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WIDE BODY watch straps just make your Pebble look better. Make it personal with premium silicone or genuine leather.
1,065 backers pledged $54,315 to help bring this project to life.

cinco de mayo


Believe it or don't: we're making these things! And they are going to be awesome. It's Cinco de Mayo, and I just celebrated with a margarita.

My family and I are all the way across the country in Rhode Island this weekend for a wedding, and I just got back to the hotel room, so this will be a short update.

Thank you very much for supporting WIDE BODY. Backers--and your enthusiasm for something NEW--are what fuels Kickstarter. Now it's my turn to reward that enthusiasm with some nice watch straps. And while we're making them, I hope you learn a bit about product development through our project updates. So stay tuned, thanks again, and enjoy the ride!

Best regards,

PS: Congratulations Rachel and Mark! Also: I'd like to thank the Pebble team for making a solid product, for encouraging developers to make cool things for it, and for helping spread the word about our stuff.

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    1. Creator Eric Martens on May 7, 2013

      Damn! That brown leather strap looks really good with the pebble and a suit.....can't wait to get my set..... :)