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African Grey Parrot Bibi utilizes her amazing talent and bubbly personality to pitch her own live reality road trip show and film.
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Greg Moss

149 backers pledged $25,328 to help bring this project to life.

Three days left! Getting so close!

One thing is for sure. Bibi's Road Trip is getting off to a very exciting start! I don't think we could have scripted a more intense closing to this project as the deadline nears. Before the Road Trip begins we are already gripped in drama and suspense!  

I've watched tonight as Bibi fans worked until dawn on Facebook to promote the project. I'm simply in awe at their dedication and love for this project.  We have backers on here who have seen Bibi on Kickstarter for the first time. I know Bibi fans are so grateful for those who have taken a chance on this little bird. Those watching Bibi every day will tell you there is so much entertainment packed into a single day with Bibi that she will have no problem competing with the typical 22 minute episode a week reality show. 

The likes on Lafeber's Nutri-berry page is ticking up but we still need more than 250 of them by Sunday. We need to push past this goal and get that $1,000 pledge. That   will likely make up 20% of what we need to meet the goal.

Please keep spreading the word and getting other people in on the project. I will have another update later today.

All the best,