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The Great Way is an epic fantasy trilogy about a supernatural invasion that destroys an empire.
The Great Way is an epic fantasy trilogy about a supernatural invasion that destroys an empire.
1,206 backers pledged $50,056 to help bring this project to life.

The Greatest (Final-est) Update of All!

Posted by Harry Connolly (Creator)

You guys, be sure to read all the way to the bottom.

The previous update was almost 11 months ago and for that, I'm sorry. The only excuse I have is that I promised that update was the second-to-last, and I can be weird about stuff like that. 

Is this it? Is the Kickstarter over?

Yep! This is what I'm going to cover in this thoroughly final Kickstarter update:

  • Audio books for The Great Way
  • Fate Core supplement for The Great Way and Key/Egg
  • Are you missing books?
  • My current work-in-progress
  • Upcoming Kickstarters(?)
  • New Twenty Palaces (yeah, you heard that right)

Okay. Tell me about audio books for The Great Way.

Sure thing! When I asked readers for stretch goal ideas, many people said they wanted audio books. Me, I don't know much about format and I decided not to mess around in that area. 

But never fear! My agents sold audio book rights to Podium Publishing. They're recording the first book as I write this, and books two and three should follow shortly.

If you're interested in acquiring those audio books, you won't hear that they've been released via Kickstarter update because there won't be any more. The only way to be notified when they go on sale is through my newsletter. Sign up on this page.  

What about those Fate Core Supplements?

The Fate Core supplement, The Way into Fate, that combines The Great Way with A Key, an Egg, an Unfortunate Remark, is now complete and has been delivered to backers who pledged $30 or more. Don't have it? Check your Kickstarter messages. That was the last thing I'd promised to complete for this Kickstarter, and it's what has brought this campaign to a close. 

It's also the reason I'm so late finishing up this project. The file is over 53,000 words and writing for games is extremely dense. Let's just say I found it challenging. 

The supplement is largely a world-building document translated (as best I could) into game mechanics. There are bits on the history of the Peradaini Empire, a description of how Marley's "water flowing downhill" magic functions, plus a fifty-page adventure detailing Cimfulin Italga's mission at Shadow Hall. 

If your pledge was below $30, you can still pick up a copy at Drive Thru RPG, which is the premiere site for buying game pdfs online. (It's where I buy mine). 

And if you like it (all together now) tell your friends!

But wait! The Kickstarter is over but I'm missing some ebooks!


Message me through Kickstarter. 

I will send you the links you need to download books you're owed. They aren't small files, so I don't want to host them on my site forever, but they're available right now. I'm happy to give you the books you're due. Sending my books to you brings me joy. So let me know if you're missing books

It's been a year since your last book release. Where's the new one?

My new book, tentatively titled One Man, is almost finished. Well, the first draft, anyway. It's at 125K words and still building to the climax. There's a fair bit of revision to be done, but I plan to send it to my agent pretty soon so she can sell it to a NY publisher.

What if NY publishers reject it, like they did with The Great Way?

Then I guess I'll have to run another campaign.

But if I do have to run another Kickstarter, I'm not going to publicize it with an update from this account. The only way to find out about it will be if you're signed up for my newsletter

Seriously, I only ever send them when I have something new for sale, and sometimes I delay them so I can announce two things at once. The previous newsletter went out in May of last year, the one before that was December, 2014. Your inbox won't be barraged with emails if you sign up. 

Do you mind if I skipped all that stuff above to read about new Twenty Palaces?

Only if you go back and read the other sections afterwards, please.

I'm announcing this here first, directly to you guys: After I send One Man to my agent, I plan to write The Twisted Path as a novella.

There are quite a few places that publish novellas now. I'm sure I can take the storyline originally designed for The Twisted Path and make it work at that length. Then I'd pass that on to my agent, too.

I dunno. Maybe it won't work. Maybe it won't sell. Maybe poor sales will hang around my neck like a millstone. But what the hell. There should be time between finishing One Man and selling it. I hope to use it productively. What will come of it, I can't say. 

Is this the part where you thank us? 

It sure is. 

Thank you. I'm taking this very last opportunity to thank you all for your support. You made it possible for these books to exist, and your willingness to spread the word about them enables me to write my next book. 

Go find a mirror, look at your reflection, and tell yourself you're great. Because you are. 

Much joy and happiness to you all,


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    1. Jonathan Cabildo on

      New Twenty Palaces? Rad.

    2. Kevin Matheny on

      Thanks for the update, Harry. I realized I didn't pledge for the Fate supplement, so I rectified that mistake immediately thru DriveThru. I'm looking forward to reading it.

      And I'll echo the happiness about another 20P story, and the anticipation of your next work.

      Thanks for keeping at it.

    3. Gareth Hodges

      NEW 20P!!! HUZZAH!!

      Also, all the other stuff is good :D

    4. Lisa Padol

      Ah! Link is here. Dated 4th, as you said. Not sure what happened -- maybe I was signed out and didn't realize it? Anyway, thanks!

    5. Tasha Turner

      I'm not good about keeping up with my email so I really appreciate a heads up about new Kickstarters as updates on ones I've previously backed. Please rethink your email list or you won't know about my future Kickstarters.

      Congrats on everything else.

    6. Harry Connolly Creator on

      Lisa, I sent it on the 4th. If you haven't gotten it, check your spam filter or look at your messages here on the Kickstarter site. Let me know if you have any problems.

    7. Lisa Padol

      How long should it take for the message to show up if we pledged $30? (As you can probably guess, I did, and it hasn't as yet.)

    8. Harry Connolly Creator on

      Ack! Max, I should have done more research. If I had, I would have delivered the supplements that way instead of through download links on my site.

      Neil, thank you for the kind words. As for future updates, I don't like receiving updates about new Kickstarters so it would be uncool to send them. The best way to be up to date on my work is the newsletter. Honestly, I don't send many of them.

      Tom, thank you for the kind words.

    9. Max Kaehn

      Excellent work with the game supplement. DriveThruRPG won't let me review it without buying it; a lot of gaming Kickstarters deliver PDFs via DriveThruRPG "buy it for free" coupons, but I don't know how much of a hassle it would be to generate those for backers at the correct level.

    10. Neil Smith on

      1) The game supplement is excellent. Really. Far in excess of anything I was expecting. So, good stuff there. Farce magic will be making a presence in a game of mine soon.

      2) Good luck with One Man. If you need another Kickstarter, _please_ let us know here. OK, signing up to your newsletter is a good thing and all, but don't leave people ignorant.

      3) Also, good luck with Twisted Path. More published books is good.

    11. Tom Morgan on

      I thoroughly enjoyed everything I received from you. Our (30YO) son was familiar with your work - and we bought him the e-series for Christmas. I also received some of your other works as gifts.