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A medieval roleplaying game somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.
A medieval roleplaying game somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.
951 backers pledged $137,024 to help bring this project to life.

Special Option: Cave Tiles + details about the two deliveries

Posted by Jim Searcy (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Here is a new special option to help us reach $100K! We have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the Loch Varn Tiles. Want some more? Good, because we had a blast designing and drawing them!

With this new special option, you can add a set of Cave Tiles to your rewards for $20.You will get them with all the other Special options, on the second delivery. There will be around 4 or 5 boards and 20 / 30 tiles, scaled for 1-inch minis.

To give you a better idea, check this update about the Loch Varn Tiles. The Cave Tiles will be usable for “A Life Choice” or for any other scenario taking place in an environment of the same kind. These are new tiles that we will realize soon. It is a complete new set, totally different from "Loch Varn Tiles".

...And some details about the two deliveries and all this mess :p

About options, we try to make it all clearer. The main page has been updated. We realize that it is a bit confusing, but we try to improve it all! Sorry for the trouble but it is not always easy to imagine and explain logistics solutions on the fly...

So, to summarize you have two types of options.

  • Standard options: Basically, these are items from the first kickstarter. Delivery this october with your rewards. Only reserved for those who have chosen a tiers containing physical rewards. To get these options, simply add the required sum to your pledge, no additional shipping costs
  • Special options: Printed version of the unlocked digital Stretch goal from this KS campaign and special option (like the Cave Tiles). Second delivery later in 2014. To get these options, simply add the required sum to your pledge + add $20 for shipping for US & Europe or $60 for internationnal.
    If you purchase $120.00 in options above your base pledge level (standard and special options  options combined), you will get your second delivery for free. Also; to avoid this extra shipping cost, you can renounce to your october 2013 delivery. You will wait for the second delivery, later in 2014, with ALL your rewards in once : your reward + standard options + special options.

Does this make sense?

So, if your options reach a cumulated value of $120 or more, you don’t need to add these extra shipping fees, they will be included for both deliveries. Note that we mean $120 worth of options in addition to your basic pledge. For example, if you are a Farl Collector and you have taken $120 worth of options in addition to your $110, then we will cover the shipping fees for both deliveries.

At the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we will send you a survey in which you will be asked to list exactly what you have chosen, the number of deliveries chosen, etc.

To conclude this update, here is a reminder of all the options currently available:

As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We will update the main page accordingly.


The Team


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    1. Jim Searcy 7-time creator

      Hi Dave,
      I fully understand what you mean. For this Kickstarter, we have made the choice to offer digital rewards like the interactive Maps (kind of google maps for Esteren), some stories and add on in PDF, the access to the video game beta… you can check all the stretch goals reached on the main page of the project. Offer some bonus to the backers is very good but having several months of delay, even more than a year, it is not good ... The main goal is to not delay the delivery promised in october with such digital options.

      Alternatively, we propose to you some options, add on for the game like this tiles. Also, after talking with the backers, we propose you an option to get some digital stretch goal reached in a printed version. This solution implies a second delivery. You can learn more here :

      Believe we are reeally trying to do oiur best to reward you.
      I hope my answer we enough clear and understandable.
      Your feedback are important for us, so thank you for your message and your support !

    2. Dave Corner on

      Over the last couple of years I had been involved with a number of Kickstarter projects, & have usually found that when a milestone target has been reached the backers receive a nice little bonus item as a reward for backing the project. With this Kickstarter it seems that when we have reached a milestone, the only option that the backers are given, is the option of adding another $15 or $20 to their pledge. Am I the only person who feels this way or am I misunderstanding what is being offered?

    3. Jim Searcy 7-time creator

      John, yes I mean totally different in contents but material and style will the same as Loch Varn.
      Conan, I think this is a good idea, we will work on it!

      If you need anything, please ask away!

    4. John Pope on

      I hope when you say "totally different" you don't mean "in visual style and material" as well, but rather just contents.

    5. Missing avatar

      Conan L James on

      Would there be a way to get these as a PDF add-on?

    6. Balgin Stondraeg

      "They have a cave tile."

    7. Jim Searcy 7-time creator

      Yes Balgin, I updated the news: these are new tiles that we will realize soon. It is a complete new set, totally different from "Loch Varn Tiles".

    8. Balgin Stondraeg

      Wait. Cave tiles? These won't be the Magientist factory ruins we've seen already then? Just checking as the thought of new tiles intrigues me :).