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Headless Household (b. 1983) seeks help for ninth album - all-ballads, all the time - for Household Ink Records.

Headless Household is a “shamelessly eclectic,” Santa Barbara, Calif.-based band, formed in 1983 and now with eight albums out on its own Household Ink Records label (formed in 1987). We are working on an all-ballads set, and seeking love and help from the outside world, hopefully aiming to complete the album this year (2013), in time for a CD release concert in our annual Center Stage concert in December.

To date, our albums: Headless Household (1987), Inside/Outside USA (1993), ITEMS(1995), Free Associations (1999),mockhausen(2000), post-Polka (2003), Blur Joan (2005) and Basemento (2010) - a two-disc affair, one called “This, That...,” a more song-oriented disc, and then “The Other,”exploring our built-in experimental side. The beat (and intentional lack thereof) goes on.

Members and guests through the years include Dick Dunlap, Tom Lackner, Chris Symer and Joe Woodard in the core quartet, and ample musical help from saxist Tom Buckner, vocalists Julie Christensen and Glen Phillips, trumpeter-vocalist Nate Birkey, violinist-vocalist Sally Barr, pedal steelist (etc.) Bill Flores, bassists Jim Connolly and David Piltch, harmonica ace Tom Ball, the late great Kenny Edwards, Jeff Kaiser and many others, past, present and futuristically.

Stylistically, jazz, avant-pop, Americana, Europeana, Braziliana, free improv & noise, polka (or post-Polka), cinematic detours, and other modes of musical contact are pursued and indulged, in the interest of finding the right stuff.

Your help in making the ninth album a reality is greatly appreciated!

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The challenges with this band, involving multiple musicians with their own projects and geographical locations, can get tricky, making the production process less timely than often hoped. There is also the factor of squeezing in studio time, bending with the availability of "paying projects." With an actual budget, that process can be streamlined, and we can finish the album in the hoped-for deadline - by the end of 2013.


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