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We are creating a short film exploring love, infidelity and eternal life.
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Retrograde is a film centred around the idea of infidelity and the sacrifices and expectations that come with relationships. The device for exploring these ideas is our main character, Konrad, who is an Uber driver and vampire. He's also 385 years old.  His partner, Solenne, is 40 and desperately wants the love of her life to turn her into a vampire. This becomes pressing as Solenne has just watched her mother die of Alzheimer's. Konrad however, believes that some things are worse than death- like never being able to die, and refuses fulfil the one request of the person he loves. However, after a routine Uber shift ends in Konrad turning a young and beautiful stranger into a vampire, Konrad has to face Solenne in the aftermath of the ultimate infidelity. 

We are aiming for a festival run so on top of paying for our shoot equipment, we need to have a professional colour grade and sound mix as well as paying for festival entries. 

Risks and challenges

Our venture however, is not without challenges. We have cast and crew to feed over the shooting period but we also have some talented artists coming on board such as a make-up artist, an award winning production designer and a musician to write a score just for our film. Just like us, these artists are doing it out of love for their work but we would love to give them a wage.

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