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A medieval roleplaying game somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.
A medieval roleplaying game somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.
951 backers pledged $137,024 to help bring this project to life.

$100k Stretch Goal Reached!

Posted by Jim Searcy (Creator)

We did it!


That's simply huge. It's amazing how much you got into this Kickstarter. Few RPGs have managed to reach such a level of subscription... all the more so when the RPG is a newcomer like Esteren!

This threshold unlocks the Ghost Stories, which won the votes by a landslide (138 votes for Ghost stories and 52 vote for the artbook). You were the ones who decided, and so it will be: we will design a collection with the following content:

-    5 horrific short stories
-    4 canvases
-    4 Figures
-    Game aid : Haunted house
-    Bestiary

All the backers will be sent a PDF of the Ghost Stories collection as soon as it is completed, which will sometime in 2014. We cannot give you a precise date since the creation process is a very long one. Pulling it off for 2014 will already be quite a challenge since this release remains to be written, carefully proofread, translated, proofread by our English-speaking team, laid out, and illustrated like all the other books of the series.

The $105K bonus goal will unlock a new option to acquire a printed edition of the Ghost Stories.

It is now time to think about the future... we have new stretch goals in mind. We will write a new update about that very soon...

Once more, congratulations to you all, and above all, thank you very much for your support, your cheerfulness, and your encouragements. We are really lucky to have you rooting for us...

Talk to you very soon,
The Team


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    1. Luke Walker on

      I echo the comment. Will Advanced Ghost Stories be available in print after the KS. The shipping cost for special options is so high that I don't want to buy it via the KS if I don't have too.

    2. Matt Kay

      Excellent news!

      Will there be an option to purchase these print options from the internet at some point in the future? My funds are stretched to my current pledge level only, but I'd be interested in buying some stuff later on, if/when it is made available to the public.

      Oh, and I'm in the UK, so it would have to be from a European distributor to keep shipping costs down...

    3. Missing avatar

      Wayne Naylor

      oh well advanced ghost stories is still a win. maybe an artbook in the future

    4. Jill Munro on

      Sorry Clovis... Went back and read the original Advanced vs Artbook update :) If we ever meet, you'll need to smack upside the head or something!

    5. Clovis on

      @Jill: Simply put, the printed version will include all the contents detailed in this update!

    6. Jill Munro on

      Congratulations! Fingers crossed we hit 105,000! Will the print one include both sets of the Ghost Stories collections or just the one from this stretch goal?

    7. Christina G. on

      Awesome! Ghost Stories sounds amazing!

    8. Martin Brown on

      Fantastic! Can't wait, I'll be picking up a print copy when we get to that goal :)