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A man in cryo sleep wakes up on an Earth devoid of human life but teeming with strange, frightening creatures in this epic short film.
Created by

Geoff Skinner

231 backers pledged $26,037 to help bring this project to life.

The New $25,000 Stretch Goal! Let's see how far we can go!

Thanks to you we hit our $18,000 goal, and we are making ENDANGERED!  But rather than sitting back to relax, we are more determined than ever to make this short movie even more exciting.  If we reach our new $25,000 Stretch Goal, we’ll be able to improve the film for all of our backers.

If we can hit the $25k mark by the end of our campaign, we’ll be able to:

Improve the quality of the musical score. Reaching our stretch goal will allow our composer to hire session musicians to create a more orchestral, cinematic score rather than a synthesized one.

Add professional color grading. Our stretch goal allows our color grading session to be more comprehensive, so that the look of every shot can be dialed into perfection.

Create multichannel sound mixes. Sound is one half of the movie watching experience, and our stretch goal will allow us to create an industry standard 5.1- channel sound mix in addition to the 2-channel stereo mix. This fully immersive mix will be available for live screenings such as the premiere and film festivals, as well as on the DVD and Blu-ray discs.

We know that getting another $7,000 in pledges in the next 4 days will be tough, but we are nothing if not ambitious.  With your help, we think we can do it, so don’t forget to spread the word!


The Endangered Team