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A medieval roleplaying game somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.
A medieval roleplaying game somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.
951 backers pledged $137,024 to help bring this project to life.

Software: Esteren Interactive Map!

Posted by Jim Searcy (Creator)


Thanks to the contributions of both the French and English-speaking communities, a new combined stretch goal has been reached with a total financing of nearly $70K. To begin with, we will release two other large maps representing cities of Tri-Kazel. In addition to the three capital-cities, Tulg Naomh will be featured, as well as a fifth one which we must decide upon. Altogether, realizing all five maps should take a whole year of work. This is a very big workload we have ahead of us… but we have wanted to do this for a long time, and this is a great opportunity!

This new milestone will also illustrate what we had in mind when we mentioned “digital rewards.” Indeed, we will now be able to finance a nice addition for Book 2 – Travels; a project as ambitious as it is innovative for RPGs, and that will notably involve an eminent member of our good community: Pierstoval, a programmer of talent. I can personally say that, as a game master, this would truly be a dream come true…

However, let us be honest: we are not certain that we will manage to get to get through it. Maybe we will use Google Maps’ API, or work with a housemade software… everything remains to be defined! Actually, as far as we know, such a software has never been designed for a role-playing game. We have a big challenge ahead of us!

What you can see below is just a sneak peek, a basic layout to give an idea of what our purpose is. It is all subject to change. Of course, it will be available both in English and in French.

Larger version here.

This stretch goal will give all the backers of this Kickstarter campaign access to the interactive map, whatever your pledge is. With this first threshold, we can get started with the realization of a first, central functionality: the calculation of an itinerary between two locations on the map of Tri-Kazel, including traveling times and distances. This promises to be an excellent game aid to prepare a game or organize a journey on the fly.

But this is only the beginning! Thanks to your involvement, we may be able to finance new options for this interactive map. The possibilities are huge: weather-related factors, various types of transportation (on foot, by carriage… or by Caernide!), the Varigals’ side roads (shortcuts), variations according to each faction, etc.

Help us spread the word by letting people know about this update: you can Like it at the top of the page, post about it on forums, on Reddit, on your blogs… we are counting on you!

Thank you all; with your support, we are able to envision projects that would have otherwise remained castles in the air…

Yours sincerely,
The Esteren Team


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    1. Marko Žilić on

      Will you make an android application (tablet-friendly) version of this? :D

    2. Pierstoval on

      @Jussi => Do not worry about compatibility :) With Nel, I am currently working on the ways to make this application come alive, and there are many possibilities, but I want the best for we can propose to everyone a fully compatible product. Google Maps offers a great solution for this, but it's a vendor product, not Open-Source. GMap is actually the last option I chose for this app, just because of the non-free side. I'm gonna find something we will be able to use on either PC, smartphones and tablets :)

      As Nel said, Dere Globus is a really fantastic system and map, but I don't think we can use the same app for Esteren ;)

      We will make it ! And it's gonna be awesome !! :D

    3. Valentin - Agate RPG on

      Hi !

      This project of interactive mapping trots into our heads for quite some time! It's great to finally put it on feet and start development :)

      If we had a lot of ideas, the proposed links below (many thanks TeichDragon!) shows the potential that could have such a tool for players! I love it!

      Jussi, be sure we will do our best to offer you something easy to handle during a Shadows of Esteren session (iOS, Android, PC...we will explore the trails that are available to us).


    4. Jussi Myllyluoma

      I would hope to see the map as an iOS app ... an iPad is so much easier to handle around the gaming table than a laptop.

    5. John Pope on

      Kobold Press also has an ap for that with their Midgard campaign setting. :)

    6. Jim Searcy 7-time creator

      "Dere Globus" is really really amazing 0_0
      Thanks for the link!
      Christina, yes we hit 55k and the update is online now... welcome to the Monastery of Tuath :)
      Thanks all of you, I am very excited about this software, I can't wait for it even if I know we will need several month of work, maybe one year or more ? We will do our best ! Let's travel in Tri-Kazel!

    7. Christina G. on

      Awesome! This map idea sounds amazing! By the way, I thought we hit the 55k stretch goal to which was for the Monastery of Tuath, is that right?

    8. Missing avatar

      Yazracor on

      Awesome, looking forward to it! Regarding "prior art", there was the Faerun Interactive Atlas, though not nearly as pretty as projected here. But Dere Globus is awesome (using it frequently).

    9. TeichDragon on

      And this is just a "fan project".
      But yes - It's more than impressive.
      Thank god the publishing house was always helpful regarding this thing.

      Oh, and here's the Space 1889 site (in english!):

    10. Kevin Dombrowski on

      Dude, it's like Google Earth for a fantasy setting. That's awesome! Too bad I don't speak German.

    11. TeichDragon on

      Maybe you should contact the team from "Dere Globus" (
      They have recreated the complete world of Dere (from the german RPG "Das schwarze Auge" (The Dark Eye) in Google earth.
      Including lots of layers for streets, vegetation, historical stuff, town maps, climatic zones, power lines, trade, borders etc.. etc...
      Even with some 3D maps of assorted towns and direct links to Wiki-Aventurica ( THE wiki for "the dark eye".
      There's also a browser version, but it doesn't have all the cool options the google earth version has. But it should give you a hint what they created:

      They are also working on Space 1889 currently and a yet to be released world map for an upcoming german RPG.