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The Token Card is designed to hold 8 TTC tokens and fit into your wallet's credit card slots

Have you lost TTC tokens before? What about accidentally gave out TTC tokens as changes? Thought you had 1 token left in your pocket only to scramble for it at the fare booth?

We've all been there. Let's face it, TTC tokens are not exactly the easiest thing to carry around. They are tiny (size of a dime) and expensive. Where am I supposed to keep them? Pockets? Purses? No matter where I put them, they end up vanishing into the thin air. The Token card is designed to solve this problem:

  • The Token Card can securely hold 8 TTC tokens
  • The profile of the Token Card is very similar to a credit card 
  • The Token Card can easily fit into your wallet's credit card slots
  • The Token Card dispenses 1 token at a time

What's the story behind the Token Card? How did you come up with the idea?

The idea of the token card dated back to 2010. As a regular TTC commuter, I was sick and tired of carrying TTC tokens around. Back then, there were rumors about TTC starting to implement a loaded card system, like what Montreal has. So I waited and waited. 1 year later, nothing. 2 years later, still nothing. At this point I felt like we need to take this matter into our own hands and I formally started the project.

The design of the Token Card has to achieve 2 things: securely holds tokens and fits into a wallet. We quickly decided on the current design: a base that holds 8 tokens and a lid that slides into the base and securely covers the tokens.

The following are the 3D drawing of the design:

With a design in mind, we now need to make the prototype. We talked with domestic and international manufactures and finally found a manufacture that understood our vision and wanted to work with us to make this happen. The first batch of prototypes were made by hands to our specs using hard plastic.

After we've made the prototypes, we did a series of usability tests. What we've learned was the design worked great, but the hard plastic material was lacking in terms of durability and the quality feel that we were looking for. We went back to the manufacture and discussed the choice of material and settled on high grade aluminum.

Now, this is where you come in. In order to bring this project to the market. We need to raise the initial production cost and start the actual production.

Why do we need to raise $2000?

We need $2000 to cover the initial production run, including machinery and labor costs. The mold that will be used to mass produce the Token Card costs around $2500. 

What happens after you raise $2000? When can I get my Token Card?

We are looking to manufacture the Token Card as soon as we finish raising funds. The turnaround time from submitting the order to receiving it should be around 1 to 2 months, depending on how quick the manufacture can process the order

Can you talk more about your manufacturing plan?

Believe or not our manufacturing plan is really simple. In order to mass produce the token card, we need to leverage a process called injection molding. Its basically a giant machine pressing raw material, in our case aluminum, in to a custom made mold. At full capacity we can produce more than 5000 units a day. 

The custom mold is a special part that needs to be ordered and it is quite expensive. We've negotiated the price with the manufacture to make the mold for $2000 CAD. The funding from this Kickstarter project will be spent on making this mold. 

Once we have the mold, the mass production will begin. The turn around time should be between 3 to 5 weeks, from submitting the order to receiving the order in Toronto. 

Then, we will mail out the individual Token Card to all of you. We will try to go through all the orders within a week.

More Questions? Check out our FAQ on or ping us at

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The only challenge we face right now is the lack of funding. We have everything else lined up. We've secured the price of the mold and the mass production unit price. Once we raise enough money, we will custom make the mold and start the mass production.


  • The production version will be made entirely out of high grade aluminum.

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  • For the Kickstarter project, we want to cap the order at 4 units. Once we are funded, the ordering process will be moved to our site @
    From there you can order as many units as you like.

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  • The Token Card will be manufacture in Asia to save on costs. We've contacted local manufactures as well as international manufactures, the pure local manufactures' costs are a lot higher than what we can afford. Some 'local' manufactures source their work to Asia. After extensive research we've decided to work with a Asian manufacture who understood our vision and will be able to deliver the product at a price we can afford.

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  • The card I used in the demo expired long before we shot the video so there's nothing to worry about!

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