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Time and Space on the Lower East Side--1980/2010--a visual exploration of one of America's most important and historic neighborhoods.
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Atlantic City, my new book

Posted by Brian Rose (Creator)


When Donald Trump was elected in November 2016, I knew immediately that I needed to do something as an artist and photographer. My work has always focused on the urban/social landscape, but I've generally avoided politics. Trump's election, however, signaled a grave emergency, a threat to democracy and the freedom we take for granted as Americans.

Within days after the election, I drove down to Atlantic City on a hunch that this place, the epitome of Trumpian dystopia, would serve as a metaphor for the overall state of affairs in the United States.

I started by photographing Trump's failed casinos, and then moved to the ravaged neighborhoods adjacent to these architectural behemoths, these internalized money machines. Rather than saving a faded Atlantic City, they have sucked the life blood out of its veins and enriched grifters like Donald Trump.


I am fortunate to be working with Circa Press, a distinguished publisher of books on architecture and culture. And I am especially honored that Paul Goldberger, the Pulitzer Prize winning critic, is writing the introduction.

Books like this are expensive to produce, and I need your help in covering some of the production costs. Your pledge to my Kickstarter campaign will make this book a reality, and you'll be rewarded by receiving a signed copy of Atlantic City, or one of the other awards offered.

This book won't bring down Donald Trump, but it might help. It's time for artists to step up -- for all of us to step up. Make your voice heard by supporting Atlantic City.

-- Brian Rose

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