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It's affordable, small, lightweight, and unique.  It's a 3D printer in a class all its own!
The world's most affordable 3D printer.
The world's most affordable 3D printer.
4,420 backers pledged CA$ 651,091 to help bring this project to life.

No good news yet.


Hey Backers,

This project is long overdue for an update. Thank-you to those who asked for one kindly!

Unfortunately there isn’t much in the form of good news…

The Police have yet to press charges. Although David admitted to everything on camera, he is not talking to or cooperating with the police. Kickstarter is being responsive to the Police and has advised that they obtain a warrant through MLAT (mutual legal assistance treaty) so that Kickstarter can give the police information without breaking their privacy policy. This is the best kickstarter can do, and I find it very respectable that Kickstarter sticks to their privacy policy. After all, the world would be a scarier place if companies volunteered such sensitive information to any police force on earth without due diligence. I dont think its Kickstarter’s place to do any more... Can you Imagine how much more of a cut they would have to take if they started fighting legal battles every time a campaign went sour? In this case I believe a crime has been committed, and therefore it is the police that have the budget and the authority to do something about it.

Since the last update we’ve had to shut down operations almost entirely. Shortly after I broke the news I was working on multiple investment deals, none of which panned out. The company was no longer able to afford rent at the headquarters, so everything has been moved to storage. All of the employees have been let go, and my brother and I have both had to find other work to make ends meet. That being said, I am still working on Peachy Printer in my spare time. I have tried all kinds of things to get this company back on its feet. I’m not going to quit. I still want to bring this project to a better end than this, although right now I’m not sure how I will do that.

Until next time,

Rylan Grayston.


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    1. Dan Kez on

      July 2018 now - any updates?

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephen J Saxton on

      Hey Rylan
      It's 24 May 2018, how about an update?

    3. BJ Lewis on

      Any new updates?

      It's been quite some time.

    4. Missing avatar

      adrian on

      Hello Josh, it has been a long long time and I did not receive anything. Please could you send me my money back?

    5. Missing avatar

      Joseph VanPelt on

      Where can I send you money for shipping to get the current parts to me?


    6. Missing avatar

      J Rod on

      It's the one year anniversary of this update and there is nothing but silence...

    7. Steve Mann on

      I can understand the need for a warrant.

      I can understand that Kickstarter is essentially a bystander in this fraud.

      What I can't understand is why this project is still being displayed as a viable non-fraudulent project when searched for on Kickstarter with no indication that the project is in default or that the funds were misappropriated.

      These days I use The Peachy Printer as a suggested search term when wanting to imply that I think a KS may not be on the up-and-up, or may have gone Ponzi without actually saying so (as in the case of a certain game company's multiple parallel projects).

      For my part I always get a bad feeling when the KS comments start featuring a pile-on-the-disbeliever culture with backers calling the project team by their first names as they defend them against the querulous (all in an ominous silence from the project team of course). It invariably presages the sort of collapse we saw here.

      Sad, really. I was looking forward to seeing the "Hobby 3d Printer Driven from a Sound Card" materialize, warts and all. I started to groan inside when the updates were all about new development and improvements, dragging the concept far away from the idea I put money into. In point of fact I stopped expecting anything from this project years before the fraud was admitted publicly.

      Still, the experience was one to grow on.

      Never invest what you can't afford is still a truism.

    8. Leon Kerpel on

      fuckin kickstarter, how do you expect all the people that got robbed to back other projects! show some support atleast

    9. Missing avatar

      George S VanWinkle on

      Don't expect any updates. They took our money and ran. Nothing but Con Artists.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andy Southern on

      So, Any Progress on this?

      If there is no progress I will start to find Rylan's "Well, this happened" increasingly harder to swallow.

      Is Kickstarter happy that projects like this take place?

      This is killing crowd funding.

    11. William Ir on

      I don't think we can take his word for it. Everyone needs to report this to Kickstarter using the report option at the bottom of the page and report it to their local police department, as well as the police department these people are in. Can someone post a relevant list of phone numbers and such so we all have someone to call?

    12. Bert JW Regeer on

      Could we get another update now that it is a couple of months later?

    13. Rob on

      Make end's meet!?
      From both your crowd funding projects there's a million CA dollars!
      CA$600,000 from Kickstarter.. CA $75,000 from IndieGogo..
      Two government grants totaling $90,000 and $135,000..
      A family members loaned $50,000....
      Here's the law on embezzlement:
      So your mate admitted to embezzlement of the project funds yet somehow he's immune from prosecution, or you're unwilling to pursue him... or the police are lame ducks in Canada?
      ..Or perhaps somewhere ahead the property will be sold to split between yourselves?
      All at our expense?

    14. Evan Gilbert on

      Fuck Kickstarter. And, fuck the thieving hacks at Rinnovated Design.

    15. Philipp Schmid on

      Oh, should have read more. actually everything is open source. Thanks! consider my pledge to be fulfilled.

    16. Philipp Schmid on

      Hey Rylan, how about open sourcing the work you have done?
      I know its hard, but if you look back in maybe 10 years, and your baby is still in storage. I'm pretty sure you will regret not having it given to the world to see what could have happened...

    17. Missing avatar

      J Rod on

      Brett has it right, no crime was committed. Since when do police need your cooperation to charge you with a crime? And why would they bother contacting Kickstarter anyway? Raylan would have tons of info about where the money went already at his disposal, which we've seen in previous updates. So I still don't buy anything that Raylan is saying. There is more to this story. And I'm still confident that the product simply doesn't work and can't be made to work and that is the real reason they're giving up on it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeff Holcombe on

      Time is way more valuable. Don't waste too much fretting over such a loss. From my perspective, I was funding a fellow modder, enthusiast and entrepreneur to take a fantastic idea and make it a reality. I understood before pledging that such a bold idea may not work out perfectly - if at all. It was worth the risk. I hope that you can manage to let go of such worries as we all should. Stress is a killer of many things. Money doesn't grow on trees, but it's not as precious as our time on this rock. Hope that you and your family make it through this okay.

    19. Missing avatar

      el on

      For those who have not seen, there is a Peachy DIY thread at… . Rylan has published all the Peachy information to .

      It's sad that Rylan doesn't have a way to get the storage unit full of parts out to the backers.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ben Wade on

      Hi Rylan,

      I appreciate your keeping us up-to-date, even though this thing has gone sour. That said, I think the essential idea, of driving the laser using sound, is a good one. There are other uses of the technology that you have should EXPLORE. One would be laser drawing for large temporary displays. Another would be for holiday lighting displays. Please continue to keep us updated, and explore some of the other ideas. Thank you.

    21. Laird Popkin

      I appreciate your posting an update - it's got to be hard to write that up, and I'm glad you're still communicating the bad news rather than leaving us in the dark.

      That being said, I'm pretty disappointed - I backed for $285, and after all the excitement and hard work, nothing.

      I'd like to see @Kassandra Kapan 's idea of releasing it as a DIY project, so perhaps someone else could pick things up going forward. You had some really innovative ideas on how to make a resin printer really cheap - using audio output and using water (and counting drips) to raise the level of printing are both great! It'd be a shame to have your ideas not get expressed somewhere.

    22. Yourtime on

      dear rylan, thank you for still keeping us up to date, I am happy to read something new, I understand that there will be maybe no fast change. I hope it will work out soon for you guys. If I am able to help you somehow aside of the things you said, please let us know.

      Are you able maybe to set up your printer for more showcases? like let people submit some models and make a voting and then print the first 3 models with video and also some pictures.

      I am sure other backers would be also pleased to see this, but only if you are able by your current time and with the current resources, you have

    23. EvErywhErE on

      Thank you for not giving up Rylan!!

    24. Mary Rebecca Bradbury on

      Thank you for doing what you can.

    25. Kassandra Kapan on

      How do you fell about developing this into a more self source DIY project. Right now it's open source, but if you developed scrap-build instructions for kickstarters it could build some good will and confidence that you have a product but inside and outside this community. My guess is that many would not make it.

      For me, I don't really care about the scam or the past, other the how it affects trust going forward. I happen to have worked in effects, it's why I got into 3D printing. Also dieing dreams and hard work ending in "nothing" is kinda par for the course, but it doesn't always reflect on the idea.

      In a way, you are trying to compete with ffd and more developped resin printers in a small company. In 2005, riprap was announced and in 2008 Darwin was made. In 2009, years later, Darwin's creation of a first child. It was a worked on by 100s of after that iterating from Mendel to prusa or Huxley. Away, from self replication to other goals. Abandoning D.C. Motor extruders to stepstruders. Abs and hdpe to PLA.

      All the changes that FFD repap did from 2009 to 2013 is analogous to what I have seen in peachy, but attempted under a single roof. It a limited analogy, but when you look at man hours an number of tweaks, number of verification test, materials tested and myth busted. Working to get others to make your machine, aside being a good thing via options other then FFD for consumer at the low end, could be low cost research and development gain.

      Is something like this even possible now?

    26. Missing avatar

      George S VanWinkle on

      This was a scam from day 1.

    27. Brett on

      It doesn't appear as though a crime has been committed. It appears that David had authorization to access and transfer the money, so, without details of his employment or partner contract, it looks to me like a simple case of financial mismanagement. Which means, unless David is remorseful enough to sell his house and return our money, we're all out of luck.

    28. Missing avatar

      Brian Boudreau on

      Thank you for the update. If I lived closer I would be more than willing to volunteer to assist you. Have you reached out to any local backers for support? Are you able to proceed with anything while there is a potential legal battle going on? Thanks again.

    29. veritanuda on

      Thanks for the update. What I take away from this situation is not one of despair because it came to naught but rather hope that you still have Peachy Printer ideas and that they are good ones.

      So much effort has been put into developing it, it would be a tragedy if all that effort was lost due to abandonment.

      Maybe you can yet convince people to invest in making it a finished product else perhaps it is better to let the development count for something and turn it into a github project or something. For sure the data you have collected about what does and does not work would benefit any amateur hackerspace.

      I just don't want the idea of Peachy Printer to die. It is so innovative and different and it works that it would be crime for it to be forgotten.

      Anyway, once again thanks for the update and hope you and your brother keep everything else afloat for yourselves and your families.

      Take care.

    30. Circa 24 on

      I am sorry for your troubles as well as our own. The sense of betrayal must be overwhelming, and the damage to your reputation may haunt you for a long time. I thank you for being so honest and upfront with us about the problem. It takes guts.

    31. Missing avatar

      Alan Claver on

      Where is the money we gave to purchase supplies you didn't need to manufacture? You can refund that at least.