, CA Art
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I find pleasure in supporting my creative friends through Kickstarter. In the process of growing my business, soon to open a new workspace called ROW Collective, I must also expand my inventory. My GOAL is to have professional prints made from my originals.I  turn to Kickstarter , and ask you to help me supplement  my printing cost by pledging today! Here, artist and patron can come together,inspire each other and make ART happen! I appreciate your support. Every pledge counts!

Every  month Santa Cruz hosts 1st Friday. A tour of local artist work spaces and studios. Next month I, along with ROW Collective, will be part of that tour. I want to be ready, having plenty of my originals and PRINTS on hand.

I use eco-friendly, recycled book pages when creating my artwork.I have chosen 5 originals that I'd like to see reproduced on quality art paper.  With the help of The Santa Cruz Art League, I found an amazing local photographer/printer  that I look forward to working with. Printing will start soon.

Once I have this initial investment, my ultimate goal is for this to become a self funding project through the sale of my prints. 

Overall Cost of this Project:

Initial digital images of the 5 originals - $75

20 prints of each original : $800 

Clear plastic protector sleeves and recycled cardboard inserts: $100


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  • I love to recycle vintage book pages, pen and ink, acrylics, watercolor and other mixed media pieces as well.

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  • My parents are proud to display my childhood paintings and art on their walls, so I'd say all my life.

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  • I love donating prints and original to various non-profits. I also enjoy selling my work and donating proceeds to various charities. If you have a special fundraiser, please ask..

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