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An original book of completely made up Finnish folklore that will underwrite Regretsy's goodwill tour of Finland this winter
An original book of completely made up Finnish folklore that will underwrite Regretsy's goodwill tour of Finland this winter
1,886 backers pledged $64,823 to help bring this project to life.

Hello You Fat Bastards

Bronc and I are very busy wrapping up all your rewards and lovingly licking your envelopes (when you get your packages, make sure to lick the adhesive and it will be like we're tongue kissing).

But we have an important question:

Did any of you also buy rewards through Paypal?  We're having some trouble matching up all these names because 1. there are thousands of you and 2. we're stupid.

If you did buy something here AND on Paypal, and you'd like us to ship everything together, let us know.  Otherwise you'll get everything in separate packages.  

Rewards will be mailed out the week of the 21st.  The books will be in our hands on November 18th, and everything has to get in the mail before we leave on November 23rd. E-books will be sent to you before Thanksgiving.

Cookies will be sent directly from Pinwheel Bakery, and they are planning on sending them out around the same time. There may be a delay with the BANDmade books, because those are handmade and may take a little longer.  If they aren't ready to send before we go, we will send them out as soon we come back on December 4th.

The holiday cards are all signed and ready to go. I know it's a little early, but I will probably send them this week.

Let us know about your Paypal purchases, and thanks again for all your support!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Edith Kimball on November 27, 2011

      I ordered a signed copy with pins, got pins and book no signature :( Otherwise very pleased (These pins are awesome-tabulous!) , but April's signature was such an exciting part of my purchase, so I'm sad to have missed that.

    2. april winchell Creator on November 21, 2011

      Kegan, the e-book isn't out yet. I didn't want to make it available before I started mailing out the books, because I was afraid people might post images or spoil it for the people who got hard copies. It should be out Tuesday or Wednesday, and you'll be getting an email in a few days. Make sure the email address you signed up with on Kickstarter is still accessible and that we don't wind up in your spam folder.

    3. Kegan Queen on November 21, 2011

      I added an extra $5 to my order, but never got an e-book e-mail. If I don't get one, no big deal, I'll just buy one later, but I'd much rather not spend the additional money.

    4. Parvati Bergamo on November 17, 2011

      I pledged at the $6 level (because I'm a cheap bastard), and I received my holiday card already. I almost wet myself when I saw the cf4l fish sticker. But I'm a little confused (not surprising; I only have six brain cells left). Am I getting an e-book too? Because I really, really want one. But it looks like the $6 pledge ONLY gets a holiday card. (Hey, I was high when I pledged. I didn't notice. Surprise!) I have to spend another $5 to get the book? Just let me know, I'll start panhandling...

    5. Missing avatar

      Michelle Pappas on November 12, 2011

      Yep, I got both kickstarter and paypal... you may combine if you wish, or ship separately I BOW TO YOUR WISDOM IN THESE MATTERS!! Whatever is easiest and/or cheapest for you.

    6. Missing avatar

      leng98 on November 8, 2011

      I also have both Kickstarter & Paypal crap heading my way. Feel free to combine them to save on postage; I know your crap is heavy. (Please use the Paypal address)

    7. Missing avatar

      suzie wearing on November 8, 2011

      Hi HK & Bronc! I ordered from both Kickstarter & Paypal.
      Suzie Wearing
      Milwaukee, WI

    8. Krazie_K on November 7, 2011

      I also got some Paypal goodies. Please combine what you can to save on shipping.

    9. Kimberly on November 7, 2011

      I ordered from both promotions:
      Kimberly Trew
      11 Miner Ave
      Waterford, CT 06385

    10. Missing avatar

      Konrad Markus on November 7, 2011

      Kickstarter + paypal
      Konrad Markus,
      Helsinki, Finland

    11. Missing avatar

      aleisha jaffrey on November 7, 2011

      I seriously have no idea how I paid, I only know that I did............... i think it was paypal??

    12. Missing avatar

      Marjorie James on November 7, 2011

      I bought a Hellephant via paypal. Hope this is enough info to connect the two:
      Marjorie James
      555 Laurel Ave #301
      San Mateo, CA 94401

    13. Missing avatar

      James on November 6, 2011

      I bought 2 of the Flasks via PayPal, so they can go with my $40 + $50 pledge. (Pins + Hellephant.)

      I only did it so you can drink more.

    14. Missing avatar

      Shirley Will on November 6, 2011

      Tempted to buy more just to get more licking....

    15. Missing avatar

      kate7295 (deleted) on November 6, 2011

      Actually I did buy stuff through both Kickstarter and PayPal. Kickstarter: $65 (international): book, flask, card, bonus. PayPal: 2 pill organizers.
      Karen McCarthy
      59 Schubert Hill NW
      Calgary, Alberta, Canada
      T3L 1W5

      If Bronc could just lick everything that'd be great!

    16. Jo Uneus aka blackgermanshepherd on November 6, 2011

      I can't wait to tongue kiss you...I hope Bronc didn't lick my card...

    17. Alisa M Lowe on November 6, 2011

      Please don't take away my usb or the card that I lovingly paid for through Paypal. I don't care if you lick them too, just don't take them away. I'll be sad... and you won't like me when I'm sad.

    18. Karla on November 6, 2011

      I dunno whatthefuckingfucking I did 'cause I'm a fat slag, but you can go right ahead and send my goods in separate packages regardless so we can tongue kiss more than once.