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I want to give away 300 paintings in three months. I want you to give them away, too. Join me.
I want to give away 300 paintings in three months. I want you to give them away, too. Join me.
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Been meaning to shoot another video for weeks now. Having my project kickoff right before the holidays was great for my pocket book, but not so great for the project. All those holiday distractions. Falling behind on sleep. Drinking too much (I don't actually). All those holiday vices. But I've still been painting feverishly (perhaps literally) when ever I get the chance/will. That's right to add to holiday/kickstarter woes, I've been sick for so many weeks as well. Only a nasty cold, so probably no fever, but we'll let the art speak for itself. I'm sure you're all terribly board of excuses. "where's my art Johnny?" Well, truth be told some of you have it already. Like say Rebecca, my first backer. She even said she liked it, maybe she even said loved. I can't remember. I don't want to miss quote. I've got a fancy sheet of paper with all your names and dates that you signed up and various other info. I'm trying to work my way through it logically and get the rewards out in some kind of fair order. But I must admit I'm not the best at it. Did I mention work? Yes it's true. I've been working fifty hour weeks which is great because I can use my kickstarter money on art stuff instead of paying the gas bill with it, but it also slows me down. (back to making excuses again) I just checked my fancy list and it tells me (I hope correctly) that I've sent out rewards to 11 of my beloved backers. And by my math I've got 42. so a quarter isn't bad right?? And there's more good news. I miraculously (spelled that word right in one try) had a three day weekend ending tonight, and managed to paint 38 paintings! I think that deserves a explanation point . So all together, since I've been blissfully kickstartered, by my count I've painted 131 paintings. I even uploaded a few for you to look at (comments welcome). So I'm thinking despite all the obstacles in my path I'm pretty much on track. I'm trying to send out stuff in the order it came in, but a few people have come to visit and I gave them there paintings because it saved me five bucks shipping. Also, people with fancier prizes like canvas paintings and mobiles it is going to come down to the end on those. I love to here from any and all of you and hope you're all doing well. God bless. you can also email me at Clohnart, which is a gmail, if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks again for all your support!

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