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Star Realms is a spaceship combat deckbuilding game by Magic Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty (Ascension Co-founder).
1,178 backers pledged $51,481 to help bring this project to life.

Solitaire rules and boss promo cards added to 35K stretch goal.

Posted by Robert Dougherty (Creator)
The stretch goals have been enhanced with another physical reward! With the 35K stretch goal we will add solitaire rules to the physical game and two player set and above backers will receive 2 physical solitaire boss promo cards (per set) for different solitaire challenges! Thanks to all of our backers for getting us past the $25,000 stretch goal! Because you got us there during the Double Promo Stretch Goal Challenge all Beta Key and above backers will receive TWO copies of the exclusive "Kickstarter Backer" digital promo card!
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    1. Brent Mair on

      What just happened? These got moved to the 50k goal? What is that called?

    2. Raging Robot

      I was trying to be a little facetious but it came out as hoof in mouth disease! Thanks Robert for clarification, very nice indeed!

    3. Iconography on

      Thank you for listening to us, Robert. Please keep it up!

    4. Ahmad Khan on

      @Robert: Thanks for the clarification.

    5. Robert Dougherty 7-time creator on


      No, these will be solitaire only bosses. The boss cards from the legend tier will also support "raid play" where one person plays the powerful boss and multiple "normal players" gang up on them.
      That extra coolness will require more development time, thus those will be in a future set. We will also be working with the legend backers on art, flavor, etc.

    6. Ahmad Khan on

      Would these "boss" be the the one from the "legend tier"?

    7. Jose Negron on

      I think he's being facetious

    8. Robert Dougherty 7-time creator on

      No, you are misunderstanding.
      We still have all the stretch goals we had before. The old 30K and 35K stretch goals are still there. We are adding 2 physical promo cards and solitaire rules to go with them in addition to everything that was there before.

    9. Raging Robot

      Am i to understand this correctly, we the backers get you from $25k go $35k and you give us solitaire rules which should automatically be part of the game! Really? That's insulting! I for one will be reconsidering my pledge!