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See your home’s energy use. Lower your electric bills. Make a difference.
See your home’s energy use. Lower your electric bills. Make a difference.
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Cool solar cooking product from some Ohio friends!

Posted by Ben Lachman (Creator)
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GoSun Go — Portable Solar Stove

Clouds and cold? No problem. Cook meals in minutes and boil water with cutting-edge solar cooking technology.

After two successful Kickstarter campaigns for its solar-powered cooking technology, our friends at GoSun are at it again with a highly portable, and affordable solar stove that cooks meals in minutes and boils liquids. Offering solar cooking technology at a lower price point than ever before, (as low as $79 on Kickstarter) GoSun aims to make the Go a staple in backyards, campsites, boats, and RVs around America.

“Our goal was to make a stove portable enough to take anywhere, with the power to boil water, at a price point that anyone could give GoSun a try,” commented GoSun Founder Patrick Sherwin.

GoSun’s award-winning technology has been recognized by the likes of CES, FastCo. and the White House for its breakthrough innovation. With the ability to cook in light clouds and freezing weather, heating up to 550°F/280°C while remaining cool to touch at all times, GoSun’s vacuum tube technology is a game changer for solar cooking.

The Go’s 13.5 oz tray cooks meals in as little as 20 minutes, fitting two fish fillets or a half dozen hot dogs at a time. When vertical, the Go can bring 14oz of water to a rolling boil in as little as 40 minutes. Once finished, the stove zips into a rugged 2lb case, perfect for cooking hot meals while picnicking or dehydrated foods while camping.


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    1. Ben Lachman Creator on

      @Tyler: We're targeting a monthly update schedule (this was bonus ;-). Did you see the October 20th update?

    2. Tyler Carr on

      As interesting as this is, I was hoping for a real update from the Glow team.