The Great Way, an epic fantasy trilogy by Harry Connolly

by Harry Connolly

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      Brian Jones

      Congrats on the continued success Harry, that update as discussion forum for the books is a nifty idea. If only Kickstarter's comments section was easier to use...

      A question - will there be any opportunity for backers who did not order one earlier to get a copy of the limited hardcover edition? Not sure if you have many extra copies, or if they are for sale, but I would love to be able to order one. Thanks!

    2. Tasha Turner

      I believe I tracked down the ebooks you sent (my inbox is a disaster & I'm changing hosts) so my husband and I should be able to read and review. I enjoyed James Nichols (Nicholls?) review of book 1 which caused my husband to ask where our copies were. :D

    3. Jay Kominek on

      My copy showed up today. It is possibly one of the nicest hardback books I've ever handled.

    4. Harry Connolly Creator on

      Thanks, you guys.

      J, credit for the gorgeous hardback goes to my book designer, who goes by the Twitter handle @thebarbarienne.

      Tasha, if you can't find that email, message me.

      Brian, I hadn't really thought about it. At some point, probably, but not right away.

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      Ronald Pottol

      I do think you should have reminded us when each book went up on amazon so we could review them on day one. You can still do this for the other novel.

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      Kristie Baker on

      My inbox was disastrous due to serious illness, however I have looked everywhere for the ebooks email and cannot find it. Could you please send another? I have signed up for your newsletter also and look forward to adding my review as soon as I read them! Thank you.