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Six new expansion sets for Hero Realms! (And an awesome offer for new players too.) 23 Stretch Goals Unlocked!
Six new expansion sets for Hero Realms! (And an awesome offer for new players too.) 23 Stretch Goals Unlocked!
7,587 backers pledged $513,845 to help bring this project to life.

5th Stretch Goal Unlocked and Additional Add-ons!

Posted by Robert Dougherty (Creator)

Last night we unlocked our 5th stretch goal. Gornok Spinebreaker is now yours! Tell your friends about this Kickstarter and help us unlock the Imperial Archmage! 

Another stretch goal unlocked!
Another stretch goal unlocked!

Based on backer requests, we've added existing Hero Realms products as add-ons. If you're short one character pack or have everything but the Ruin of Thandar, you will now be able to add the specific item you need.

Hero Realms Add-ons
Hero Realms Add-ons

The Ancestry Pack (which comes in the Ancestry, Lost Village and Everything Tiers) includes enough cards for one player to play as an Elf, one as a Orc, one as an Ogre, one as a Dwarf, and one as a Smallfolk.   

Some backers have indicated that more than one player in their group may want to play as the same race. Everyone in the party might want to be an Orc for example.

So we've also made additional Ancestry packs available as add-ons. If everyone in your party wants to be different races, you only need the one Ancestry Pack. If more than one player wants to play the same race, you will need one additional Ancestry Pack per additional player of that race. 

To order an add-on, just increase your pledge by the appropriate amount. If you have already backed, you can do this by clicking the green "Manage your pledge" button on the top right of the Kickstarter page. You will be able to specify exactly which add-ons you are getting using the pledge manager after this Kickstarter campaign ends.

 THANK YOU for backing Hero Realms!! 


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    1. Mário Sousa on

      Wasn't Garnok already a stretch goal on last ks campaign?

    2. Matthew Guillemette on

      Hey Gacayon, what are these cards you mention, are they convention promos or something?

    3. Missing avatar

      Sir Elrond on

      Thank you for being so responsive to players’ requests !

    4. Vatan MN on

      @Robert thank you for reaponse. I hope we will get some good news.

    5. Missing avatar

      Eduardo on

      @Robert Dougherty

      Thanks for your answer, and for your clear involvement and dedication on the comments!

    6. Robert Dougherty 7-time creator on

      @Karl Bushman
      Many of the stretch goal cards are, yes.

    7. Robert Dougherty 7-time creator on

      Correct and good idea to add to the FAQ.

    8. Eric Chénard

      very nice!

    9. Missing avatar

      Karl Bushman on

      The faces on these cards look like real people with personality. Are these from winners of your-face-on-the-card contests?

    10. Gacayon on

      Yes, I would like to get my hands on Contract Negotiation, Scorecard promo and Captain Koska as well. Please make these accessible.

      Also out of curiosity lets say we want to purchase 1-2 more items after the campaign has ended. Can we just order them through the pledge manager or do we HAVE to have a balance going into it to get the addons.

      Thanks much.

    11. Missing avatar

      Eduardo on


      Thanks for these add ons,

      Also, just for confirmation because it does not appear anywhere on the campaign page, nor the faqs:

      In order to share shipping with a friend, if we both want to pledge for the new stuff, I should just pledge for the corresponding amount (i.e. 2x45$), right?. And then later, on the pledge manager, I can specify that I pledged for two rewards of the corresponding tier, right?

      If so, please, could it be added to the faqs under the question: how do I get multiple rewards? (Or sth like that)

      Thanks in advance.

      (I need clear instructions because I do not want to screw up the order!)

    12. Aaron Rabold

      @Robert, Thanks for the response! I'll keep that in mind. :)

    13. Robert Dougherty 7-time creator on

      @Vatan MN
      I'll look into these.

    14. Robert Dougherty 7-time creator on

      @Aaron Rabold
      No, the Half-Demon comes in the promo pack.
      Half-Demons are exceptionally rare in the lore. That is one of the reasons they are Kickstarter exclusive. So, limiting them to one per party makes sense.

    15. Vatan MN on

      What about Contract Negotiation, Scorecard promo and Captain Koska addons?

    16. Aaron Rabold

      Hmmm, getting an additional Ancestry Pack is enticing. But a question: Would an additional Ancestry Pack include an extra set of Half-Demon cards? If that wasn't originally planned, is that something that could be done?