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A short comedy about expression, words, and facing what you feel. Great rewards include DVDs, storyboard images, original art.

We made it to 100%!! A huge thank you to our amazing backers who have pledged their support thus far.

Hitting the $5,000 mark gives us enough to make the film, but it's still a conservative budget. Our original budget for the film was closer to $8,000. $5,000 was what we got after slashing out a bunch. 

In these final 72 hours, please help us push it as close to $8,000 as possible! At this point, we know we can make our film. Every additional gift makes it that much better! 

Written On Your Face is a 20-minute short romantic comedy set on a college campus at the end of spring semester. Our four main characters - Oscar, Anna, Brian and Morty - are seniors, and as classes conclude and graduation approaches, they are affected by the imminent disruption of the routines protecting and defining their relationships. If there's something unspoken between them, now is the time to say it. But as they struggle to do so, they find that learning to read and write in the academy doesn't necessarily help them read each other or articulate their own feelings. 

When heady intellectualism conflicts with the occasional (or not so occasional) moment of emotional stupidity, the results are funny and bizarre, and are depicted here in a charming and heartfelt way. 


The Plan

This project is currently deep in the throes of pre-production. We are planning to film in mid to late June and hope to have a cut of the movie together and ready for festival submissions by the end of the summer. 

In addition to sorting out logistics like location scouting and schedule coordinating, pre-production involves a lot of creativity and imagination. Before we ever set foot on set, we try to storyboard out the whole film, planning how each edit can happen smoothly, thinking about camera angles, and choreographing the action to make it dynamic and active in the storytelling process. We also spend a lot of time watching other movies, pulling out images and sequences that have lighting styles, camera motions or editing patterns that are inspiring to us. 

We need your help to bring the images and film that we are planning to life. Your contributions will directly affect the finished product, because they will give us access to better locations, allow us to rent additional equipment, buy us some more time on set, or increase the amount that we can spend on post-production. Because we love filmmaking as much as we do, our attitude is that we could always make movies with a camcorder in our apartment. But we have a funny, sweet, heartwarming story to tell, and we'd like your help to deliver it to the world looking and sounding as good as it can. 

Who's Involved?

We are assembling a terrific cast and crew for this project. The lion's share of your contributions will go towards feeding them on set, getting them costumes and the equipment they need, and set-dressing the locations they will be in. While we are so grateful to them for volunteering (because this wouldn't be possible otherwise), our goal would be to pay them for their hard work; if we exceed our fundraising goal, some of the additional funds will be used to pay them (because artists deserve to be paid!). 

The Cast: 

Though this short is not fully cast, we are pleased to announce that we have a number of wonderful people confirmed for many of the leading roles. Aiden Dale and Emily Frachtling, who starred in our first short, El Caffinato, will return to the screen as Brian and Anna. They will be joined by two other wonderful actors, Mitchell Metz and Amanda Dahill-Moore, portraying Oscar and Heather (respectively)

The Crew:

We will be working with a small crew for this short, but we are very happy to announce that Nathan Rosenquist has agreed to serve as the Director of Photography. Nathan shoots with a DSLR camera and has his own lights and gear. From the kind of images that he gets with this limited amount of gear, you'd be amazed he isn't shooting on film: 

Nathan is also in post-production on his first short, "Johnny Awful" (, which we helped out on, with Rory serving as Assistant Director and Liz working as the Casting Director, Art Director, and Script Supervisor. 

If you combine that with the fact that Nathan was also the gaffer on El Caffinato, you can see that we have assembled a small team with a good track record - this will be the third short that we've worked on together. With your help, we can add Written On Your Face to the line-up, and the money you contribute will only help make us better than the last time. 

Miner Light Productions

This will be the second short film from Miner Light Productions and co-writers/directors Rory Bradley and Liz Levitt-Bradley. Our first short, El Caffinato, was shot last summer and has screened at film festivals across the country since then. 

Our goal with this short will be to screen at film festivals, as we did with El Caffinato, but the fundraising money will help cover the cost of entry to more festivals and will help us market the film more widely at the festivals we do attend. Looking towards the future, Miner Light Productions aims eventually to make a feature film (perhaps after another short or two). Your contribution now will help us reach that goal, because you will be making it possible for us to make a better short and to better practice our craft. You can find out more about us and our past and future projects at our website:

The Ugly Sweaters

We're also thrilled to say that this short is going to have some terrific music! The Ugly Sweaters, an LA-based indie rock group, have agreed to license several of their songs to the film, and they will also be doing some light scoring. 

As the band writes on their Facebook page: Combine the wavelengths of Plumtree, Zimbabwe, Baltimore, Maryland, and Eugene, Oregon onto a stage in Los Angeles along with indulgent harmonies, frenetic performances and chaotic musicality, the final product is The Ugly Sweaters. Hailing from both American coasts and Southeastern Africa, these dynamic musicians bring global flavor to the local Los Angeles scene.

They have played shows at Whisky A Go Go, Mr. T's Bowl, Occidental College, The Airliner, The Boogie Den, The Loft and Webster Hall in NYC. 

Have a listen here:

Of course, getting this music from them takes (you guessed it): money! Help us score (pun intended) these awesome tunes for our short (the short that you will get to watch and enjoy) by making a contribution to this project. 


Kickstarter is a terrific way for independent filmmakers like us to find support for our projects and also get our work out to you, our audience. All funds that you contribute to this campaign will go directly into making this film. If we don't make our goal of $5,000, we don't get anything. Plain and simple.

Should we be lucky enough to reach our initial fundraising goal, we hope that you will continue to help us spread the word and will still consider making a contribution, if you haven't already. $5,000 is a minimum amount that we will need - additional funds will allow us to get better equipment and locations, give us access to more resources in post-production, and let us pay our hard-working actors and crew for their time. 

We think we have come up with a number of terrific rewards that really give you something in exchange for your contribution. You can get digital copies of this movie and of our first short, pieces of original artwork, behind-the-scenes looks at the film, and lots more. Please check out the detailed list of prizes on the right, or go to our website ( to read more detailed descriptions of them. 

The Writer/Directors

Liz Levitt-Bradley has been very active in the local filmmaking community in the last year. Since working as one on the writers and directors on El Caffinato, she has also been the casting director, art director and script supervisor on another short, Johnny Awful, which is currently in post-production. In that same year, Liz also assisted with the editing of the feature length documentary Sayonara to Hello, and did graphic design work for the poster of Wiggle Room and for the set of the short film, Bloody Sundae. Liz was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she was an active participant in the Greensboro Day School theater program and attended the NC Governor's School in Drama during the summer of '01. While completing a BA in English and an MALS in Arts at Wesleyan University, Liz studied acting and directing and performed weekly in live radio drama broadcasts. After college, Liz taught English, Art, and Theater at the Emerson Waldorf High School, where she directed and assistant directed several plays. She is particularly drawn to the way that film integrates her passions for theater and visual art. Liz works for a local LLC, Yesterday's Classics, and when she is not making films, she enjoys spending time outside in the natural world. 

Rory Bradley is currently a PhD student at UNC and Duke and worked in film and radio production throughout his time as an undergraduate at Wesleyan University. He was one of the writers and directors of El Caffinato. He also served as the assistant director on the short, Johnny Awful, and assisted with the editing of the feature length documentary, Sayonara to Hello. He was the Assistant Location Manager on an independent feature, Rounding First, and the Props Manager for a short, Death to the Tinman, which won an honorable mention at the Sundance Film Festival. He served for a year as Program Director of the community radio station, WESU Middletown, in Connecticut, where he was also the creator, lead writer, and producer for a weekly program of original hour-long radio dramas, performed live on the air. He is currently working on a dissertation about German ghost stories of the 19th century. 

Kickstarter Video Credits

Script - Liz Levitt-Bradley

Camera/Lights - Nathan Rosenquist

Editing - Rory Bradley

Music - "Believe It" by the Ugly Sweaters (


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