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The Great Way is an epic fantasy trilogy about a supernatural invasion that destroys an empire.
The Great Way is an epic fantasy trilogy about a supernatural invasion that destroys an empire.
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Second to last update

Posted by Harry Connolly (Creator)

That's right. It's nearly over. 

With one exception, everything that I need to deliver has been delivered or is being delivered in this update. 

But first, thank you!

I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time, now that all of the Kickstarter fiction has been put on sale to the general public, to review the books on Goodreads, Reddit, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, your own blogs, and also in real life, if you're the sort of person who has face-to-face conversations with people. Nothing matters more than word of mouth, and the three Great Way novels, while they'll never hit the best sellers list, have been doing pretty well. 

Thank you. 

What has been delivered:

Everyone who was owed an ebook should have downloaded them already. That includes all three books of The Great Way, the short fiction collection Bad Little Girls Die Horrible Deaths, and Other Tales of Dark Fantasy, and the novel A Key, an Egg, an Unfortunate Remark, plus an ebook copy of Twenty Palaces and The Twin Swords of Zordain.  If you haven't received these items, please contact me

As for as the print editions go, I have sent copies to everyone who filled out the survey and gave me their address. I'm willing to hold onto copies for a while, in case someone chimes in late, but I won't hold onto them forever. If you're owed print books you haven't received, please contact me

Everyone who signed up for the newsletter should have received one last week. If you didn't, please contact me. Alternately, you can sign up for my newsletter directly via the form in the sidebar.

If you signed up for a book club-style talk, you should have received a message asking you to contact me to work out a schedule. Check your messages. 

The fiction critique has been delivered. The fresh-baked cookies have been declined. The desktop wallpaper art is right here.

That's right. Stretch Goal: Monitor is here

Let me post that link once more. That's the photo set of the cover art for the three Great Way novels, plus the map, plus the Twin Swords art, as promised. 

When you download them, choose the appropriate file size for your needs. Also, if you want the files, grab them now. I'm only going to leave them up for a limited time

And, ObCopyrightRemark, these are provided for use as desktop wallpaper only, as promised in the Stretch Goals. Please don't use them for other purposes.  

What does that leave?

The last thing that I personally need to deliver is Fate Core supplements. Those are partway finished, and I'll need to run them past a couple of volunteers who have promised to give them a look over. Once that has happened, I'll email them to the appropriate backers, announce that the Kickstarter campaign is over, and BOOM. That's it. 

What about Stretch Goal: YOU?

Good question, pretend person!

Did you promise something for Stretch Goal: You? The list is here. If so, I'll be happy to help you share it with other backers in the next (and final) update. If you complete it after that, it'll be too late. 

Not to say you can't finish your project whenever and put it out into the world. That's awesome. But once I send that last update I'm not going to be dropping messages into backer inboxes any more. If you want to offer a link to your stretch goal contribution after that, you'll have to put it in comments below the last update. 

Finally, a spoiler discussion of The Great Way?

I've been meaning to arrange a spoileriffic discussion of The Great Way, but I'm not sure where would be the best venue for it. My blog doesn't (can't) take comments. LiveJournal does, but many people don't like that interface. Facebook is out. Kickstarter only allows comments from backers, and I'd like to open this up to all readers. 

Any suggestions? I think LiveJournal would be best, but I'm open to ideas.

Thanks! Until next time. 

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    1. Harry Connolly Creator on

      The supplement(s) is currently in the hands of Fate Core experts for their feedback. I hope to release it this spring.

    2. Romero Stokes on

      Hi Harry - any word on the Fate Core supplements? Thanks!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      ron fricke on

      Great, thanks. I thought I had missed an update.

    4. Harry Connolly Creator on

      My beta-reader has it right now. I expect to have it out in the world before Christmas.

    5. Missing avatar

      ron fricke on

      Hi Harry, did the Fate supplement ever get done? I never received an email with the file. Thanks!

    6. Harry Connolly Creator on

      Chris, send me a message through Kickstarter. I can't find you among my backers with just your first name. If you send the message, I can reply with the download links right away.

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hi, I backed at the CHIEFTAIN OF THE WILDS level and see that I downloaded the Bad Little Girls Die from the July 2nd e-mail, but not anything else. I did, of course, receive the print books which were my main priority, but is it still possible to get a link to download anything else (particularly the "A Key, an Egg, an Unfortunate Remark")? Thanks either way.

    8. Harry Connolly Creator on

      Karen, I emailed the links to the address associated with your account. If you don't receive them or that email is no longer good, please send me a message.

    9. Karen Twelves on

      Hello! I received links to the two e-books "Bad Little Girls" and "Twin Swords" but haven't received links for the rest of my backer rewards. Thanks!

    10. Harry Connolly Creator on

      Bryan, check your Kickstarter messages. You should have received new links.

    11. Bryan Brake on


      I found my email that had the links, but it says the download is dead... Could I get a new download? Also. Looking forward to the FATE items! This was one of best managed KS I've been a part of... And I'm still waiting for items on others for 3 years ;]

    12. Ella Belt Webster on

      I also would like Reddit. I would do G+ (reluctantly) or Goodreads (cheerfully), but I find the interface in Reddit easy.

    13. Harry Connolly Creator on

      Nick, check your messages. You should have the links waiting for you.

      Lindsey and Gaston, Goodreads is a great idea! I post reviews there but I don't use it for much else. I'll look into it to see how it works. If I can create a thread under my name instead of under the books, we can have the discussions about any of the books, including Twenty Palaces. I'd rather not have separate conversations spread over all ten books.

      If Goodreads allows that, we'll use Goodreads. Otherwise, LiveJournal. I'll set it up and announce it in the last update.

    14. Nick Wesselmann on

      Hmm, somehow I seem to have missed the email with the download links for the books

    15. Gaston Keller on

      Lindsey's argument is compelling. I've barely used the discussion/forum feature of Goodreads, but the site is meant for books and book lovers, so it seems the right place to talk about *The Great Way*.

    16. Lindsey Tolis on

      I'd suggest Goodreads for a group discussion. Readers can hide spoilers behind tags if that's how you'd like it set up and it's an easy to use interface. You can set up a group to do the read together or just use the individual books' pages. If you set up a group, you can also create folders for multiple discussion threads. Plus, it's a website for readers to begin with, so lots of potential exposure.

    17. Harry Connolly Creator on

      Reddit isn't a bad idea at all for me, but I know there are a lot of people who don't consider it a safe space. I'm afraid hosting it there will leave too many people out.

      G+ isn't a bad idea, although a community is more likely to spawn a whole bunch of separate discussions, while LJ could easily handle one big one. Of course, then we could break the discussions up according to the books/series. Hmm.

    18. Neil Smith on

      Another place you could have discussions is a community on Google+. Most people well have Google accounts already, and you can control the visibility of discussions.

    19. Kevin Matheny on

      Re: discussions - would Reddit work? I rarely use it, but it seems like it might suit this purpose. It's likely to have the same "people hate the interface" problem as LiveJournal, but I suspect that's a universal problem.