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I want to spend a month in a studio with a band and a choral group. Leonard Cohen meets Public Enemy is the basic idea. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 1, 2012.

I want to spend a month in a studio with a band and a choral group. Leonard Cohen meets Public Enemy is the basic idea.

The last tracking session and other news...

Dear backers,

Our final day of tracking for the album was another long and productive vocal harmony session on Friday.  A snippet of the crew of singers working on harmonies for "Steal This MP3" below...  Mixing songs began last night after the singers left the studio.  Billy got a mix of "London Is Burning" together for Tom Morello to put a lead track to, probably sometime in October...

Soon I'll be launching another fundraising effort, this time one with no minimum or maximum goal involved, entirely for the purposes of publicizing the CD when it's out in physical form, which should be happening in late autumn if all goes well.  The idea is that because a bona fide rock star will be on the CD (Tom Morello) and because the CD will be really good either way, it would be an optimal moment to be able to do something like send out 1,000 copies of the CD to radio stations around the world that might play it if they received it in the mail (which is still the preferred method for most radio programmers I hear).  This would cost around $5,000, which is $5,000 I don't have.  The Kickstarter campaign that made this recording possible was a success, but after the percentages were taken out by Kickstarter and Amazon (c'est la vie) what I had was just over $10,000 -- so plenty for making a kick-ass recording, but basically nothing left over for publicizing it.

Anyway, I'll let you know when I launch the publicity fundraising campaign, and any efforts on your part to spread the word about it are most appreciated.  As part of the campaign I'll be offering the same rewards I was offering here, plus I'll be giving out a link to an acoustic version of the upcoming recording to anyone who donated to this Kickstarter campaign, as well as to anyone who donates to the Fundrazr campaign I'll be launching later this month.  More on that soon, for anyone interested...


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    1. Creator mclien on August 19, 2012

      To start, I donate one of my 5 CDs for the publicizing project