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See your home’s energy use. Lower your electric bills. Make a difference.
See your home’s energy use. Lower your electric bills. Make a difference.
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Updates, goal-setting & t-shirts!

Posted by Ben Lachman (Creator)
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Hello Backers,

Apologies for the longer than normal break between updates!

Development of final plastics continues while we select all the other bits for Glow: a power cord, rubber feet, and just the right screws. We're also testing a new adhesive for the power sensor that performs better when affixed at lower temperatures (Oh Canada!). On top of all this, we're working to complete final validation of the glowing lens/diffuser system using rapid mold prototyping to create molded parts without the cost of fabricating production molds. We'll share pictures of this once we have test pieces in hand. Now, on to the more fun bits of this update!

Goals & Challenges

Now that we have an initial mobile app up and running (check the last update if you missed it), we're starting to dig deeper into the user experience around Glow and a few of the ways we can make the product as effective as possible. Goal-setting is a well studied way to help create change and from the beginning it has been a goal of ours (sorry) to build some interesting features in these areas. Here are some examples that we're contemplating:

Set Your First Goal: How Much Do You Want to Save?
Welcome to Glow. Goals are an important part of reducing energy use and we want to help you be as successful as possible! Please choose one of the following goals we've tailored to your home. 

  •  Baby-Steps (start slow): 2% reduction (about $3-$5/month savings) Recommended
  •  You Can Do It (the average): 5% reduction (about $8-$10/month savings) 
  •  Make Some Waves (challenging): 7% reduction (about $11-$13/month savings) 

We'll start everyone out by suggesting an appropriate goal based on the information you've shared with us about your home. The above numbers are just an example.

Tomorrow’s Glow Challenge: Beat Your Baseline. 
Look around your home to find devices that you no longer use, or use infrequently. Unplug them until the next time you need them and we'll tell you how much you saved. Homes like yours regularly save $10/month or more by reducing continuous usage.

We'll suggest this type of challenge to most users. Lowering your home's baseline is a clear way to large savings.

Tonight's Glow Challenge: Save While You Sleep.
You used a lot of power last night. See if you can bring it down by reducing your thermostat 3° and getting out an extra blanket tonight. Keep doing this all winter and we think you'll save about $100.

We'll suggest this challenge if we know you have electric heat, and, if you have a Nest Thermostat, your overnight temperature is above 62°F / 17°C.

We'd love to hear your feedback on these goals and challenges, but more importantly would you take a minute and think of a goal or challenge you might like to see Glow suggest to you?

Click Here to share your ideas…

Glow T-Shirt

We had a local t-shirt designer create some concepts for potential Glow t-shirts. The only problem is that we can't decide which one we like best. Please help us choose. Just click on the image of the shirt you love the most and we'll tally up the results!



As always, thanks for backing Glow… and helping us out along the way!

Ben, for the whole team at Potential Labs

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