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$2,255 pledged of $10,000 goal
$2,255 pledged of $10,000 goal

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Sisters of the Cloth Project

Recently, I received about $500 in the mail & from church  members who wanted to pledge. I told them I cannot pledge, it's against the rule, but would give the money to one of the previous backers to pledge. I was first waiting to see if there were others who would-  give before doing so. I think it's a shame to have worked in theatre nearly 40 years in my city of Memphis, taught thousands of children, help elect city officials who said that they would ,and there aren't enough people who care enough to have pledged $1 or $5 to this Kickstarter Project to reach the goal. Just $10 from 1000 people would have done it! 

It is equally upsetting to know that those who I have previously told that I was launching it, that I polled as to their donating , and they did not. Maybe it was fear of the  use of the Internet, timing, graduation, whatever, but now that the project seems NOT to have made it... the need is still there. All who attempted to back this, I hope that you wll still do so. I literally contacted and spent money making postcards about this to hand out -over 1000. While this saddens me, and may compromise the quality of the play, I will find other ways & means- holding fish fries, pool parties, dances, bake sales, put on a play in July,  ask for donations from church members and friends to get this production paid for- it''s the AMERICAN way; If my health does not fail me- it shall be done! Thanks Kickstarter.  (I was hoping that some wealthy backer would see this, I even wrote  Ellen Degeneres about asking people, but she may never have gotten it. I asked for no money, just her endorsement of the project on her show so others might give.  I am not defeated! Thanks again backers, I will contact you  and request your continued support for the play which will still be in the Festival.

The "Sisters of the Cloth" Project

Thank you who have given thus far. The pledges have Not been coming in. I had a bout w/ illness that has prevented me from being on this. It's only 1 wk away, and I can' t believe that all of the people I have asked or contacted have not responded. I know this is not one of the FAVORITE projects that Kickstarter will put  send in their newsletter, but if is one of MINE, and I hope yours. Although I would love to get around (drive from business to business, house to house and friends) asking for help, I can't. Health prevents it- but I have NOT given up hope.. Please ask your church members to take up money and YOU send it, YOU pledge it... I can't- it's against the rules.  Make this happen in my lifetime, please. Thank you.

The "Sisters of the Cloth" Project

Althoug some may not think that this belongs here, that  it's too much, or a little over the top, my daughter, thru Mother's Day, has written what she thinks about me, and that my persistence may motivate you to be persistent in motivating others to give. It's a little embarrassing, but here goes:

Olivia wrote: "Happy Mother's Day to one of the most frustrating woman in the world!!! Ruby Olivia Johnson Gray. Frustrating? Why yes of course. How can one have 6 children before she's 25...mind you a set of triplets all with mental issues. Make a home that has housed at any given time up to 10 people. Made sure her children knew about culture, the classics and CHRIST. Opened her doors to the "hood" for parties to make sure that HER children were in a safe place. Made her children think they were MIDDLE CLASS by making nothing stretch to a whole lot of something. Washing and pressing 3 girl's hair on Sat/Sun mornings. Going back to school and getting a degree. Acting and selling Cotto Salami "sammiches" to her fellow actors, buy the hundreds of gifts we got from July to Sept and Dec. (birthdays and Christmas.) Running not one but several production companies to produce her 63 plays when no one would give her a stage. Dreaming big and not always reaching that star, but never giving up. Nurturing actors of various ages, color and talent levels. Even with major health issues she continues to support other artists. But I don't always see the reciprocity. And she still helps. I could go on and on...but I think you get my drift. Frustrating....'cause how the H E double hocky sticks do I follow that? I got one child with one head of hair..mind you it's a lot of it,and I can barely do half of what she did. I will never be able to do all she did. But what a map she laid down to follow. And although it frustrates me that she doesn't recall that hoe incident (roflmbo) I can truly say I don't remember many bad days growing up. I am blessed that Amaia has her for the stuff I fall short on. Like watching Anime on Sat. morning. I love you mom!!!"

If she still believes after all of this, I will believe that this goal can be reached.


The "Sisters of the Cloth" Project

BREAKING NEWS: GOAL OF $10,000 IS      approaching slowly, but think how quickly we can reach the goal if you would commit to ask just 5 people you know to back this project?   Here are 4 reasons why

1) It's part of the "bucket List" of an aging, physically challenged, but rather seasoned southern playwright.    2) The play will appear on the very  same stage that that playwright was told her work would never appear     3) Some of the best actors around will portray the colorful characters from the period of 1945 in a setting that really existed. a.  But hasn't the world found out in movies, Broadway, & TV that Memphis has a myriad of historic wealth and stories that iare worth writing about?      4) Lastly, because of "My burning desire to see my play produced as it should before life, as I know it ends , and to see it produced as I always envisioned it. a.Unless you help, it won't happen, and I will again hear the phrases-"This is such a gooood play- I laughed so hard and cried too." "Why is it that more people don't know about your work?"   " This ought to be on Broadway and tour the country."   "I would go see it in a minute."  

I'm asking for your help; ask your well-to do friends and those who mean well but have little $. I  don't mind poking you to ask othere people to pledge.  I believe in YOU...please believe in the project as I do and talk up those pledges. The Deadline approaches- May 26. It's ALL or NOTHING. This is Ruby O'Gray, your trusty old believer of DREAMS. Thanks

The Sisters of the Cloth Project

Thanks to all who have given so far. We're at the halfway mark in time, but only 1/5 of of the goal. :( Please appeal to your friends and family to pledge ASAP!  This is history in the making. Just 160 backers pleging $50 each could do it!. Help make this happen, please. Nothing beats a failure but  a"TRY". Did you know if every woman who loves going to the theatre alone would pledge - even if its $10... I think we'd go over the top. No amount is too little- no pledge is too big. Just ask at least 5 people to give and we're on our way to the Goal.. Come on, everybody- it can be done. Ruby O'