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Take your photography, time-lapse and filmmaking projects to the next level with professional grade affordable 3-axis motion control.
Take your photography, time-lapse and filmmaking projects to the next level with professional grade affordable 3-axis motion control.
Take your photography, time-lapse and filmmaking projects to the next level with professional grade affordable 3-axis motion control.
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    1. Mike Torr on

      Just received my parcel, and discovered an extra freebie in it. Thanks guys, you're the best! :)

    2. Mike Torr on

      Thanks for the update, and Happy New Year! Your post kind of made it sound as though you were waiting for app store approval before sending out the kit. Is that really the case? I'm struggling to imagine why you'd need to do that, but perhaps there's a reason I've not considered :)

    3. Jerry Lentz on

      Merry Christmas, Team Dynamic Perception! I can't believe this but I just got the greatest gift today!!! Did you really plan it so I would get it on Christmas Eve? How awesome! I'll open it tomorrow with the other gifts! Thank you all so very much! I can't wait to share with you the shots I have scheduled for 2015!

    4. Dynamic Perception Creator on

      We're elated that all NMX orders started shipping earlier this week! Android users will get the jump ( ) on iOS users as we have to wait for Apple to return from vacation and approve for the app store. We are targeting early next week to submit to the Google Play store but until then we'll keep updating this link. If you hit any snags with updating your NMX firmware or loading the app contact us at for assistance! Enjoy!

    5. Mike Torr on

      Any chance you could post a quick update soon? It would be nice to have some idea of what shipping schedule we can expect.

    6. Missing avatar

      Carol Hemingway on

      My reward is just a download of Time Lapse Photography instruction. Any news on when I'll be able to download my reward? Thanks.

    7. Anthony Jefferson on

      Any new word on when this will ship?

    8. Jackson Lau on

      when will the NMX Bluetooth motion controller be out for purchase?

    9. glenn cogan on

      Hmmm I have received nothing????

    10. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Kmiecik on

      Congratulations on a successful Kickstarter campaign. I have been using mine but still waiting for the Smartphone app. Any idea when it might be available?

    11. Anthony Jefferson on

      Hey guys,

      I know your super busy but I was wondering if there was any new insight on when my 3 axis bundle might ship. I sent message but didn't get a reply. I'm super excited to get my hands on it thanks!

    12. Mike Torr on

      Everything arrived last week. The customs charges were pretty bad, but I'm used to that :(

      I've not had a chance to put it all together yet due to family time with my son, but I'll get round to it soon. I'm looking forward to trying it and excited to see what September will bring with the stepper motors and the iOS app! Thanks again for all your help, guys, you've been awesome.

    13. Missing avatar

      Vladislav Gudovskiy on

      Just received, all good made, motors pretty heavy.
      so many boxes) thanks for extras.
      But i am so stupid and ask for qc motor, but forget about system to assemble it)

    14. Mike Torr on

      No worries - and thanks for letting me know. Hopefully the other part of my order in September won't be quite so complicated :)

      It turned out the Syrp stuff was an order from my supplier to their supplier, which got added to a much smaller order of mine for a single cable, and ended up being sent to my address. Pure coincidence!

    15. Dynamic Perception Creator on

      That is really strange Mike! I was just checking up on your order and it looks like your going to be one of the last out the door.. Super sorry for the delay, it appears yours is held up on the AT2 controller, we were expecting some enclosures to arrive a couple of weeks back and they're still not here and now quite late.. Other than that it's packed and ready to go. Hate to see little things like this hold up an order! =(

    16. Mike Torr on

      Well, something REALLY bizarre just happened to me here in the UK. I had something delivered that looked like my order, but it wasn't. It was a bunch of sliders and dollies, but they were the Genie Magic Carpet ones from Syrp. I have no idea what happened yet, but it looks as if my name and address got onto someone else's order. Imagine my confusion... :)

    17. Dynamic Perception Creator on

      Hello Vladislav, It's completely understood that you and others are patiently waiting for your pledge to ship. We are certainly working through orders as fast as we can. Currently we're well past the 1/2 way mark and gaining fast on 3/4 completion of the backer list. A batch pretty much is finished every other day but some days like today we need to shift over to production on other parts of the system like the Carbon Fiber rails. We had run out last week and the raw parts were running a bit behind from the manufacturer. They did finally arrive today so we're focusing on quality build as usual to get stock back up. In other words inevitably things come up that slow us down a bit but we're pushing forward as fast as we can while not sacrificing quality control.

      It's highly probable that in your particular case we are getting close to queuing up in our internal system. You will receive an actual order number when we enter your pledge into our internal system along with information on how you can login to your account and double check the contents of your order. It appears due to all the complexity of your order and all the changes that you have been requesting along with the custom parts we are trying to get it all organized before we enter it in the system. We'll certainly continue to work with you to try to get your pledge/order correct. Apologies for the delay in communication while we concentrated on chipping away at finishing production.

    18. Missing avatar

      Vladislav Gudovskiy on

      Okay, understand)
      When will next batch ready for shipping? u start to contact me for info about my pledge but suddenly stop.

    19. Dynamic Perception Creator on

      Hello Vladislav and Mike, sorry for the confusion here. The Stage R ships standard with a 3 RPM motor. We have found the 3 RPM is a great middle of the road for timelapse and video purposes. At the slow extreme this 3 can drive very slight accurate movements for 'move shoot' timelapse use and at the top end it can hit about 90 degrees in 12 seconds for video use (and everything in between of course). For more extreme timelapse and heavy weight lifting we have the optional 1 RPM whereas the 8 RPM is more on the video side hitting about 90 degrees in 5 seconds.

      This is of course based on 12V input. If you were to supply 19V to the system that would add 50% more speed at the top end. Note: the MX2 is limited at 12V whereas the MX3 and AT2 can safely take upto 19V.

    20. Missing avatar

      Vladislav Gudovskiy on

      Hmm, 3rpm they are very slow or not?
      Is it usable for video?
      who receive tell us more, because we are really like in vacuum without any info.

    21. Mike Torr on

      Oh, OK! Thanks Dan :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Dan Stevens on

      Mike, I received mine yesterday, they came with 3rpm.

    23. Mike Torr on

      Thanks for the update, guys. We know you're working hard! I asked this on a private message but had no reply yet... any chance you could tell us which DC motors are shipping with the Stage Zero 3-axis bundle? I mean, are they all the same RPM? If so, which one? Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Vladislav Gudovskiy on

      Looks like you like a bees in your company)

    25. Dynamic Perception Creator on

      @Ben, Ben, and Daryl thanks for your patience guys, it's not easy waiting we know, working through the orders absolutely as fast as we can. When the items are boxed up tracking numbers are issued as soon as the packages hit the trucks so you'll know exactly where everything is and when it will arrive. Tomorrow is scheduled to be a massive shipping day! really massive!
      @Dan, more docs are on their way and we've got some vids in the works too. If you ever have any questions about anything new or old please don't hesitate to contact us (734-237-3779) and we will help you through whatever you need.

    26. Ben Latterell on

      I know tensions are high and time is short, but as the majority of shipments for phase 1 went out last week, I am wondering what the status is for the rest of the items as I am curious when I will get a tracking number and receive shipment. Thanks guys for your hard work!

    27. Daniel Regner on

      Hey guys! I just received the shipment in the mail and it's AWESOME quality stuff. So excited to get to work with it. I just had a question on installation, are there any videos/documentation that go through the build with connecting the motors together and getting it up and running? Just want to make sure I am doing everything correctly. I obviously watched the first video you guys dropped that showed the new product, and I can see how the pieces go together, I just wanted to double check I'm doing it correctly. Thanks!

    28. Missing avatar

      Ben Coope on

      Any eta for pledges with international shipping?

    29. Daryl Vallez on

      Were the units with the MX3 shipped out?

    30. Mike Torr on

      Thanks for the reply! I've only just seen it, sorry - been away. That sounds great about the accuracy, should be fine I think. I think I messaged you already about my order requirements so you should have the information you need, but if you think you're missing anything still, please let me know.

      Looking forward to getting my hands on this awesome product!

    31. Dynamic Perception Creator on

      @Mike Torr - The accuracy will depend on the geared stepper motor, at this time we are still running through test phases with the stepper motors but we're finding that a 19:1 gear ratio is working well. We will be able to get movements much much smaller than an 1/8 degree, more like 1/60 degree or even smaller with some fine tuning. We're still working on the stepper firmware and will continue to work on it into the future as we get customer feedback. Mike if your order is complex please contact us at and we will work with you on completing all your various requests through that channel. You can also call us! =)

      @ Jon Davey - If you'd like to add some legs to your order we can handle this through our direct webstore or by contacting us at where we will work with you to customize your particular order.

      @ Vladislav Gudovskiy You are correct, your inquiry came in on Saturday morning. We are a very small company that allows our crew the weekends off so they can relax and refresh. Monday was very hectic so we're sorry we did not get to your inquiry right away. Your inquiry was very complex and will require a thoughtful response. We were simply swamped trying to keep up with all the other rush inquiries on a Monday and because there is some time before we will be able to complete your order we felt it was not critical. We appreciate your patience.

      @ Dan Stevens - Absolutely you will receive an email confirmation with tracking information when your rewards have shipped.

    32. Missing avatar

      Vladislav Gudovskiy on

      I has a custom reward, and have questions, but they don't respond at all.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dan Stevens on

      Will we receive notifications of when our rewards have been shipped?

    34. Missing avatar

      Vladislav Gudovskiy on

      I am confused too, i am write to support, but no one answered, i think because of weekend.

    35. Jon Davey on

      Hi there, same problem. Want lightweight legs but no "store collect" option too. I did receive a message asking about the cable and answered (5dmk3).

    36. Mike Torr on

      I'm having trouble understanding the survey. There are two 'questions', but it's not clear what needs to be written in them (they're both mandatory, according to the form). My order is a bit complex, as I was going to add to my reward, having pledged more than it's worth deliberately. Most of the added items are not yet available because they are NMX3s and stepper motors, but I also wanted the AT2 and a split shipment.

      I honestly have no idea what to do, sorry! I see that I can use the 'store collect' option on the shopping cart, but obviously I can't do that with products that aren't available yet. Also I haven't yet had an opportunity to select which camera cable and motor RPMs I'd like to have. When does that part of the process happen?

      I'm new to the product range and it's all a bit daunting. Please help! Thanks :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Dan Stevens on

      Survey completed! Getting close now, can't wait!

    38. Mike Torr on

      Congratulations on the funding, guys! This is awesome.

      One quick question for you: what would you expect the accuracy to be if I wanted to do SMS on the stepper motor on a rotary unit. For example, could I set things up so that it would cover exactly 1/8 of a degree on each shot? I'm interested in doing pans that stay in sync with the star field rotation.

    39. Missing avatar

      Greg Roux on

      Wahoo! Congratulations! Can't wait to get your equipment. Thanks for your vision, your hard work, the courage to do it and making it here in the USA.

    40. Fred Holmstock on


    41. Dynamic Perception Creator on

      Hey Scott, yes we'll offer the NMX modules alone and in bundles once we're able to launch them. Pricing is still shaking out as we complete design on the new smaller/lighter board and enclosure.

    42. Nick Graalman on

      I want to support the great work you guys do so I've contributed what i can. I wish I could contribute more. Jay and the team continue to push what is possible with timelapse and I love the end product everytime. Support this project, this is just the beginning.

    43. Scott Kilian on

      I have the MX3, Is the smartphone controller available on it's own?

    44. Dynamic Perception Creator on

      Hi Jared,
      Thanks for writing in and excited to get a rotary system out your way to rock and roll. Yes the older MX2's out there certainly still work great and can support 2 motors in move-shoot-move functionality. Never any worries movement, all our controllers are designed to control multiple axis in-sync with your camera so no moving takes place while your camera is exposing.

      Happy to help if you have other questions, thanks again for becoming a backer,

    45. Jared Blash on

      This is amazing, Ive been holding out on getting a pan and tilt ever since you guys teased the vx1 system. The fact that you have the option for buying single units is awesome! A perfect choice for people like me who are on a tight budget but want to add another axis. I pledged for one yesterday, I can't wait! I had one question though, I was wondering how the mx2 will work with the slider and a single stage r, is there a simple way of syncing the motors together so you don't have to worry about the motors driving while shooting ?

    46. Dynamic Perception Creator on

      Hey Marco thanks! Sure we can do that for you.. Make the extra pledge and let us know how you'd like to apply it when we send out the survey at the end of the campaign. Ah, yes understood, that's a great reason to have the second mount and qr angle! Anytime.

    47. Missing avatar

      Marley Brezzo on

      I'm really excited to use this gear! I was wondering if I put in an extra $30, could I get an additional Arca-Swiss L-bracket & camera plate? I'm interested in occasionally running a two-axis(slide/tilt) with the other Stage-R holding a second rig on a separate tripod. Thanks!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Robbie on

      @Stephen You are correct. The MX2 can control any two axis at once out of a three-axis pan/tilt/slider set-up. The MX3 can handle up to three axis at once.

    49. Earl Douglas on

      Sorry but another couple of questions. What is the range of the NMX Bluetooth controller and does it support the addition of a external antenna to increase the range? I would need 75 feet line of sight but if you are a level 2 that would only go to 33 feet. Also have a concern with the length of the L bracket used to connect the Pan and Tilt Stage R units. For the off set I could probably need at least another inch or two would be better. I suppose I could have a machinist make me a longer one. Is it returnable for a refund if it turns out it would not work for my needs?

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