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Help an independent metalsmith ignite her ideas to create an elegant line of handcrafted silver jewelry inspired by nature.
Help an independent metalsmith ignite her ideas to create an elegant line of handcrafted silver jewelry inspired by nature.
39 backers pledged $3,643 to help bring this project to life.

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Sketches for The White Orchid Jewelry Line

Posted by Kelly Limberg (Creator)

Alright, time to share some sketches.  These sketches are the early stage of my designing process. I imagine that they will get more developed as things unfold.  Since this is my first round of designs, when it comes time to select the final ten pieces I will then be making more drawings along with to scale models. 

So far some of the designs include a birch bark silver cuff, a framed and domed feather brooch, and orchid necklace, and formed shell cuff links. I have already received some great suggestions and feedback from a few people, but would love to hear any more thoughts.


In the studio

Posted by Kelly Limberg (Creator)

First, Thank you Nancy, Lori, and Katheryn for recently backing my project. I am very grateful for all the support!

I have been keeping pretty busy this week.  I recently found out I made it into a show in Indianapolis this June, called INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, so I've been preparing more work for that. 

Also, I have been working on sketches for my White Orchid line.  I will be posting some pictures of those sketches tomorrow.  But for today I wanted to share some in progress photos of the work I have been doing in the studio. And for good measure I thought I would include my little studio helper. 

Rewards Updated

Posted by Kelly Limberg (Creator)

I have just added a new reward level! For $35, backers will receive an Ornate Adjustable Silver Ring, along with the handwritten thank you card, and of course a big thank you on my website too.    

Also, with a suggestion from a friend I have decided to add a second version of the Silver Feather Necklace.  So for backers who choose the Silver Feather category, you will have three options.  The Silver Feather Necklace that lies horizontal (as pictured here), or the Silver Feather Necklace that lies vertical, or the Silver Feather Brooch.   

Good things are happening!

Posted by Kelly Limberg (Creator)

First I want to say thank you to my backers, Dean, Borko, and Cecelia. You Rock!  In the first few days I am up to 10% of my funding!  Yeah, lets keep it going!

I am very excited about this project and have tons of ideas running through my head about the pieces for this new line of work.  I am going to be working on some sketches and will be posting them in my updates very soon!