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A medieval roleplaying game somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.
A medieval roleplaying game somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.
951 backers pledged $137,024 to help bring this project to life.

About the Idea of ​​a Double Delivery and Physical Stretch Goals

Posted by Jim Searcy (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Including stretch goals in Kickstarter campaigns is a way to thank the backers for their involvement while giving them a clear idea of what the extra money will be used for. In our previous two Kickstarter campaigns, we have tried to manage these thresholds to the best of our abilities, and to provide you with the best, which is rather hard, since there are many parameters we must take into account!

Another aspect of this custom is that the stretch goals enhance the project financed: more content, more pages, various improvements, addition of supplements, etc. This is a very productive system, but it requires a lot of extra work, and can sometimes delay the delivery of the rewards for a long time. This could be also very stressful for the editor and the artistic team.

For our new campaign, we have decided to focus on delivering as soon as possible. This is a real challenge for us: all the files have been prepared to be ready in due time. This is why the stretch goals imagined are of a different nature: digital bonuses and other kinds of perks, such as the software that will be revealed very soon now.

Through your comments and messages, you have sent us lots of ideas. Thank you all for this: we have thought about it all, and we come back to you with new possibilities. Actually, the only reasonable solution to add physical rewards would be to schedule two delivery dates: one in October, as planned, and one much later in 2014, with all of the other bonuses. This would mean additional expenses, and much logistic work. Our experience with Kickstarter has shown us that logistic aspects must not be ignored. Sending hundreds of packages is a very arduous task, requiring a lot of effort and money.

Here is what we thought :

  • For some digital Stretch Goals (the large city maps for example) we will offer an option to collect them as a physical reward (printed version). Each option will have a specific price.
  • The shipping costs for USA and Europe will be $20 and $60 for Internationnal (this cost is paid only once regardless of the number of options selected.). We are aware this is quite expensive, but for example USPS charge $60 for International shipping (without costs of packaging and logistic).
  • In addition to these specific options, we will offer to acquire additional options that will be delivered in the first wave of delivery in October 2013 (for example a copy of Book 2 Travels standard edition, or a Game Leader Screen and so on...).
  • If all options combined reach a minimum of  $120, the shipping costs will be offered for the second wave of shipment.

To sum up:

What do you think of this possibility?

If you have reactions, ideas, comments, post them after this update, this is very important for us.

Thank you all for your participation!

The Team


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    1. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      I am happy that you have listened and are now adding physical stretch rewards. However, having already pledged at the Osta-Baille level, I am not very happy about having to spend another $120 in options to get free shipping. Please consider allowing a single shipment at a later date for those of us that want the physical rewards and don't mind waiting.

    2. Ryan Blackstock

      I really like the Box Art... I wonder if you could do something with that?

    3. wouter

      I really like this idea. It is a perfect way to keep.everyone happy.
      Thanks for listening to the community.

    4. Lars Gawronsky

      I would prefer a single delivery even in 2014 but I see the logistic problem.
      So Your solution sounds good to me even with an additional shipping fee.

      I just hope that You'll present some really intresting options like a second Box or a shirt showing the logo of the limited edition or neutral folder.

    5. Jussi Myllyluoma

      An optional second delivery for physical stretch goal rewards, at a cost of $20 (for me as an inter-EU backer) in shipping, for free if I buy options for at least $120 — sounds like a perfect solution.
      I do hope however that stretch goals are offered as free additions to rewards, as well; that you're not referred to purchase them "again", as it were, if you want them in physical form.

    6. Ryan Blackstock

      Nevermind, I just saw the answer in the comments below :) Its if you ADD $120, then the shipping cost is waived. Ok then, I guess the challenge is to come up with $120 worth of items to add-on. (I was a Tuaille Collector last time, so i already have a lot of the wonderful optionals!
      - I'm probably not going to Gen Con, but if I did, it would be just to meet the Esteren Team and shake hands for labor of love you have given us already!

    7. Ryan Blackstock

      @ Nel, your english is better than my french anyday!
      I have a similar question that may relate to Selesias (although I am in the U.S.)
      I am at Farl Collector. It sounds like if I add-on just one more item that is worth $10 or more, then that makes my total pledge $120+, and I would not have any shipping fees for the second delivery?
      Is this accurate?

    8. John Bouchard on

      I would love the GL screen and the Cd as add ons.. Works for me

    9. Jim Searcy 7-time creator

      Thanks for your feedbacks everybody! In our opinion, you deserve the best because you make all this happen. We have always operated as follows: listen to our community, so we go on this way!
      Selesias, "I don't want to pay extra 20$ for the second delivery to germany. What will happen?" >> I think you will need to give up to take the printed version of stretch goal from this KS but you will still receive the PDF for them. For the moment, consider making a third type of delivery (a backer receive ALL his rewards later in 2014 to avoid shipping fees) seems to aggravate the issue of logistic for us. We need to be very careful about that. I hope you understand and I hope my message is enough clear despite my bad english, sorry again for that.
      If you have any doubt, please ask,

    10. Selesias on

      Sorry, I don't get it fully. I'm a Farl Collector. I pay 110$ for the limited edition of Book 2, the box, game aids and the journals. Then there is the potential for some physical rewards via strech goals.

      Let's say, I don't want to pay extra 20$ for the second delivery to germany. What will happen?

      I see two options:
      1. I won't get the stretch goals.
      2. I will get the whole bundle somewhen in 2014.

      Which one is correct or am I wrong in the whole?

    11. Kat on

      I like the idea of things coming in waves too. Depending on the add-ons, my stuff may come over $120.

    12. Missing avatar

      aldero on

      I like the idea.

    13. Tamsyn K on

      I love physical rewards too. Bit sad about having to spend over 120 to get free shipping. I understand why but on top of the original pledge levels makes it too expensive. I hope we get the PDFs as part of the stretches.

    14. Nick J. on

      I think this is a very smart way to handle things. I'm always very worried about KS projects that promise too much or have lots of physical goods to ship, but don't seem to account for the logistics of getting everything out to backers, or worse, they don't collect enough money to cover expenses.

      I'm perfectly willing to receive my rewards in waves if needed and I appreciate the open line of communication.

    15. Missing avatar

      Johannes Forster on

      Thank you!
      The Kickstarter for Book 0 was indeed the best kickstarter for me. Thanks to lots of physical stretch goals, opening the package was like christmas - the high quality floor tiles, the CD (will there be another one for this Kickstarter?), Game Leader Screen and so on. My impression was that I got lots and lots of cool material, a great value for my money. Your Art is amazing and it’s best viewed printed on some high quality paper than rather just .pdf. With most other RPG Kickstarters, one got lots of digital rewards from like the first edition or other stuff one doesn’t really need. While I don’t see a problem in making money by offering .pdf rewards that already exist as stretchgoals (you guys definitely deserve every $), with more physical rewards I have the impression that it actually makes sense to support the campaign and not just wait until the final product hit stores.
      Speaking for myself, I don’t really care when the package arrives, as long as it contains high quality gaming material. Since I already got the .pdf from the last Kickstarer, there is no need to hurry. Personaly, I’d go for more physical rewards (I just love them!) and one shipment containing all physical rewards when they’re done in later 2014.
      Thank you very much for listening to your fans, I suppose this means lots of extra work for you. You are amazing!

    16. Jim Searcy 7-time creator

      James >> In fact, the second delivery will depend of the number of options unlocked. It is too hard to tell you a date right now. And you are right, we would better say "the shipping costs will be covered". Thanks for your help :)

    17. Jim Searcy 7-time creator

      You are welcome, sorry if it is not clear enough, my english remains not very good, I will try to clear it up:

      1/ Yes you are right, we mean mean all options purchased above and beyond the amount of your pledge level (i.e., you would need to spend $120.00 in options in addition to my Farl Collector pledge of $110.00) for shipping costs to "be offered for the the second delivery". In this way, the shipping costs are absorbed into the extra $ 120.

      2/ Yes we mean there will be no shipping charges to backers on the second delivery if backers purchase $120.00 in options above and beyond their base pledge level.

      And Thanks Thomas for your kind comments, especially because we had some issue with the shipment of your Prologue rewards, it is very appreciated, very good mind, very nice. We really try our best as we are so passionate about RPG..!
      If you have other question, please ask us,

    18. James Auwaerter on

      I think that "the shipping costs will be offered" probably means "the shipping costs will be covered", but it would be good to clarify that.

      Another option, if the deliveries in 2014 come out in the second half of that year, might be to have another GenCon pickup. I don't know whether that would be a large delay, or if it would actually save money, but I thought that I'd recommend the option.

    19. Heiko Clees on

      I have the same problems to understand the terms of delivery :-)

    20. Missing avatar

      X Cat on

      I think I need some clarifications.

      1) When you say "all options combined," do you mean all options purchased above and beyond the amount of my pledge level (i.e., I would need to spend $120.00 in options in addition to my Farl Collector pledge of $110.00) for shipping costs to "be offered for the the second delivery"?

      2) When you say that shipping costs "will be offered for the second delivery," do you mean to say that there will be no shipping charges to backers on the second delivery if backers purchase $120.00 in options above and beyond their base pledge level?

      I apologize if I am coming across as a bit thick-headed...

    21. Thomas Krømke on

      I like this :)

      I was very happy about ther option to buy the maps as print.

      Btw. I think your way of communicateing with the backers is exelent, and the way you guys listen to reply, ideas and surgestions.
      Not only is this a exelent game, but the group behind it is a exelent company :)

      (I guess im not the onley one who have som bad experience with companies at Kickstarter. Regard to communication, updates and how they treat backers after they gets the money)