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£155 pledged of £5,000 goal
By Daniele Pietrobelli
£155 pledged of £5,000 goal




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I define this project as a small colossal for a first time indie developer like me. Its a vertical scrolling shooter game where instead of the usual space ship you will be able to play as a RockStar musician!

There are four playable characters, each one with a unique identity and story (RockDude® is also the name of one of them), playing in 5 different music planets (Classical World, Punk World, Metal World, Dance World, Pop World) each planet has an amazing soundtrack composed by established musicians (see list below).

You will be playing against a wide range of musicians, from Mozart, Beethoven and "Violin Girl" to DJs, popstars, punk musicians and metal bands (including Serenity) and cool musicians (like Spencer Register). Probably the first game featuring both Mozart and a Metal Band??

You will need to complete achievements and challenges to unlock special guitars and power ups! Plus, depending on how well you will do you will have a different ending.

The gameplay is a mixed between a classic vertical shooter game (where you need to upgrade your weapons, your guitar in this case!) and a new gameplay that exploits the fact that the iPhone/iPod can be used with one hand. You will be able to shoot special notes doing specific gestures and, if you decided not to use the virtual joystic, you will have fun bending the device whilst trying to avoid the dangerous musical rings! If you touch the musical notes that they generate you will lose fame score points and you will not be able to become a Rock Idol!

This is the Facebook page of RockDude. Please like it and share it if you like what you have read so far,  "every little helps" :).

There will be also two bonus levels where you will have to battle against real musicians that have also licensed one of their tracks as soundtrack for the level:

  • Serenity Metal Band: who is an established European Metal band (they have been active for over ten years and concluded several tours among the world). They concluded recently their 2013 European tour promoting their new album "War of Ages" (© 2013 Napalm Records Handels GmbH) and they licensed the song "The Art of War" to be used in the game. The new album is based on historic characters. It is hard to keep track with the amount of reviews / interviews that the new album has generated. This is one of them. Their Facebook fan base is growing day by day so make sure you check them out on their Facebook page, website or on YouTube.
  • Spencer Register: if you like Ocarina music or you loved Zelda "The Ocarina of Time" you will also love him and his music! You can find an interview to Spencer made by the "700 club" at CNB here. He produces Ocarinas and plays them in a unique way. Check him out on his Facebook page, website, and youtube channel! The beauty and peace that the Ocarina sound gives reminds me of the sounds from the pan flute :).
Those are the other musicians that have developed a soundtrack for the game:
  • Toni Moretti: known in Italy for his due acoustic/jazz duo "A Bassa Voce", Creative Director of the Musical Accademy of Schio (Italy), has published several Jazz and duo albums in his career, have a look here for a full discography . A new album is in production, here is a behind the scenes video of an archs orchestra playing for the recording of  for some of the new tracks. Toni has a real passion for composing and arranging tracks and loved the idea of being part of the RockDude® project. He composed and arranged two tracks: "Epic Rhaposdy" (Classic World) and "Over the Pop" (Pop World). We recorded the tracks at Zeta Music music production studio, including the performance of real violin and violoncello and guitarist. A behind the scenes video of this will be available soon! For a full Biography of Toni have a look here.
  • Antonio Petris: a talented eletric guitar player. He composed the RockDude® theme song and the track for the Punk World. Check him out on YouTube :-). He is also lead guitarist at Pathosray. This video is not HD and has been taken from a mobile phone (I guess) but I love it and to me represents the best way to get married if you are a Rock music lover :).
  • Ivan Moni Bidin at Artesonika Studio: he has composed and recorded the tracks for the Metal and Dance world. He is a great metal musician and composer and played in various bands, including Pathosray. Here is a short video of Ivan whilst composing a new track. He has several years of studio experience where he collaborates with Fabio D'Amore (Serenity) (there should be no need to introduce Fabio but if you are curios to see his immense discography please have a look also here).  Ivan worked as audio technician also for the release of Serenity's new album (War of Ages).

It is important not to forget the two extremely talented freelancer illustrators that have worked for AndPlay Entertainment Ltd.:

  • Tommaso Spinetti
  • Anna Chernyshova

Thanks to their work I can say that the graphics of the game are now complete and RockDude® has now:

  • 17 unique levels with unique background
  • 5 different musical planets + 1 special one(Spencer Register's)
  • 17 unique level bosses
  • 50+ total characters
  • 4 playable characters with 12 different endings


Game available for Free (Why and How):

Once the game is published Apple will provide me with a very limited number of free downloads codes and hence, the best way to overcome the problem, is to set two dates in which I will set the price to "free". To deliver this reward I will notify the backers with details on the date.

Special Rewards:

Here I present a list of some of the coolest rewards, just to make sure I have explained them correctly :).

  • Special thanks directly said by RockDude® character in the main credits section available from main menu (by pressing the "info" button). RockDude® will say: "Special Thanks to RockStar kickstarter supporters: Your Name, Another Name.." (see screenshots below):


Funds (what I will do):

The fundamental thing I want to achieve is to deliver this game with a good gameplay for iPod 3rd generation onwards and iPhone 3GS onwards.


  • Solve current bugs (the App crashes sometimes and need to avoid this for a release ready version)
  • Implement order of appearance of enemies and balance levels
  • Improve game controls
  • Add GameCenter "achievements" and "leader board"
  • Testing
  • Release a first version on the AppStore

And next?

If the fund raising goes above expectation the second thing I would like to do is to hire an illustrator to work full time for AndPlay Entertainment Ltd. for a some months contract and add some new planets and levels to the game.

If the fund raising goes very well (at least 40,000 GBP - forty thousand) I would like to develop the first comic issues (most likely an e-Book for a first version) based on the character of the game. This is out of the scope of this Kickstarter project as, to achieve this goal, I would need significantly more money than the amount I asked.


What about a version of RockDude® for Android and/or Console?

Game development is expensive and to develop an Android version (or even a Console version) I would need to rise significantly more than the asked sum of 5,000 GBP (five thousand). I have not been taing a salary for more than a year and have been saving money for rent, living and lots of other expenses. This is "me" and I am doing this because I believe in RockDude®, it took me time to learn the skills to develop for iOS and even if I am using Cocos2d (that can be fairly easily transalted for Android using Cocos2d-x) I would still need some time to learn new skills and is virtually impossible to do all by myself (managing a project like this involves also spending time in other things other than development: Bureaucracy, legal aspects etc..). So the only solution for me to develop Android and Console version would be to hire some contractor (or employee) . This will cost LOTS more than the asked.  Hence I refuse to even think about an estimate at this stage as is way too premature.

Hence I would like to leave those considerations/plans for a second stage, after the game is released for iOS and after I have seen how much revenue stream the game generates. Without a significant revenue I will not be able to deliver the game for any other platform, so please support me in this and spread the word of the game to bloggers/journalists/Facebook friends and whoever you think might be interested in this. If you do have a YouTube channel please review the game and the Kickstarter project and spread the news :). Every little will help to rise a fan base for RockDude® and, if I will manage to satisfy them, there will be sufficient money to do the next big steps and let this rise and become reality.

The avarage revenue for a game is very little, way less than the money I spent so far. However I still believe that I have a chance to continue dreaming, otherwise I will not have even started the project :-).


Comment on the iPod touch that I used in the video:

My iPod touch looks has the screen a bit "broken", sorry for that (but don't worry, it works fine and I can test the game properly on it). I have used it for over a year every day. The screen broke a couple of times and have already repaired it. Now I cannot really repair it anymore as it got all "glued up" and would need to get a new one. To test it on iPhone 5 I am borrowing the phone from friends and collaborators and using simulator.

("Some say" that is probably due to the Rock music being played too loud during the game :-), but don't worry.. it will not break the screen of your iPhone/iPod)

Risks and challenges

Underestimate the budget:
I set myself a three months goal to complete it and a tight budget which should allow me to pay rent and living for the next three months and still have some money for marketing. However, with such a limited budget I will not be able to pay an illustrator for significant changes and adds on to the game.

Use only the graphics that the illustrators have already produced for the game (there are plenty) and focus on balancing the game difficulty rather than adding new features/characters/graphics to the game.

Use social media for promoting the game.

Write press releases to highlight the quality of the game in terms of soundtrack and graphics and get engaged with bloggers/journalists sharing the kickstarter project link and game preview demos.

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    > DETAILS: You will be the first to know when the Game App is available for free on the AppStore (as for the previous reward) plus I will send you three mp3 files (studio quality) to your e.mail address of the RockDude® theme track (each copy is a different variation of the track); plus access to a secret facebook group (e.mail linked to a valid Facebook id will be required to add you to the group) and right to vote (within the group) for the choice of the name of some opponents, for example: name of a certain Dance world DJ; plus will send you (via email) a PDF containing instructions on how to unlock within the game a special and powerful guitar and a special power up :)

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    I will let you know when the game is available for free on the Apple AppStore (the RockDude® App price will be scheduled to be "free" for two days only and I will let you know with a "backers only" update when this will be. To facilitate the delivery of this reward I will set the two days with at least one week gap between them, e.g. 7th of October 2013 and 24th of October 2013).

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    The previous reward plus will send to your email a digital wallpaper image (.JPG file) representing the four main characters of the game plus the sentence "Proud Supporter" plus three extra tracks from the RockDude® album (metal world soundtrack, dance world soundtrack, punk world soundtrack). Attention: tracks from Serenity, Toni Moretti, Spencer Register will not be available for this reward due to licenses limitations.

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    The previous reward plus access to "pre-release" test version of the game (requires: compatible iPhone/iPod touch: iPhone 3GS onwards, iPod touch 3rd generation onwards; as well as following some installation steps which I will provide you via e.mail) plus your name will be
    in the main credits section. The game character will say: "Special Thanks to RockStar kickstarter supporters and testers: Your Name, Another Name..". See description posted in the project description to have an idea of how cool it will look like :).

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    This might be one of the coolest rewards/gifts that you might receive/give in life. Get the previous reward PLUS become one of the opponents of the game (e.g. Violin Man, DJ, Dancer, Metal guitarist).

    Be aware that: the character will not be a boss as they have already been drawn.

    Given I still need to implement the order of appearance of the opponents (see project description) I cannot tell for how long your character will appear but can guarantee that will be for at least two seconds.

    You will be able to suggest a role (e.g. violinist, DJ, etc..) but please be aware that the game has to be consistent in terms of design and hence I cannot guarantee that your preference will be satisfied (also please consider that the character has to be coherent with one of the five musical planets).

    To fulfill this reward I will need you (or the person that you are wanting to appear, as long that is aged 18+) to sign a license contract that allows me to use your appearance within the game (the signing process will require both email and home address of the person you wish to include in the game as the person will need to send me both PDF copy and two hardcopies of the contract).

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