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African Grey Parrot Bibi utilizes her amazing talent and bubbly personality to pitch her own live reality road trip show and film.
African Grey Parrot Bibi utilizes her amazing talent and bubbly personality to pitch her own live reality road trip show and film.
149 backers pledged $25,328 to help bring this project to life.

What an amazing day!!

Now we have a pretty clear picture of exactly what we need to finish up in the next 56 hours. By the time many of you read this there will probably be around 50 hours left.

We stand at $21,290 as I am writing this. Also Lafeber is at 843 likes. So we need 157 more likes on Lafeber's site to get their $1,000 additional pledge.

So... Get your friends to like the page in the link below. Then have them get their friends friends to do the same. It is very important to getting this project funded.

Taking into account Lafeber's contribution, that means we essentially need $2,710 in new pledges or in pledge increases to reach our goal. Also please remember too that mother's day is probably going to really make it tough to depend too much on Sunday.

I'm still shocked by the effort of so many Bibi fans to help this project reach the goal. What they have accomplished is nothing short of amazing. Then Bibi anyone who got to see Bibi live tonight... All I can say is wow! She put on such a great evening show for her web audience we were all laughing so hard. At one point she was bossing the dogs around telling them to sit, lie down, speak, and then of course... shut up. Other times she was experimenting with all new sentences and trying to communicate about people and remembering the names of those she has met. At one point she was talking about people coming over and she said "Tammy Yogurt". Which would in itself would not be so funny except that two weeks ago Tammy visited Bibi and I'm sure you can guess what she brought with her... Yogurt!

It was also a bit touching at one point when Bibi started talking about one of our dogs that passed away about a month ago. Bibi would say "Bliss back".  Bibi often uses peoples names followed by "back" when they are not here and she misses them. Makes sense because when people do show "back up" that is what we have sometimes said. But this is the first time we have seen her say something like this about another pet that has passed away.

I know so many of you have worked so hard. It would be great if we were past the goal right now but unfortunately we are going to have to work very very hard these final hours to make the goal. We are so close now that we really just need one more good push of backers to get there. 

Be very optimistic. Also when this crosses the goal and the Bibi Road Trip becomes a reality it is going to really mean something. This was most certainly a team effort and I could never have done it without the hardwork and generous pledges from all of you!

We are going to be doing a morning Bibi show live on Ustream that will probably start around 11am.

All the best,






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