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Star Realms is a spaceship combat deckbuilding game by Magic Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty (Ascension Co-founder).
1,178 backers pledged $51,481 to help bring this project to life.

Star Realms is funded! Time for some stretch goals!

Posted by Robert Dougherty (Creator)

In less than 5 days we reached our $20,000 funding goal! You guys made this happen, thank you backers!!! We still have 25 days left in this Kickstarter campaign to rack up the stretch goals, starting with an exclusive Kickstarter digital promo for our backers when we hit $25,000! 

The more money we raise in this campaign, the faster we can roll out awesome features in digital Star Realms (and the more cool stretch goal rewards our backers get).

There are a lot of people out there who would love to contribute to Star Realms, but haven't heard of us yet. Please help get the word out!

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    1. teachermook on

      I have to agree on the digital stuff, especially given Star Command and the flak they got from backers. Save yourself the hassle and focus on the physical and maybe some promo stuff, like clothes or even a web commercial (I can see you as a starship captain).

    2. Robert Dougherty 7-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      Thanks for the feedback. We hear you loud and clear.
      We are doing something a little different here bringing you a physical and digital game at the same time.
      We already have an AMAZING physical game at a fantastic price, so I was focusing on the digital end of things more with the stretch goals to make sure that end of things would be equally awesome.
      But I understand some backers are interested mainly in the physical side, and I can see how the stretch goals could be disappointing to those folks. SO, here is what we are going to do:
      We will guarantee every other stretch goal will have a physical component.
      We have the promo card at 30K already.
      We will add a the following to the 40K level: "PLUS All Two Player Set (and above) backers will receive 6 physical "ability" promo cards (for each set ordered) so you can play with campaign mode powers in your physical game!"
      As previously stated the 50K level will have a TBA physical component.
      Thanks again for the feedback. We can't make this the perfect game for you guys without it!

    3. Jose Negron on

      ugh stupid phone
      Anyway rushing for them could me something different for me I'm still giving them a chance but I'm very wary

    4. Jose Negron on

      The other thing is, while I'm not saying the KS organizer and/or creator is misrepresenting anything, but the digital stretch goals aren't even tangible. Putting a "rush" on anything doesn't mean much at all. We can't tell how long it would take without the stretch goals and therefore all they are are subjective words to make the stretch rewards "feel" like something. However being that it's subjective, rushing something for one person could mean something totally different

    5. Missing avatar

      Kenny on

      I'm glad this has funded and when you're not paying international shipping it's an absolute steal.

      I think that when games are being created digitally as well as printed it's hard to balance expectations for each medium so with 4 out of 5 focused on digital you can understand disappointment. However the initial funding goal has been met, so again that's great news!

    6. Steve on

      More is always better, but I think we need to consider the fact that we are getting a great game at what already feels like a cheap price. Maybe I am alone, but I do not expect a ton of free physical stuff unless funding goes crazy. I would like to see some cool add-ons like bags, lifepoint crystals, a play mat, and so on. The above opinion is usually opposite when it comes to KS, but I am usually much more financially invested in those games as well....

    7. Jose Negron on

      That means it has to be funded 250% and there will only be 2 physical rewards...

    8. Robert Dougherty 7-time creator on


      Playmats are tough, they cost a lot to produce and they are bulkly (so expensive to ship). Most of our tiers are so inexpensive that if we added a playmat we could actually lose money for each backer. We already have a playmat at the Ultimate Fan tier and I'll look into adding a playmat with a different designing as an add on.

    9. Robert Dougherty 7-time creator on

      Message received. The 50K goal will have a physical item.

    10. Craig Plazony on

      Is it possible to maybe get a cool playmat as a stretch goal? I think that would be awesome

    11. Jose Negron on

      These are all software stretch goals... Only one is for a physical copy of something
      I'm not liking this

    12. SethJaffee on

      "Accelerate development of..."? That's an interesting format for a Stretch goal. I'm curious to see how effective it is.