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A man in cryo sleep wakes up on an Earth devoid of human life but teeming with strange, frightening creatures in this epic short film. Read more

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on April 12, 2012.

A man in cryo sleep wakes up on an Earth devoid of human life but teeming with strange, frightening creatures in this epic short film.

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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Thanks to you we hit our $18,000 goal, and we are making ENDANGERED!  But rather than sitting back to relax, we are more determined than ever to make this short movie even more exciting.  If we reach our new $25,000 Stretch Goal, we’ll be able to improve the film for all of our backers.

If we can hit the $25k mark by the end of our campaign, we’ll be able to:

Improve the quality of the musical score. Reaching our stretch goal will allow our composer to hire session musicians to create a more orchestral, cinematic score rather than a synthesized one.

Add professional color grading. Our stretch goal allows our color grading session to be more comprehensive, so that the look of every shot can be dialed into perfection.

Create multichannel sound mixes. Sound is one half of the movie watching experience, and our stretch goal will allow us to create an industry standard 5.1- channel sound mix in addition to the 2-channel stereo mix. This fully immersive mix will be available for live screenings such as the premiere and film festivals, as well as on the DVD and Blu-ray discs.

We know that getting another $7,000 in pledges in the next 4 days will be tough, but we are nothing if not ambitious.  With your help, we think we can do it, so don’t forget to spread the word!


The Endangered Team



ENDANGERED is the new action-packed scifi short film from director, visual effects master, and Project Greenlight winner Efram Potelle. 

THE STORY:  A man wakes up from cryo sleep expecting to arrive into a futuristic society; instead he steps into a nightmare world devoid of people and technology, but filled with exotic, dangerous creatures that have apparently taken over the world.  As these monsters chase him through a decrepit city, he must learn to survive while searching for the answers to very important questions:  What are these creatures?  Where did they come from?  And where is everybody?  Is he the only one left?  The answers will shock you. 

With ENDANGERED, Efram aims to push the boundaries of what can be done with visual effects on a limited budget, while still telling an exciting and compelling story.  Our goal is nothing short of creating a huge, exciting and epic new world that people will want to explore long after they’ve seen this film. 

                                      Creature scale comparison


We’d never ask for money without offering something in return, and so we'll include our backers as much as possible in the incredible process of making this film.  If you look to the right, you’ll see a galaxy of different reward tiers, from $1 (every little bit helps and is appreciated!) to $10,000, and rewards – everything from invitations to swanky LA screenings and Blu-Ray copies of Endangered to the filmmaker's rewards, including behind-the-scenes movies and even instructional videos on how to make your own action/scifi film.  Need Efram to personally troubleshoot VFX problems you’re having on your film?  We have a reward for that!  


After pooling all our resources, stretching ourselves to the limit of what we can personally do, and calling in favors from everyone we know, we still found ourselves just short of the funds which would make this film truly EPIC.  And epic is the only way we want to make it.  We want this world to feel huge and real, filled with unique and scary monsters that live in their own ecosystem.  We want to create a setting that you'd want to explore.  Our goal is to raise at least $18,000 to make this project the way it deserves to be made. 

The money we receive from Kickstarter will go to the actual hard costs of production that we simply can’t do ourselves or get for free; mainly prop construction materials and location fees.  To a lesser extent, the money will be spent on equipment rentals (at a thankfully discounted rate), storage space, travel costs, character wardrobe and set dressing. 

                                          Cryotube Prop Design

The bottom line is that, we, the filmmakers, are already getting a lot of bang for our buck, which means that you, the wonderful, amazing, and incredible potential Kickstarting backers will, too.  And just to be clear, none of the money we’re asking for will be going to us.  It will all be up on screen.  


We're deep into pre-production and have finished (or nearly finished) securing locations, creature design, prop building and design, budgets, storyboards, schedules, and countless other odds and ends.  Our Kickstarter fundraising drive runs through the month of March into the early part of April, and if successful, we will immediately finish up pre-production and shoot in mid-May.  Because of the extensive visual effects work, the post-production will be longer than usual, but we’re going to work as fast as we can to deliver the finished film.  


Efram Potelle is an award-winning director and visual effect artist, and winner of the second season of Project Greenlight (he co-directed The Battle of Shaker Heights starring Shia LaBeouf)

               Efram on the set of THE BATTLE OF SHAKER HEIGHTS 

Efram's short films have generated millions of hits, everywhere from Atom Films to YouTube; you may have even seen a few.  Here are two of them: 

                                            "HellHoles" Episode 1


In his spare time, Efram designs his own unique, darkly funny, holiday cards (of which you can get limited edition prints … just check out the reward tiers to the right!!) 

                    Efram's 2011 Holiday Card - The Exploding Santa

You can find out more about him and see the rest of his shorts and reels, including the remaining episodes of HellHoles at his website (, or you can shoot over to his IMDB page ( for more information.

Geoff Skinner, Jane Lawton Moore & Morgan Patterson are working with Efram to produce ENDANGERED and help bring Efram's vision to life.  They bring with them over 30 years of movie making experience, ranging from production work to feature development. 


In short, Kickstarter allows anyone to donate any amount they would like (from one dollar up to 10 grand) in order to help support the completion of a creative project.

In return, Kickstarter donors receive rewards based on how much they give (our rewards are listed to the right).  If you choose to donate, click the reward tier you’d like, verify the amount you’d like to donate, and at that point you’ll be taken to the payment processing center to make your pledge.  It's that easy! 

BUT VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  No money will be taken out of your account until two things have happened.  1) We have reached the end of our pledge drive on April 11, 2012 at Midnight, and 2) WE HAVE REACHED OUR GOAL OF $18,000. 

This is all or nothing for us – if we don’t reach our goal, you keep your money.  It’s that simple. 


Does this story end with this film? Absolutely not. This short is the first step in a campaign to build a world of story and hopefully many hours of entertainment for lovers of sci-fi and fantasy adventures. So come with us as we begin the amazing journey into this new world! 


Thank you all for checking out our project!  If you do back our project, or if you want to because you like what we're trying to accomplish, please also consider spreading the word via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or any other way you can think of.  Every little bit helps, and everyone here will be forever grateful. 

Now, with your help, let’s go make this movie! 


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    THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION! - You'll get your name on the "Kickstarter Special Thanks" section of the film’s website and a moment of silence from us.

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    Pledge $15 or more

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    THE BACKSTAGE PASS: You’ll get access to production updates, creature designs, visual effects tests and behind the scenes info, pictures & video via Kickstarter updates. Plus, a private link to the HD web premiere of the final film that you helped make happen. You'll be the first to see it online!

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    Pledge $20 or more

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    NIGHT AT THE MOVIES: An invite for one to the Los Angeles premiere of the short AND to the swanky after party! In addition, your name will be added to the actual movie credits as a Kickstarter Backer! PLUS, the previous package!

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    Pledge $25 or more

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    WE'LL MAKE YOU A STAR #1 - Have your face immortalized in the movie! Your face, via a picture you send to us, will be seen on one of the many "missing persons" posters which will litter our post-apocalyptic world. PLUS, all previous rewards!

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    Pledge $30 or more

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    FILM SCHOOL PACKAGE #1: All of the above PLUS you’ll get access to special “how to” videos we’ll be posting throughout the entire filmmaking process. They will serve as invaluable instructional films on what to do (and what not to do) when making your own action adventure scifi film, covering everything from prop making to shooting for visual effects. And we’ll throw in an additional invite for two to the Los Angeles premiere and after party. That’s three invites total!

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    OWN IT FOREVER: A limited edition DVD of the film you helped make, signed by the director/cast! This special edition will feature a slew of extras, including our film school videos, as well as 8 of Efram Potelle's award-winning short films. PLUS, all previous rewards!

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    Pledge $75 or more

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    TWISTED HOLIDAY CARDS: A limited edition set of 6 Holiday Cards painted and designed by Efram Potelle (check out the project description for an example). These cards showcase his unique brand of humor and are perfect to send to anyone in your life who loves slightly twisted humor around the holidays. Don’t we all? PLUS, all previous rewards.

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    FILM SCHOOL PACKAGE #2: Get one-on-one face time via Skype with director Efram Potelle! He’ll spend an hour with you answering any questions you may have about the making of our film, or troubleshoot any problems you’re encountering on yours. We’ll also throw in 2 VIP tickets to the Los Angeles premiere and after party (sorry, no travel expenses!), with reserved seating, face time with the director and cast, and you'll get a special shout out during the intro to the film. PLUS all previous rewards!

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    ART OF THE FILM PACKAGE #1: A limited edition, signed 8x10 print of a monster from the movie of your choice! PLUS, all previous rewards!

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    Pledge $150 or more

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    WE'LL MAKE YOU A STAR #2 - Join us when we film a specific scene... and become a featured extra! Brag to all your friends about how you made it in Hollywood. (travel costs to set not included). PLUS, all previous rewards!

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    Pledge $200 or more

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    OWN IT FOREVER - ULTIMATE EDITION: A super limited edition Blu-ray of the short, in all its high definition, monster-filled glory. A CD soundtrack of the music from the film, and the limited edition DVD of the film you helped make with all the extras, signed by the director & cast! PLUS, all previous rewards!

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    Pledge $250 or more

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    ART OF THE FILM PACKAGE #2: A full-sized poster of the film signed by the director, cast, and crew (Shipped Rolled). PLUS, all previous rewards!

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    Pledge $500 or more

    2 backers Limited (8 left of 10)

    NAME YOUR OWN MONSTER! - Permanently place your mark on the movie by naming a creature from the film! While not domesticated, these little (and huge) horrors still need names. Then, we’ll send you a 8x10 print of the creature with the name you picked. Check out the project description to the left for an early look at the monsters… and there’ll be more to come!

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    YOU’RE AN ASSOCIATE PRODUCER! - Associate Producer credit on the film with a title card shared with any of the other Associate Producers! That’s right… you’ll become legendary right along with us. PLUS, all previous rewards (except NAME YOUR MONSTER)!

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    YOU’RE AN EXECUTIVE PRODUCER! - An honorary Kickstarter Executive Producer credit! You’ll even have your own title card in the end credits! Plus all previous rewards (except for the Associate Producer credit and NAME YOUR MONSTER).

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    Pledge $10,000

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    GO ALL IN! - Director Efram Potelle will fly to your city and screen the finished film for you and your friends (location TBD), followed by a Q & A where you can ask him anything about the film, his work, your work, Hollywood, his feud with Kim Kardashian… anything! This will take place prior to the on-line launch AND the Los Angeles premiere. Plus, all previous rewards (except for the Associate Producer credit and NAME YOUR MONSTER).

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