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Twig is an ultra-portable cable for your iPhone. It has a bendable wire "skeleton" and three "legs". Bend it into tripod mode and more.
Twig is an ultra-portable cable for your iPhone. It has a bendable wire "skeleton" and three "legs". Bend it into tripod mode and more.
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    1. Jason Hilbourne 7-time creator on

      @Paul: I think this is one of those "In Australia, everything is upside down" issues! US outlets allow an AC adapter to go in both ways. Other outlets work like this too, and this allows Twig's wall-charger mode which we demonstrate in photos and our videos. You can still do wall-charger mode with your phone facing the wall--Twig will keep it on the wall and off the floor in airports, cafes, etc. Try it! Enjoy.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Guy on

      Your illustration shows the front of the phone when Twig is plugged into an outlet. In fact you see the back of the phone. Very disappointed with the finished product. Also the illustration on the packaging is incorrect.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I don't know when/if I'll get new-connector device, and meanwhile my multiple old-style-connector ones (still working their little bits off) will sit quite happily on these Twigs. I don't mind a little two-tone colour scheme, either, in fact I rather like it -- and all-black or all-white would get lost in the pile on my desk anyway!

    4. Chris Fleck on

      When do you expect to have an iPhone 5 version?

    5. Annette Ciotola on

      If shipping is starting on Monday then I hope I receive mine before I leave for my business trip the following week. Thank you for everything. I'm looking forward to getting this.

      -Someone who stayed with the iPhone 4S :)

    6. Armani DeJesus on

      well, thank you apple for changing the dock, now this great invention is absolutely useless to me! I have moved to Android!!

    7. Missing avatar

      William Yeagley on

      Anyone looking to get rid of their Twig let me know. I will be short at least 1 or 2.


    8. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      @Jason Hilbourne its ok i forgive you, BTW pantone does it to break apart color so the next color can be viewed properly. I was hoping for a clean transition from green to white but w/e's i'll just tape it or color it in or some jazz... still excited about em

    9. Missing avatar

      jennifer on

      Yea! I can"t wait. I'm sooo tired of my i-cables walking off. I'll be able to keep this hidden from the other hands around the house. ;-)

    10. Zack Jones on

      Don't like the white tops - no problem. Just get a sharpie in your favorite color and color them. I bought one for my wife and I as well as our kids. I'm sure we'll all be very pleased with them.

    11. Missing avatar

      Luther on

      WHy is there a white top? on all the colors but not the black?

    12. David Fujii on

      Great Job, Jason! Thanks for the update. Iphone 5 version? Why would anyone expect this to be developed so quickly?? TOTALLY understand about the difficulty of matching the body and tip colors based upon the difference in the materials. This is ALWAYS a problem when my company is developing products. Looking forward to my Twigs! THANKS!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Shahin Tajalli on

      Gosh I agree. I think those color are awful and I'm here to help. I'm looking for 5 people to sell me their ugly colored Twig for half the price as I need 5 extra ones ;)

      Can't wait for mine so I can complain about it


    14. Roxane Tourigny on

      This is awesome! I'll be waiting for my red and cool gray twig patiently.

    15. Kaili Zhang on

      I think Jason has given a great product to the market, I personally can't wait to get my hands on mine. Looks great, the white tip is a very minor quibble and I'm sure it won't prevent me from using/liking my Twig.

      You people need to stop giving him flak over the iPhone 5 version. I'm pretty sure Jason can't see into the future, and he cannot change his entire production run based on a "rumor". I'm sure if he wants to do a Lightning Twig in the future, he'll do it in another Kickstarter project.

    16. Jason Hilbourne 7-time creator on

      @Backers: We changed the color scheme for six of the eight Twigs because it was impossible to do a perfect color-match between Twig's dissimilar materials on our budget/schedule. We tried--it looked terrible. In cases where there is a "color break" in a product, it's often more aesthetically pleasing to do an "intentional mis-match." Each of the color Twigs is Cool Gray (almost white) on top and vividly colored on the bottom. To me, Twig's color break evokes the very same Pantone color chips (think sample cards at the paint store) that we used to select our colors. You'll also find that this same Cool Gray color matches your other phone accessories very nicely. It will grow on you! You'll dig it.

    17. Jeffrey B George

      Wow, this is looking AWESOME, and for only $18-20? You have done very well! I can't wait to get mine and look forward to seeing what future ideas you come up with. :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      uli kulz on

      Same here. Can't do much with it now, except to give it someone who still has a iPhone 4 or 4S. Pity about the timing of this product.

    19. Peter Oosterwal on

      Whoohoo the twig is coming! Try to ignore the 5 guys, we love to have the twig anyway! (come on guys, this is great )

    20. Daniel Sands on

      I have a "5" now, so I don't need mine anymore either.

    21. Rick Mann on

      Well, I'm excited and impressed. Great work on the product. Too bad I caved and bought an iPhone 5, and too bad its new connector is so flimsy for this purpose. What's a consumer to do?

    22. Missing avatar

      William Jungbauer on

      Can you make an adapter for iPHONE 5?

    23. Adam Thomas on

      Thanks Jason, they look awesome. Can't wait to get my black twig!

    24. Roger von Oech on

      I love the white tops. Elegant design!

      Take it from a pro!

    25. Missing avatar

      Nirav Mehta on

      monday as in next week monday?

    26. Missing avatar

      Paul Valenta on

      Ugly white tops? Really? Someone invested and invented something to make my iphone easier to use and me more efficient. I'll take your ugly white top twigs!

    27. Chris Aliaga on

      I have to agree with the others. The white top stinks. =/

    28. Missing avatar

      Joan Cassell on

      Yes, I too would have gotten black or white, had I known about those ugly white tops. Great design, bad decision.
      Joan Cassell

    29. Marc Cloutier on

      I agree with the others about the disappointing white top on the colored units. The white and black units now look "finished" but the colored ones aren't as impressive as I had hoped.

    30. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      gah that white on top of the color twiggs :( such a spoiler of a good design

    31. Missing avatar

      Heather Eberhardt on

      I'm another one strongly displeased with the white tops. They were not shown in the original kickstarter plans, and I never would have selected the colours I did if I had known about the white tops. I think they look horrible. I am NOT impressed with such a major change in the design without the option to change our choices. I realize it's probably too late to do anything about this now, but it will certainly affect my willingness to work with your group in future, which I regret.

    32. Luis Rafael Martinez on

      I second Olaf's question. Was the white top incorporated into the final design and mentioned in an update? If so then I missed that one. I might not have selected my color choice (green) had I known that it was going to have a white top. I guess I would have gotten black or white then.

    33. Matt Webb on

      Can I change my colors? Since upgrading to the 5 my sons have our old phones and would pick different colors then me and my wife.

    34. Jason Hilbourne 7-time creator on

      One more thing: some of our backers are still asking about "waiting" until the iPhone 5 version is ready. I've been fielding this question for a while now, and our answer remains the same. We're only building the original version for this Kickstarter project! But here's something new: when we eventually do build the Lightning version, we will offer a coupon/discount to *all* of our original Kickstarter backers. Not bad, right?

    35. Olaf de Vries on

      What's up with the white top on the colored Twigs? That wasn't in the original proposal. :-(

    36. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      Wooo Hoo!!!! cant wait to twig-it