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Twig is an ultra-portable cable for your iPhone. It has a bendable wire "skeleton" and three "legs". Bend it into tripod mode and more.
Twig is an ultra-portable cable for your iPhone. It has a bendable wire "skeleton" and three "legs". Bend it into tripod mode and more.
4,726 backers pledged $168,020 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Geof Aberhart on

      When our stuff is shipped, do we get any kind of shipping confirmation in our email or anything? Because it's been a few weeks since y'all said you'd started shipping them and I haven't seen or heard a thing.... I mean, I'm sure I'll get mine eventually, it'd just be cool to know it's on its way is all.

    2. Jason Hilbourne 7-time creator on

      @Jeffrey: That is great to hear, so thanks for sharing! @Fluffie: You can get more Twigs here now: @Backers: We're still shipping these things, so thanks for hanging in there. If you don't have your reward next week, please email shipping-related questions to

    3. Steve Simmonds on


      Still waiting in the UK.
      Any ideas on delivery dates?

    4. Arissa Ha on

      Hey guys,
      I'm an international backer from Singapore and I still have not received my Twig. May I know if it has already been sent out and when should I expect to receive it?

    5. Jeffrey B George

      My Twig arrived today, it is so AWESOME!!!! I can't believe how refined and profession this product looks from the early prototypes on Kickstarter not that long ago. I LOVE it! :-) Cngratulations to everyone on your team and manufacturers, you've done amazing work!

    6. Ed Bettinelli on

      Hey Jason,

      How's things moving? Did you start to mail the Twigs out? Still waiting....



    7. Fluffie Kitty on

      I am wondering can you still order or is that done with?

      And I have to say, I luv my Twig!

    8. Nick Foong on

      For international backers, how are they being shipped? Courier or regular airmail?

    9. Jason Hilbourne 7-time creator on

      @Randy: Note that we are still shipping rewards, and will be through next week. So don't worry--those Twigs are on their way! And thanks for sticking it out through the last part of this thing.

    10. Missing avatar

      Randy Santiago on

      Middle of October and still no Twig...Should I not be concerned?

    11. Karen Drader on

      Got my two twigs tehother day and they are awesome. I am glad to be abacker of this project. Thanks for this great product.

    12. Zack Jones on

      My 6 twigs, or should I call that a branch because I got so many? Arrived today. Thanks for everything. Glad I backed this project!

    13. sue anne on

      hi Jason, i just added topped up the shipping payment. Hope to have it here in Sweden soon! Cheers!

    14. Carlos Zepeda on

      Got both black & red twigs yesterday. Amazing product. Holds up the iPhone extremely well so don't let the flexibility fool you. Well worth backing this project. Hopefully you guys decide to make a twig with the new lighting plug for the iPhone 5.

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      I was nervous because I have never pledged before. I received mine just minutes ago when I checked the mail. I love this color ( I got a green one ) and my daughter wants to play with it's gumby like uhh..legs. For those that are waiting I hope you get yours soon.

    16. Missing avatar

      William Yeagley on

      Received mine today. Testing as we speak.

    17. Anna Adam on

      These comments made my day almost as much as getting my Twig in the mail ON the day you said I would!

      I have the iPhone 5 now but was under no illusions or expectations that my Twig would have gotten here in time to use with my 4 or that I could swap it for one for the 5. When I backed the project, it was something I considered and realized would likely happen. For those that are saying this was a waste... if you'd gotten it on the 1st of September you would have gotten to use it a whopping 6 weeks before it would have been "useless." Come on! You should know the consequences of being an early adopter and really this was SO not late! I've backed 40 projects now. I can tell you plenty about what "late" REALLY means!

      Looking forward to my adapter from Apple so I can steal back my Twig from my daughter and use it with my own phone!

      Thanks, guys!

    18. Girl Afraid on

      I got my Twig in the mail yesterday. Thanks guys! :)

    19. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      @D Dasari thank goodness you've only backed 1 project...quit now if you feel this way about a few weeks late because other projects get delayed by months...

    20. Daniel Paul on

      I got mine and really like it. I am confused however - should I bend it and then connect it or connect it and then bend it? Is there a manual or video?

    21. Missing avatar

      Anuj Desai on

      Got mine! Nice work guys! :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Hey D Dasari, the initial project said shipping late Sept, it is only just over a week past and that that is "soo long" for you? Time to develop some patience, and perhaps some creativity, like Keith above, who seems to not have found his as useless as you did.

    23. Missing avatar

      Bill Karis on

      Haven't received mine yet, and will be getting two iPhone 5s next month! Any news on a newer version?

    24. Keith W on

      I just got mine today, thank you very much. I am using the Apple 30pin adapter to make my iPhone 5 work :-)

    25. D Dasari on

      it's taken you guys soo long to get this product out that it has become useless to me now. Just got an iPhone 5 and it uses a smaller connector.

      what a waste.

    26. Missing avatar

      Seth on

      I live at high altitude AND in the southern hemisphere. Do I have to bend it backwards or adjust bend time accordingly?

    27. Missing avatar

      T Nguyen on

      Wait so you bend it then connect it Oohh thats how you do it... loll love it thanx

    28. Missing avatar

      Stan Kooman on

      Wish I would have bought more of them. This was one of the first Kickstarter projects i bought into.

    29. Jason Hilbourne 7-time creator on

      @Backers: glad to see that I was able to adequately communicate the instructions on how to use Twig. The prize-winning comment goes to Stuart.

    30. Missing avatar

      Stan Kooman on

      Mine works great. Love it.!!!!!

    31. Zack Jones on

      Rules, Rules, Rules, Bend it and then Connect it. Once again the man is keeping us down! :)

      Checked the mailbox and mine weren't there yet. I bet the USPS dude was too busy bending the package.

    32. Missing avatar

      Karl Borgmann on

      Awwww mine didn't arrive today....was it because I was contemplating connecting it before bending it?

    33. Roger von Oech on

      I especially like the white caps!

      Clever color design.

    34. Missing avatar

      Sue Gregg on

      Ready to check my mailbox!
      Where is that car chase scene?

    35. Missing avatar

      Daniel Keller on

      Awww.....I was almost hoping for a real car chase scene....

    36. Chris Mercadante on

      Are there any plans for the iPhone5? When i ordered mine, the new dock connector was still a rumor. Now that i have my 5, Id really like to use my TWIG. Can I trade it in? or do i have to buy another adaptor?

    37. Missing avatar

      scott maceachern on

      Got mine in the mail today!
      Great project with excellent communication throughout the process.
      Very fun to follow.
      Bravo Jason!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Philip Stymfal on

      How many Apple product connectors or USB ports have been harmed by trying to bend it after connecting?

    39. Marty Bird on

      Simple right? Looking forward to checking my mail tonight when I get home to Open It, Bend It, Then Connect It.

    40. Andy Baird on

      "what happens if we connect it, *then* bend it?"

      At a guess, you risk over-stressing the connectors on one end or the other.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Sims on

      What happens if I connect it...then bend it? I wont do it... but what if hypothetically it happened?

    42. Asterion on

      No... Sorry. You lost me.

    43. Stuart Strutin on

      I ordered a red one.
      Are the instructions the same?

    44. Justin Lukasavige on

      I wish you would have made it simpler. :)

    45. Meg Wolff on

      What happens if you don't BEND IT first?! CHAOS?

    46. Doug Collins

      Thank goodness you created this! I was skipping the 'connect it' part and couldn't figure out why my phone wasn't charging!

    47. Brian Saltz on

      So I had trouble following the second half of the movie. too confusing

    48. Gary L. Guy on

      Darn, I wanted to see the car chase scene....You need to put one in the video just becase.

    49. DeltaLima

      wait... how does it work? i dont get it??