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Mjolnir, Hammer of Thor will be created in forged steel, high quality art prints, T-shirts, leather and gaming information.
48 backers pledged $4,272 to help bring this project to life.

Backers pledging for the jim pinto PDF, please read me!

Posted by Todd Gdula (Creator)

Remember that jim is offering these add ons:

"For just $2 your name will be immortalized in the Mjolnir's Legacy PDF. For another $2 ($4 total) you can immortalize one resting place of the fabled hammer. For another $2 ($6 total) you can name a pretender hammer to Thor's legacy, clearly an inferior weapon, but one that treasure-seekers… uh… seek."

There is no item to choose for this - you can just add it to your pledge and we'll be in contact to square it away after funding ends.

If we can get 30 backers for the PDF, jim will add some old school stats. At 50 backers for the PDF jim will cover the fate of the hammer.

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