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Twig is an ultra-portable cable for your iPhone. It has a bendable wire "skeleton" and three "legs". Bend it into tripod mode and more.
Twig is an ultra-portable cable for your iPhone. It has a bendable wire "skeleton" and three "legs". Bend it into tripod mode and more.
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    1. Stephen Houser on

      Any update on producing an iPhone 5 version?

    2. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I'm fine with the "obsolete" version that will go with my multiple "obsolete" devices. I don't know yet if I will be getting any lightning-connector devices anytime soon (I'm considering the new Nano as I'd like a 'pod with a real radio, but really wish it had more storage!) I'm certainly in no rush for a new phone, my 4 still works just fine & does all & more that I ask of it with plenty of capablility left over.

    3. Jon Brummel on

      Also put my vote in for waiting.

    4. Devin Cameron on

      Quite pleased with the updates; video from the manufacturing process is great and shows you're working hard to deliver what folks were hoping for at the time they backed this project. Showing just pics or just offering text wouldn't give backers this level of visibility.

    5. Henrik Ahlen on

      I also want to switch my order to an iPhone 5 version and wait for that, sine I will replace my 4S very soon! Please advice on how to do that!

    6. Chris Mercadante on

      Will there be a TWIG made for the iPhone 5 without the adapter? If so is there a way to switch our orders to that?

    7. Francois Theroux on

      A lot of people here don't seem to understand the idea behind volume pricing for components and manufacturing time. If Jason decides to allow current backers to switch to a lightning Twig, then we may lose the necessary initial production volume to maintain the prices he has already negotiated.

      @Micheal - how do you expect Jason to make any money by giving away lightning Twigs to potentially 4000 people. I think it is more realistic to perhaps be offered a reduce price ([erhaps the same as the original Twig) as an incentive for having been backers, but let's be serious and not expect things for free.

      I will be getting an iPhone 5 and I congratulate whoever buys my iPhone 4 since they will have a great innovative iDevice accessory included with it.

      And I will hope that I can eventually get a lightning Twig.

      Cheers to the whole Twig team.

    8. HMC

      Jason I for one am not kool about this "Creator Jason Hilbourne@Nicolas: Good eye. Twig's color variations come with a cool gray (read: white) housing on top. It looks and works great. Black--like Darth Vader--is still all black." They look tacky not sure why the TWIG is not all one color? If you could make an all Black One why not an all Green, Blue etc.?

    9. Missing avatar

      aaron hayes on

      I think we should all keep a level head regarding the new connector. I have really appreciated the constant updates from Jason, and he's been forthright from the beginning regarding the possibility of a different connector. No one knew what Apple would offer, and we all chose to support this cool idea in spite of that risk. I will keep my iPhone 4 for at least another year or two, so I look forward to getting my TWIG asap!

    10. Andrew Bock on

      Didn't mean for that to be entirely negative - if you can't tell, I'm stoked for my Twigs! Plan on using them with my 4s till it no longer functions. Thanks for making these!

    11. Andrew Bock on

      Getting really tired of people referring to the 30 pin connected i devices as "outdated". 2 million iPhone 5s were sold. 2 million!!!!! There are how many 30 pin connected devices in the marketplace and how many will remain? There have been approximately 80 million iPhones sold...along with the ipods they've been in the marketplace for 10 years people. Is the market shifting? Well, that's obvious - but don't be ignorant.

      Oh and don't you think there will be even more people lining up for a $99 4s seeing that the "upgrades" found on the 5 for some people may not be worth the additional $300 right now?

      Grow up.

    12. Torrey on

      Thanks for the video! How cool to be a part of something so cool.

    13. Rose Vines on

      Great work. I'm buying an iPhone 5 but we have a bunch of old-style devices around the house, so I'll have a use for the current Twigs and look forward to backing/buying the new version when it comes out.

    14. Roger von Oech on

      Hey Rolando Sanchez: "Huh?" I think what Jason has created is amazing. The installed base of products (iPod, iPhone, iPad) that is compatible with the Twig is enormous — especially compared with the number of iPhones that will use Lightning in the coming 6 months. Your nit-picking is silly (I'll refrain from saying uninformed).

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael A. Avalos on

      Instead of saying "we feel for you" to those backers who purchased the iPhone 4-compatible Twig, why not find a more sound alternative that will ensure such backers remain long-term customers to your product(s)? Perhaps offering all backers who purchased the iPhone 4-compatible Twigs a 2-for-1 deal on a future iPhone 5-compatible Twig or some variation of such type of deal in order to ease any buyer's remorse for those who have now purchased an outdated product. Such an investment will help nurture brand loyalty from such backers. To do otherwise is not a sound long-term brand-building plan.

    16. Missing avatar

      Brian McCarthy on

      Let's flip this around. I am in for three and I am really pleased that 30-pin twigs will be shipping soon. Currently, my family of five has at least four 30-pin IOS devices. I am considering whether or not we will be adding more IOS devices that would need Lightning connectors.

      Is there any chance that your Kickstarter supporters could be given early warning and maybe a discount on a Lightning connector version? I'd likely be in for at least two of those!

    17. Missing avatar

      Rolando Sanchez on

      I'm glad I only ordered one outdated product. It's been known for quite a while that Apple was changing the connector. Don't understand why you couldn't have lowered production at that time and been able to give at least some of the backers the ability to wait on the next version rather being stuck with the old design. I guess this is a lesson not to participate in Kickstarter when compatibility with another product is involved. I'm glad the lesson wasn't more expensive.

    18. Jason Hilbourne 7-time creator on

      @James: My reply to your message was "We plan to offer the new connector (if they do it), but it will not be part of the Kickstarter project." Product development isn't easy, and I'm pretty happy that this project went as well as it did. The new connector news last week sort of "stole our thunder" from Twig's exciting launch, but we're rolling with it. @Nicolas: Good eye. Twig's color variations come with a cool gray (read: white) housing on top. It looks and works great. Black--like Darth Vader--is still all black. @Gary: I'm still here. Good thing I love Chinese food.

    19. Nicolas Van den Eynde on

      I had a question about the color versions of the twigs shown in the video, are they gonna be like the withe/black and green one with a unique color (as shown from the beguinning) or will they have the white part as well ? I understand the white part is due to some technical issues and wont complain if my red twig comme with this but I'd like to know more about it... does it makes twig less durable for exemple ?

    20. Conor on

      Sounds good!! My 4s will be good to go!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Nancy T. Owen on

      I agree, we are spending $400. on the iPhone 5 and this is peanuts for a dynamite invention!!
      It can still be used withe the old Nano, touch, and with the lightening converter, etc. It;s still a super great
      little guy so he still deserves our love!! Can't wait to get mine!

    22. Missing avatar

      Gary Verville on

      From your Sept 7th update: "All three of us are going to be there for a week to fine-tune the already-awesome work that our suppliers are doing, and then I'm staying there for another week to make sure that the first production shipment makes it out the door". I guess you didn't make sure they shipped!?

    23. Missing avatar

      Tim Boyd on

      How on earth could you be mad a these guys? They have done everything they said they would do and, as far as Kickstarter projects go, they have been one of the most communicative groups I have seen.

      You just dropped $300+ on new iPhone5 (which you probably didn't actually need) and you are bitching about $18 - $50 bucks? Please.

      Apple has sold as many as $35 Million iPhones each quarter of 2012. I don't think the market for 30-pin adapter accessories is going away anytime soon seeing has how the the iPhone 4 is now FREE with a 2 year contract.

      To those who say maybe this should be a give away for backers, ext time you buy a car I wan't you to march back in to dealership 3 months later after the new model comes out and ask them to give your money back because you decided you want the new one not the older model. It's absurd.

    24. Thomas White on


      In this update you forgot about the current iPod nano & iPod mini.

    25. Missing avatar

      Alan Meyers on

      Can't wait to get my twigs!

    26. R. Bock on

      i think it's a great idea to pass it with the iP4 as an "omake" (give away to enhance raletionship ;))

    27. Geof Aberhart on

      Oh hey, Apple fanboys acting entitled, what a shock.

    28. Sridhar Ravuri on

      if you really feel for us, can you give an option for the early backers to choose and wait for iPhone5 twig? I was literally excited to see such a great thoughtful product but now sad to have backed since I can't even use it. what a waste of $$

    29. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      I am due to receive 3 Twigs but as I have ordered the iPhone 5 I now need 2 of the original Twigs and one of the new lightning connector Twigs is this possible?

    30. Eric Lindsay on

      I doubt Apple are talking to many smaller companies as yet about granting licences for use of the new iPhone 5 "Lightning" connector. The Apple media event only mentioned larger, expensive companies like Bose, JBL, Bowers & Wilkins and Bang & Olufsen.

    31. David Metzener on

      I second James' comment. I would rather wait til the new 9-pin connector Twig comes out rather than get a 30-pin Twig that I have to spend even more money to get any use out of.

    32. James Schmitz on

      I specifically asked what would happen if iPhone 5 came out with a new dock connector and your response was "we will make an adapter for it right away." It doesn't sound like you still plan to do this. How about give us the option to wait for the new Twigg that you will be making instead of shipping us one with the old dock connector next month?