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A medieval role-playing game where men have to face fierce threats lurking in the dark.
A medieval role-playing game where men have to face fierce threats lurking in the dark.
A medieval role-playing game where men have to face fierce threats lurking in the dark.
705 backers pledged $55,608 to help bring this project to life.

The Kickstarter for the Monaster of Tuath is Live!

Dear backers from our first Kickstarter,

Many of you already know... sorry for the repetition! Perhaps this update will reach a reader of Esteren lost in the dark ....

Our new Kickstarter is live:

If you missed the Book 2 Travels KS and Book 0 Prologue KS, you have a chance to get a copy of the Limited Edition of each pack with the Ard-Amrach reward tier: check it before it is too late!!!

The new Limited Edition bundle for the Monastery of Tuath includes Deduction board game. Deduction is the first board game set in the Shadows of Esteren universe. Taking place in the same setting as the official scenario Vengeful Words, written by Nelyhann, it is a 4- to 5-Player game, somewhere between Werewolf and Clue. Deduction is short and simple, putting the emphasis on interaction between the Players. Unmask the culprit before it’s too late...

After only two days, we exploded the initial $20K goal and some stretch goals are already unlocked! THANK YOU!

Hope to see you there,


The team

ENnies, Kickstarter for Book 2… and an old promise!


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Draft for the Fifth Lord of Shadows + Last Days for the "Book 0" Kickstarter!

Hi everyone!

Gawain is currently working on the fifth and last Lord of Shadows from this first Kickstarter. She will be a young and tomboy carpenter. A very endearing character that we are happy to include in the Esteren series!

Here are two draft for this character:

Last Hours for the "Book 0" Kickstarter

The other news is the imminent end of our campaign for the Book 0 Prologue!

We have reached $50k of funding and the PDF Book 2 Travels is now unlocked. Thanks to this new stretch goal, you will get the PDF of Book 2 Travels as soon as it is ready, well ahead of its public release, next summer.

The English version of Book 2 Travels will be an extended version of the French one: it will be a hardcover book, and the number of its pages will be increased from 80 to about 140. The Travels book contains Leader material: descriptions of important places of the peninsula, a series of scenarios, a gallery of non-player characters, and also a small bestiary. 

You can check all of this here:

Thanks again for your huge support in this beautiful adventure!

Ifyou have question, as always feel free to ask!

The Esteren Team

Art prints for Lords of Shadows

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to share with you this picture of the four art prints for characters commissioned by the Lords of Shadows:

The last character for the fifth Lord is currently in progress ... We'll show you when it is advanced. Really, we would to thank you for your support and the opportunity to be able to imagine these new characters. Kickstarter is really a great adventure! These characters will complement the enhanced version of Book 2 Travel.

We can not resist the pleasure to share with you this new illustration, this time funded by the backers of the newKickstarter. It will serve as a cover of a special edition of the Book 0:

See you soon!


The Esteren Team

New portrait + a big THANK YOU for your support of the new Kickstarter!

Hi all,

Here is a new sketch made by Gawain for one of our Seol Patron. These art commissions are great because they allow us to imagine and explore new ideas, new characters!

Also, the start of the new Kickstarter campaign for Shadows of Esteren is exceptional... and it is largely thanks to the support of this first campaign backers who have renewed their support for our new book. A big THANK YOU to all!

We have already unlock many stretch goals. Here are some excerpts:

A new game leader screen:

A close up:

New artworks to use as player aids in your game session:

Premade characters enad printed clues:

And more.. You can check all of this on the new Kickstarter page:


The Esteren Team