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The Great Way is an epic fantasy trilogy about a supernatural invasion that destroys an empire.
The Great Way is an epic fantasy trilogy about a supernatural invasion that destroys an empire.
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Second Best Update Ever

Posted by Harry Connolly (Creator)

[The UPDATE has been updated. Please be sure to read all the way to the bottom.]

Back when I started this campaign, I promised to send updates no more often than once a month (unless there was a really good reason, like: I wanted to).  Some of you have noticed that there was no update for November; honestly, there was nothing to talk about except what I keep saying over and over, which is Progress Is Being Made.

Where are things now? 

Before Thanksgiving, the files for the trade paperback editions were all uploaded to Lightning Source and  the files for the hardback omnibus were sent to the traditional printer. 

Here's what still needs to happen:

  • Physical proofs have to be checked and (hopefully) approved [See Update at bottom of page]
  • The books have to be printed and shipped
  • I need to sign the ones that need signing.
  • Books go into envelopes with addresses on them
  • Books go to the post office and make their way to YOU!

Can all this be done before Giftmas?

Christ, you guys, I hope so. In fact, I may spend a bit of money to make sure it happens. I made a commitment that I would not sell to non-backers until after the backer copies were in the mail. You guys deserve the book first. 

However, I don't think it needs to be said that I'm likely to sell more copies if I release it before the holiday rather than after it. There's a serious time crunch here, which is unavoidable when making books that look this good. I'm not bragging here: they don't look fantastic because of anything I've done. I just wrote the words. It's the professionals that your support allowed me to hire that have done such an amazing job.

What this means to you is that I'm trying to get this book to you before Giftmas, only six months late. (Sorry)

What professionals?

Glad you asked. I want to take a moment to credit the hardworking folks who have helped bring these books and link to their websites so you can hire them yourself, if you're ever in a position to do so.

The Great Way

  • Cover art is by Chris McGrath:
  • Cover design is by Brad Foltz of Foltz Design:
  • Book design by The Barbarienne’s Den: @TheBarbarienne (Twitter handle, obvs)
  • Map art by Priscilla Spencer:
  • Interior art by Claudia Cangini:
  • Copy edsit by Richard Shealy:

Good folks, all of them, and they have done a fantastic job. (And I wonder if Richard's hair will stand on end when he sees the tyop right by his name.)

A Key, An Egg, An Unfortunate Remark

  • Cover art and design by Duncan Eagleson:
  • Copyedits by Rose Fox:

I haven't forgotten about this stretch goal urban fantasy! I promise I haven't. It's just that things have been very busy getting the trilogy out, and while Kickstarter backers will definitely get this promised ebook stretch goal with the trilogy, it won't go on sale to the general public until after the trilogy has been released.

Miscellany to wrap this up

[Added later] The ebooks for The Great Way need only some minor formatting.

I had someone who offered to turn the cover art into desktop wallpaper, but they haven't responded to my emails. I guess I'll just post the artwork at a nice resolution and not worry.

The Fate game supplements keep growing and growing. I thought both together would be about 6K words. Now they look like they'll be over 30K. I hope I can trim that back, because holy cow.

I've been invited to write a Great Way story for an anthology edited by Shawn Speakman. Assuming he likes the story, that would be a very good thing.

Finally, in keeping with this project's origins as a homeschooling unit, my son is making a teeny little eight-bit video game for The Great Way, using Scratch, the free program from MIT. I keep trying to convince him to expand it and make more levels (or just another level) and to put his own music to it, but he's self-conscious, at age 12, that it's not professional enough. (I sympathize so much.) Once it's finished, he may ask me not to post it online, a request I would honor, so we'll see if you guys will get a chance to play.

Why is this only the second best update?

Because the best one will be to announce that your books are in the mail to you. You have logged into Kickstarter and confirmed that you responded to my survey with your current address, right?

[Update of Updateliness]

I held off on sending this because I was hoping I'd get to say this: The trade paperback proofs arrived late last night, they look fantastic, and I approved them. Then I placed the order. So, the paperbacks with the Chris McGrath cover art are being printed. Yay!

All I have to do is wait for the proof of the cover flats for the omnibus, and the hardbacks will be on their way, too.

Seriously, you guys: if you haven't put your updated address into the Kickstarter survey I sent, go to the site, log in, and do that. You have until the books actually show up at my place, but you don't want to wait.

Thank you.

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    1. Harry Connolly Creator on

      It seems that the omnibus will not be ready until January, so I think what I'll do is get the ebooks to everyone, then mail out the trade paperbacks, then put book one up for sale. The omnibus will go out when I get it.

      Thanks, everyone.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I agree with what everyone's been saying -- don't mind waiting -- well, if I were getting a print version I wouldn't mind! And if it were for a gift -- everybody has a birthday coming sometime, right? We want to support you/your work, and part of that is helping you get your work "out there" to more people.

    3. Mark Martinez on

      Great news for the Great Way, but don't worry about getting your books to backers first. Get them out to everyone when you can.

    4. Gaston Keller on

      Man, push your books out and start selling! Whether we receive the books before or after they go on sale it's a technicality, in my view. You need to sell to keep writing!!! (I'm so eager to get the books, though! =D )

    5. Tasha Turner

      I'm looking forward to getting the ebooks. Looks like you had a great team to work with.

      For your son learning "good enough" and releasing to the world is hard. I wrote this to encourage a 1st time author to release his work:
      No book is ever perfect
      No piece of art is ever perfect
      No meal I cook is ever perfect
      But at some point we have to eat...

    6. Erik Parker on

      I'm looking forward to seeing this.

      I would also love to see your son's game. I really enjoyed his lego videos and I think his game will be great too.

    7. Wayne Williams on

      Man I'm looking forward to seeing these in the mailbox! And for what it's worth, I'm cool with you getting the books up for sale as soon as you can. Sure I backed to get more awesome writing out of you, but I also backed to to help you get more market penetration so whatever helps with that is golden with me.

    8. Don Whiteside on

      Hooray! This has been a fun kickstarter to be a part of and I too sympathize with your boyo - it's so hard to let yourself just feel good about the work you've done so far - the dark side of ambition! Just remind him that if you don't finish something and call it done you don't get to have the fun of starting the NEXT thing.

    9. Harry Connolly Creator on

      Sorry for leaving out the ebooks. I just put a note into the update about them. There are only a couple of minor formatting issues for me to deal with, and then the ebooks will be ready.

    10. Neal Dalton

      I'm fine with whatever decision you make regarding selling the books.

      I have one question though: when will the ebooks be sent to backers?

    11. Missing avatar

      ron fricke on

      Fantastic news, agreed about posting the books as soon as you can to sell elsewhere. I am an ebook level backer, I didn't see that mentioned in the update?

    12. Michael F. Stewart on

      Ditto, What CE Murphy said. SELL, man, sell!!

    13. CE Murphy on

      For the record, I myself am _totally okay_ with you putting the books up on Amazon etc before the holidays even if they don't quite get in the mail to the backers before you do so. TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT. Just so you know.