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A medieval roleplaying game somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.
A medieval roleplaying game somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.
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Special Option : Maps of Tri-Kazel

Posted by Jim Searcy (Creator)

We are glad to present you our first special option. This option is a digital Stretch goal previously unlocked that you can now get in a printed version. It will be delivered later in 2014 because we need a lot of time to do it.

Basically, by taking one or more special option, you agree that your reward will be delivered in two steps: first in 2013 (your rewards and standard options that you can see here), second in 2014 with all the special options. For each option, you need to add the required sum. Besides, you need to add $20 for shipping for US & Europe or $60 for internationnal for this second delivery. We know it is VERY expensive but we can’t do another way.

After listenning to your ideas, we have decided to give you two ways to avoid additional shipping cost:

  • 1/ You take $120 options in total. It is including standard options here and special option. For example, if you take $80 of standard option + $40 of special option, you will avoid extra shipping and you will get two deliveries without additonal fees.
  • 2/ Renounce to your october 2013 delivery and kindly wait for the second delivery, later in 2014, with ALL your rewards in once : your reward + standard options + special options. Beware! Delivery can be very late because we can not accurately predict the creation time. Be delivered in December 2014, a year and a half from now, is a possibility. Of course this is the worst case but it can happen so please think about it.

You can find additional information about the second delivery here.

And let’s talk about this first special option : Maps of Tri-Kazel.
In a special folder (you can see one of those folders here), you will find :

  • 5 cities maps in wide format (we will try a 20’ x 30’, around 60cm x 80cm)
  • 5 artworks : one picture for each city
  • 6 blank cards to design your own routes

The Maps of Tri-Kazel is a $30 option. To get one copy, you need to add $30 to your pledge + shipping cost (except 2 particular case explained above)

And now, here are some first pictures and draft:

Here is the draft for the first big map of Tulg Naomh. Akae began his work as soon as the stretch goal was reached! You can a larger picture here. The tiny white sheets above is the size of the book 1 Universe. It will be a huge work. 

Here is a draft for the illustration of Ard-Amrach, capital of Gwidre. This picture will appear in the book 3 Dearg and it will be one of the five artworks ofr the “Maps of Tri-Kazel”. You see a larger version here. A good way to put your players into the mood of this great city.

If you have any question, ask away,
And again sorry for my broken english, please forgive all my mistakes..;



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    1. Clovis on

      @Patrick: That is correct! However, please make sure that your location is considered as part of the U.S. Otherwise, it falls under the "international shipping" category, which requires an additional $60 instead of just $20.

    2. Patrick Ciraco

      Just wishing to confirm, how much will S&H cost if I wish to add the Maps to my already pledged Farl Collector. Being next to the USA, would S&H also be $20. to Canada.

      So, if I wish get "Farl Collector" ($110.) plus the Special Option Maps ($30. + $20.S&H = $50.)

      Total = $160. with delivery of Farl Collector in Oct 2013 and maps in 2014, Is this correct?


    3. Clovis on

      @SoulEmber: Don't worry, I know this is all kinda unusual, and I understand that you may feel a little lost!

      Here's how it goes: there's a special categories of options called "special options," which are basically printed versions of digital stretch goals. So far, there is one, the $30 "Maps of Tri-Kazel" one, but there are more to come. Now, there's a shipping fee for these options, but if you take $120 worth of special options or more, we'll cover the shipping cost.

      Does that help?

    4. Missing avatar

      SoulEmber on

      @Clovis Esteren: So the pledge gets us the physical items, and the $120 is to cover the shipping of the items in our pledge? Sorry, I'm not familiar with this dual digital/physical option, so trying to make sure I have a clear understanding.

    5. Clovis on

      @Kevin Dombrowski & Richard Pratt: I can't give a certain answer on the subject. The best answer would be "probably," but we may run out of print copies before the next Kickstarter. So if you want to make sure to get print copies of the maps, better get them now!

      @Tamsyn Kennedy: Actually, it indeed does not include the basic pledge. As the update reads, we will cover the shipping fees if you take "$120 of options in total." So even if you are an Osta-Baille Collector, your shipping fees will only be covered if you take at least $120 worth of options.

      @SoulEmber: The $120 thing simply refers to getting the shipping fees covered, as I detailed above. To get physical copies of such or such reward, you must take the appropriate pledge, and/or take the appropriate options.

      As a reminder, here is what was mentioned in a previous update: "

      "For some digital Stretch Goals (the large city maps for example) we will offer an option to collect them as a physical reward (printed version). Each option will have a specific price."

      I hope I am being clear and informative. If there is still something you're still not sure of, make sure to let me know!

    6. Missing avatar

      SoulEmber on

      I just want to be sure I understand how this all works. We need to pledge an extra $120 to get physical copies of all of our rewards? Does this mean that the original price is for all digital rewards?

    7. Richard on

      @ Kevin - Encase you don't see it, Clovis said (in the main comments) that the maps will be a part of future Kickstarters.

    8. Tamsyn K on

      Previously you said the $120 products to get free second shipping did not include the original reward pledge. Reading the update it seems that it now does? Thanks.

    9. Kevin Dombrowski on

      I'd like to add a print copy, but I'm tapped out at $320 right now. Do you know if a print copy will be available for the next Kickstarter?

      It seems like there's no reason they wouldn't be, but I just want to be sure.

    10. wouter

      Very, very nice! I'll definitely pledge extra for these. It is great that the 2nd delivery option was considered and added. I hope to see a lot updates like these.

    11. Ian Robinson on

      beautiful artwork and concepts. Pledge upped!