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A short comedy about a blogger with an allergy to the Internet.


Surpassing our fundraising goal of $10,000 can only help us to create a better film in post-production.  Extra funding would allow us to afford more music options, crisper sound with ADR sessions, a longer color correction session for richer colors, slicker graphics, and a potential pick-up shoot. With extra funding we could also submit "Avery, Offline" to a greater range of film festivals.

In addition to these general benefits, our stretch goals would allow us to consider some new options for sharing, publicizing, and marketing the film:

WITH $11,000... we can build a proper "Avery, Offline" website with the help of professional web designers and programmers. 

WITH $12,000... we can hire a publicist to get "Avery, Offline" more press and visibility.

WITH $15,000... we can hold a private screening of "Avery, Offline" in New York City for ALL Kickstarter donors.


After her boyfriend proposes to her over g-chat, blogger Avery Kirk diagnoses herself with an "allergy" to the Internet. "Avery, Offline" follows Avery's odyssey through New York City as she tries to navigate her first day offline.


"Avery, Offline" was filmed in New York City between June 15 and June 18, 2013. A dedicated group of young professionals collaborated on the short, which was shot on the Arri Alexa camera.  


The "Avery, Offline" team needs to raise $10,000 to finance the costs of post-production. This amount will allow us to pay for editing, sound design, music composition, motion graphics, and credits/title design... all the things that will turn hours of raw footage into a gorgeous 15-minute film.

Your contributions will also help us as we try to get "Avery, Offline" into film festivals. Our first submission will be to the Sundance Film Festival;  after that, we are hoping to submit to both local and national festivals, including SXSW and New Directors/New Films. Our $10,000 goal would cover submission and shipping fees for these key festivals, as well as a poster design to advertise the film in style.

Extra money that we received would be used to offset the costs of production: equipment rentals, location fees, transportation, props, meals, etc. 


By investing in "Avery, Offline," you get the chance to become part of a film that speaks to issues of our generation: How reliant on the Internet have we become? How has social networking changed our personal relationships? What does it mean to grow up in the information age?  What are the challenges of trying to "unplug"?

A pledge to "Avery, Offline" is also a vote of support for the young, dedicated cast and crew members (see below) who have already worked so hard on this film.

Finally, there are the perks! By investing in this project, you can win a DVD copy of "Avery, Offline," a credit on the film, an invitation to our premiere, dinner with the director and producer, or all of the above. 

We are passionate about this project and story, and we feel confident that we can create a beautiful, funny, original film with your help. Thank you for your support!


Principal Cast: Jessica Love, Brian Berrebbi, Nick Cornish

Supporting Cast: Heath Brandon, Jess Burkle, Matt Cohn, Sachi Ezura, Alex Quinlan, Jacqui Rossi, Gillian Williams


Rachel Whitaker (writer/director); Jonathan Parks-Ramage (producer), Heath Brandon (producer); Sarah Jun (line producer); Zach Kuperstein (director of photography), Bruce Li (1st assistant camera), Alexander Schaefer (2nd assistant camera); Siena Brown (1st assistant director), Cecilia Delgado (2nd assistant director); Jessica Burgess (production designer); Ted Maroney (gaffer), Mark Solomon (key grip); Zachary Bishop (sound); Corey Bauman (mixer/sound design); Eric Rothman (editor/VFX); Vlad Kucherov (colorist); Emilia Adamkiewicz (makeup); Mike Swastek (art director); Allison Twardziak (casting director); Neal Williams (driver); Hannah Elise Pilkington (production assistant).

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The "Avery, Offline" team has already handled various challenges and obstacles that arose during production of the film, including cast and crew coordination, tight schedules, inclement weather, unexpected illness, and shooting delays. Post-production by its nature promises to be less dramatic and more relaxing. Still, we are prepared to tackle the challenges of finishing the film with professionalism and consideration.

Our first risk pertains to Kickstarter's "all-or-nothing" fundraising model. If we are unable to reach our goal of $10,000 in 30 days, we will not receive any funds at all. This is why your support is so important! Any pledge, no matter how small, will help us get to the finish line so that we can complete "Avery, Offline."

Our second risk pertains to time. We believe that "Avery, Offline" might have a chance at sparking the interest of the Sundance Film Festival. With a submission deadline soon approaching on August 26, 2013, we have less than two months to complete post-production. Your investments in "Avery, Offline" will allow us to hire talented and quick professionals to edit, score, and sound-design the film in time for our first big deadline.

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider backing "Avery, Offline." We look forward to sharing the final film with you!


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