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ROTT is a new social game that enables you to negotiate and compete in two dominant social structures: politics and economics.

ROTT is a new social game that enables you to negotiate and compete in two dominant social structures: politics and economics. Read More
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About this project

Hello everyone! We are Alina Digital and this is our very first game (and a large one at that). Rise of the Tycoon is looking to change the way we see modern day MMOs by taking the popular ‘Strategy’ genre and taking it in a whole new direction!

The Idea…

When we decided to make the jump into the video game industry we knew it wouldn’t be easy and it would require long hours, a lot of support and a bit of luck (okay, a lot) but it would also be the most rewarding experience of our lives. We have had so much fun taking something players are used to and making it our own unique creation. With your help, Rise of the Tycoon will have the effect on the gaming community we’re looking for and really give players something new to indulge in.

While we definitely wanted to make something unique that had never been seen before, finding the right idea for a game was really a tricky task. With so much focus on the current state of our economy and the everyday struggles a majority of us face, we decided to make a true-to-life strategy game that put players into a virtual portrayal of our real world…you know, one where you do have more than an old $5 bill and a few moths in your wallet.

Competing against other players, the idea of Rise of the Tycoon is to make your rise to power as you use take the role of a citizen, businessman or politician and work to reach your individual goals. Everything from the quality of life in your country to the current state of your facilities will play important roles in achieving your success. Enjoy the challenge of a compelling strategy game while relaxing in a social network inspired chat system.


Players will have the choice of three different classes, each offering its own unique gameplay experience, challenging players to choose different strategies and use different methods to win: the Citizen, the Politician or the Businessman. Politicians will have to complete political missions to stay in power as long as possible, while building a score high enough to become Prime Minister or President (preferably not of the ‘Bush’ variety). Their ultimate goal is to win their election and become either a President or Prime Minister. Businessmen will accumulate points through sales of their market units from their respective businesses and acquired facilities with an ultimate goal of purchasing a score for $1,000,000 in ROTT currency.

As you can see, each role has its own goals in the game and different abilities to achieve their scores. Players will score more points in the country with the higher quality of life, encouraging both cooperative and competitive behaviors that add to the intrigue and excitement of Rise of the Tycoon. 

The Start of Your Adventure…

When players start a new game, they will be given the option of various cities throughout Canada and the U.S. to live in and build their headquarters. Headquarters are the most important instrument to any player. They are the center of their operations where they live and pay taxes. I can hear the groaning already but this is a ‘true-to-life’ game after all. All your income will flow to your headquarter and will keep you in your respective city unless you choose to sell all of the facilities you own, at which point you can choose a new city freely. It’s also a great way to get away from that neighbour’s dog that just won’t stop barking.

From there, you’re objective will vary from class to class but always revolve around increase the statistics of your country and reach your specific goal.

Economy, Taxes and Loans

There’s that groan again…where’s that coming from? The economy in ROTT has been build to grow and change depending on the actions you take in your game. We wanted to make it as dynamic as possible because it really affects all you’re decisions in the game. Only Politicians will be able to raise or lower the Industry Capacity of the economy. Once the quality of living in your game increases, it gives bureaucrats impulse to build up moreindustry capacity and raise tax collections. Regions or countries with more advanced industry capacity automaticly attract more businessmen to operate there. As more people migrate into more advanced regions a more advanced social life will be produced there. ROTT is the game where success of one group of people depends on the success of another. This is the main logic of the political gameplay in ROTT – politicians must provide the best “service” for other real players to be elected.This is why elections play such an important role in the game. Luckily, unlike real life, these elections cannot be fixed or bought out.

Taxes will play a large role in the game as they do in real life. No players are exempted from paying both the regional and federal taxes, which go to the country the player is located in, while regional taxes go directly to the budget of the province or state. Players will not be able to change their identity and move to Mexico if they do not want to pay taxes. Sorry!

Building a money empire and growing your fortune is a give and take experience. Players who wish to buy up businesses around their area will not simply have an unlimited source of money in which to buy them. This is where loans come into play. Taking a loan from the bank will give you a temporary increase to your available funds but is also a debt that must be paid back. Players can open banks so other players can use their services, thereby earning the owner more in return. Owners of banks can change their loan rates and loan sizes to compete with any other player’s banks in attracting more clients.

Social Life

Marriage is one of several unscheduled events that can occur throughout the game. Your income and position will affect your chance of finding a similar partner to spend your life with. It’s superficial, but that’s just life. Families will result in more expenses but you can also obtain more connections with the right partner. Real estate status and an expensive car will also sway more appealing members of the opposite sex.

While families are an interesting aspect of ROTT, we also wanted to make sure players were able to communicate easily with each other throughout their games. I mean, what fun is an MMO if you can’t communicate with other players? We have developed a social network inspired chat function that is designed to run smoothly and be easy to access for all types of players. As mentioned earlier, success in ROTT is dependent on other players as well so communication with each other will be key to your success as you make connections throughout the game. Communication between players is the main battlefield for politicians, and a bloody one at that.

We implemented political and economic strategy into ROTT by dividing players into their geographic areas (different cities) and gaming personas (politicians, businessmen, citizens). Players can create their own clans with the aim to make their region the wealthiest in the game with the highest quality of life, or they can get together with like minded others and cheer for their favorite NHL team, which we’ve made sure to include in the game. There will be short in-game NHL tournaments throughout the game where you can bet for or even buy your favorite team. Winning the NHL Cup may just net you a pretty penny!

Living the Dream

Beyond its social networking capabilities, ROTT enables participants to live out political and financial fantasies; those who dream of becoming presidents can ascend political rankings, while others who want to experience great wealth can use their business skills to compete to build tycoons. ROTT has no level systems, which means that everyone will be, more or less, on the same level and only those who can use their strategic mind and skills will be able to rise above the rest.

In Conclusion…

In our game, we created a realistic environment for the pursuit of wealth and power, while permitting for relaxed and social play. We crafted the game to remain interesting but also focused largely on adding replay value to it. We want players to remain in the world of ROTT and stay interested long after its launch. One of the greatest aspects of ROTT is the ability to jump in and out of your respective game at any point and play for as long or as short of a time as you’d like. With tons of fun activities on the side such as gambling at casinos or betting on your favorite NHL team, jumping in for even a half hour can give you that same amusement as a longer period of playtime.

ROTT is a game that appeals to a variety of gamers and focuses on making the experience enjoyable to all and is a perfect jumping on point for those who have never enjoyed the experience of a smart strategy title for fear of long and tedious gaming sessions.

Rise of the Tycoon is a game that promises to offer an experience unlike any other and will give players freedom to make their decisions based around a massive amount of economic factors such as the state of the economy. Players who are looking for a real challenge with a focus on realism should find exactly what they need in Rise of the Tycoon; whether you’re a hardcore gamer looking for your next challenge or a casual gamer who prefers to jump in here and there for a brief, fun time.


Your contributions to ‘Rise of the Tycoon’ are not just supporting our team; they mean so much more! They are a beacon to the gaming industry that says ‘people want to play smart and intelligent MMO games’ and ROTT can be the first to lay the foundation for the future.  By contributing to us, other developers will pay attention to our game and realistic political and economical games may start showing up in larger numbers. This is what we want – more great and intelligent games! Let’s build up a new style of MMO’s together!


So, why should you support us? Because:

1- We created a new style of multiplayer game.

2- We offer a significant discount to our future subscription fees.

3- You support intellectual games.

4- Your support gives us the opportunity to create a game that is highly in-demand.

5- We aim to share our success with other Kickstarter projects.

Please, visit our website to learn more about our game and interact with our team on You will find our FAQ and developers diaries on our forum. See you there and please share our campaign with your friends!


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