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A survival horror board game with miniatures and a post-apocalyptic open world to explore. Hate the day, fear the night.
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PROJECT UPDATE May 31st, 2018

Posted by Creating Games (Creator)
Hi survivors,  

In this update, we want to inform you about the last news on the project. Like always, we will explain to you each part of the project (miniatures, components, production, etc.).


Firstly, we want to apologize for this silent time, maybe longer than usual, one of the reasons for it has been a small incidence regarding the miniatures production, we did not want to publish anything until it was solved. Please find the detailed explanation below:  

A few weeks after the posting of the last update, LIJIA sent us some “masters of the miniatures” samples (some of you saw pics in Twitter). NOTE: They are not really “masters” but a copy from them, so the final miniatures will be practically identical in detail. After evaluating them thoroughly in detail and even though many comments of the sponsors were positive, we concluded that even they were correct, did not get the detail level we think they require, so we stopped the production and discussed long and intensely with the supplier in order to increase detail as much as possible. Finally, we decided to produce the “masters” and their copies again using new machines recently acquired by LIJIA, although the time invested in this stage took longer. So, that is the reason this update is a little late, as we waited to get the new samples and assess everything as a whole before publishing anything. Well then, we have received the samples and have noticed a big difference with the previous ones. Now we are satisfied with the detail of the miniatures and they have our approval for their mass production. Please find below a comparative between the old and the new miniatures for you to check the substantial improvement.

They have frequently asked us about the miniatures we show you, and, as we told you before, are copies of the “masters”; therefore, theoretically, the final production will have the same quality or similar.


While the improvement of the miniatures was trying to be solved, our team kept working on the plates development and the production of the rest of the components, receiving those days the first print tests. The first to arrive were the art books –journals- (in both languages) to be checked. We attach here some sample images:

NOTE: Please do not pay attention to the quality of the material, as the final quality will be much higher. For example, the cover will be a 1.5 mm thick cover, and the pages will also be thicker. This is a sample to validate the color, the adjustment and the framing to be correct. Anyway, we need to tell you, that if this was the final product sample (although it is not), its quality would be very high, so we are quite satisfied with the result that will be achieved.


We keep working on the layout and translation of the other components but we have noticed we have not shown or explained many things of the game to you. Besides, many of you have asked us to explain rules, stages or components of the game to make the wait more fun and see everything better, so we have decided to include a section in the following updates where we will show and explain to you all this.  

In this update, we will show you the B map of the city and the markers of survivors, their composition, explanation and use.  

In the first place, this is the B map of the city finished and mocked up:

Then, a sample of some final markers of survivors, their composition and use:

Explanation: At the Shelter stage, the survivors will suffer a Shelter event every day. Some of these events can get a “quiet day” result; but, as you may guess… do quiet days in a zombie apocalypse exist? So, as in Day Night Z this is really complicated, each survivor in the back side of their character sheet will have some events that might happen in their “quiet days”. Each “quiet day” is customized for each survivor and is closely related to their personality and background. Besides, some survivors that have their starting equipment “customized and unique” will have the option to regain it by using these “quiet days”. We also want to tell you that the quiet day resolution can depend on decisions (do you think it is a good idea practicing shooting with the risk of been heard?), chance (just rolling dice), attribute tests, etc.  

Finally, we want to explain to you why some of the texts are written down upside down, thing that you will notice in many game cards also: all the texts that mean a decision taking (choose one of different options) or an attribute test (as success possibility can be increased using survivors points) will have upside down texts. The reason is to avoid knowing beforehand the most convenient result, voluntarily or not (hahah…). It is evident you could have covered the card with your hand, but we think that is not the best solution, and, as we are able to do it this way (although the layout will take longer), we have decided to adopt it.


Many of you have asked us a report with the cards quantity, divided by products and sizes, for you to get the right covers, so in the next update, once we get LIJIA’s confirmation on several matters, we will publish these data for all of you who have asked us.  

Thanks very much for your support. We will keep you informed on next news that will come up.  




Hola supervivientes,  

En esta actualización queremos mostraros las últimas novedades del proyecto. Como siempre, lo haremos comentando uno a uno los diferentes bloques del proyecto (miniaturas, componentes, producción, etc.)


En primer lugar queremos disculparnos por este tiempo de silencio, quizás mayor de lo esperado, pero ha sido propiciado por una pequeña incidencia que hemos tenido durante la fase de producción de miniaturas, y no queríamos publicar nada hasta que estuviera totalmente solventado. Os explicamos detalladamente lo sucedido:  

Pasadas varias semanas de la publicación de la última actualización, LIJIA nos hizo llegar pruebas de los “maestros de las miniaturas” (fotos que algunos visteis publicadas en Twitter). NOTA: Realmente no son los “maestros”, sino una copia derivada de ellos, por lo que las miniaturas finales serán prácticamente idénticas en detalle. Tras valorarlas detallada y exhaustivamente, y pese a que muchos comentarios de mecenas fueron positivos, dilucidamos que, aunque eran correctas, no alcanzaban el nivel de detalle que, a nuestro modo de ver, requerían, por lo que detuvimos el proceso en este punto y conversamos intensamente y durante varios días con el fabricante para ver qué medidas podíamos adoptar al objeto de incrementar su detalle aún más. Finalmente optamos por producir de nuevo los “maestros” y las copias con unas nuevas máquinas que recientemente había adquirido LIJIA, aunque eso dilatase un poco el tiempo invertido en esta fase. Ese ha sido el motivo por el que se ha retrasado la actualización, ya que hasta recibir las nuevas muestras y valorar todo en conjunto, no queríamos publicar nada. Pues bien, ya hemos recibido las muestras y la diferencia es sustancial con respecto a las anteriores. Ahora sí estamos plenamente satisfechos con el detalle de las miniaturas y tiene nuestro visto bueno para la producción en masa. Os dejamos unas comparativas entre las miniaturas antiguas y las nuevas, para que podáis observar la sustancial mejora.

Nos han preguntado muchas veces qué tipo de miniaturas son éstas que mostramos, y, como hemos indicado antes, se trata de copias de los “maestros”, por lo que, en teoría, la producción final tendrá la misma calidad o similar.


Mientras se estaba solucionando la mejora de las miniaturas anteriormente comentada, nuestro equipo siguió trabajando en paralelo en la elaboración de planchas y producción del resto de los componentes, recibiendo en estos días las primeras pruebas de impresión. Los primeros en llegar han sido los libros de arte –diarios- (en ambos idiomas) para su revisión. Os adjuntamos algunas imágenes de muestra

 NOTA: Por favor, no os fijéis en la calidad de los materiales, ya que la calidad final será mucho mayor. Por ejemplo, la tapa será una tapa gruesa de 1,5 mm, y las páginas también tendrán mayor grosor. Esta prueba se utiliza para validar el color, el ajuste, encuadre y que todo esté correcto. No obstante, hemos de decir que, si esta muestra fuera el producto final (que no lo es), su calidad sería muy alta, así que estamos muy contentos con el resultado que tendrá.


Continuamos trabajando en la maquetación y traducción de los diferentes componentes restantes y hemos visto que aún hay algunas cosas del juego que no hemos mostrado o explicado. También hay muchos de vosotros que nos habéis pedido que expliquemos reglas, fases o componentes del juego para hacer más amena la espera e ir viendo todo mejor, así que, en la medida de lo posible, vamos a añadir una sección en las sucesivas actualizaciones, en la que iremos mostrando o explicando todo esto que hablamos.  

En esta actualización os mostraremos el mapa B de ciudad y las fichas de supervivientes, su composición, explicación y uso.  

En primer lugar, éste es el mapa B de ciudad finalizado y maquetado:

A continuación, una muestra de algunas de las fichas de supervivientes finales, su composición y uso:

Explicación: Durante la fase de Refugio, los supervivientes que permanezcan en él sufrirán cada día un evento de Refugio. Alguno de estos eventos puede tener como resultado que ocurra un “día tranquilo”; pero como podéis suponer….¿existen realmente días tranquilos en un apocalipsis zombi? Pues como en Day Night Z eso es realmente complicado, cada superviviente, en la cara posterior de su ficha de personaje, tendrá una serie de eventos que le podrán ocurrir en sus “días tranquilos”. Cada “día tranquilo” se encuentra personalizado para cada superviviente y guarda mucha relación con su personalidad y trasfondo. Además, algunos supervivientes que cuentan con equipo inicial “personalizado y único” tendrán la opción de recuperarlo gracias a estos “días tranquilos”. Comentaros también que la resolución de los días tranquilos puede depender de decisiones (¿te conviene practicar tiro con el riesgo que supone hacer ruido?), azar (lanzamiento de dados puro y duro), pruebas de atributo, etc. Finalmente, explicaros también el porqué de algunos textos del revés, y esto es algo que también encontraréis en bastantes cartas del juego: todos los textos que supongan una decisión (elegir entre varias opciones) o una prueba de atributo (porque puede incrementarse la posibilidad de éxito utilizando puntos de supervivencia) tendrán los textos del revés. El motivo no es otro que evitar conocer de antemano el resultado más conveniente, ya sea de manera voluntaria o accidental (jeje). Es evidente que siempre podrías haberlo taparlo con la mano, o que pasado un tiempo conozcas de memoria la carta, pero en principio, creemos que es una buena solución, y cómo es viable de realizar (aunque incremente algo el tiempo de maquetación), hemos decidido adoptarla.


Muchos de vosotros nos habéis solicitado un informe con la cantidad de cartas, divididas por productos y tamaños, para que podáis ir adquiriendo las correspondientes fundas, así que en la próxima actualización, una vez tengamos confirmación de LIJIA sobre varias cuestiones, publicaremos esos datos para todos aquellos que nos los habéis solicitado.  

Muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo. Os mantendremos informados de las nuevas noticias que vayan sucediendo.  


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    1. Colin MacMillan

      ' ...AND check a Quiet Day roll ...' Could this be released as a separate sheet? Even a 'small book' like a diary so it's more thematic - and less frustrating to the player/s. The only alternative I see is photocopying the back and having it handy.

    2. Onyx

      This is looking fantastic!! The miniature detail is much better!

      However, I agree with Todd: Double-sided Character Sheets for ‘Quiet Days’ is a TERRIBLE design!

      How can I maintain my Character AND check a Quiet Day roll? This needs to be changed. Perhaps a small card per character - Starting Equipment on one side, Quiet Day on the other?

    3. Timothy on

      I’m impressed!

    4. Missing avatar


      Thank you for the update.

    5. Todd Ferrullo on

      Well overall I can say this about this update:
      1. The miniatures are looking better and most of my fears of them using Lijia have been put to rest, assuming that the final production miniatures look as good as the "masters" shown here or very close thereof.
      2. Double sided character boards are a terrible idea and need to be changed. This may actually be one of the worst design ideas that I have heard all year.
      3. They need to seriously have everything in English triple checked and probably given to the backers as PDF documents before sending them to the printers; so that we can help proof read them. The amount of errors in these updates and even a few that can be seen in just a few pages of text are filling me with dread over the translation for this game.

    6. Jean-Francois Dupont on

      This is all looking good! I'm happy to have backed the project as now I can see the end coming!

    7. Ben Sheppard

      Please release the paper documents as PDF before you send them to the printers so that we can all proofread them for you. People are already finding spelling errors from pictures you're showing. Please don't let this be like a few other projects where you need to rerelease the instructions and cards 6 months later to fix all the typos and errors.

    8. Zadrin

      Fallout board game does a really good job of decision making without revealing the rewards/consequences. They have the player on your right read the bold text, then you pick an option and they read the result to you after you succeed or fail the test.

    9. Missing avatar

      Oscar on

      English bellow.
      @Luis Javier totalmente de acuerdo, era para diciembre del año pasado, 6 meses más tarde aún eligiendo proveedor... no dudo de que sea difícil llevar un proyecto como este pero...
      y los máster siempre son mejores que las finales, y en las fotos se ven varios rediseños de minis entre unos y otros para mejorarlas. en fin, ya queda menos

      I completely agree with @Luis Javier, the due date of this project was the last december, now 6 months later you have just chosen the miniature provider... I'm sure it's not easy to manage a project like this, but...
      one point about the masters, usually, they are quite better than the final miniatures, and I can see some redesign and reshape between the first ones and the final masters.
      At least, we are closer to the end.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kris Thompson on

      Great quality on those new miniatures! It was a good decision to force the matter.

      Everything else looks great, too. Love the idea of personal events for the characters.

    11. The Hunter Collaborator on

      @Luis Antonio Así. We will post here the sizes and quantities of each card deck.
      @All Thank for your kind words. We know how a cool game looks like and we are running into that goal.

    12. Missing avatar

      Luis Javier on

      Guau..., para 2027 lo tendremos!.
      Seguimos con controles exhaustivos, mejoras concienzudas, estudios milimétricos...y paja, paja y más paja. Lo dicho, para 2027

    13. Missing avatar


      Hi, do you need any help with translations ? If so, I'm your man for the french version :)

    14. Skolo

      good update. great quality

    15. -GoRdoN-

      So glad to hear from a company that wouldn't lower their standard just to avoid comparimising their schedules, will definitely be backing your future productions again because of this.

      We are happy to wait a little longer if it meant for a better final result, please keep up the great work!!!

    16. Russonc

      Thanks for the update.

    17. Missing avatar

      Dustin Bainbridge

      Great update. Keep up the good work. I'm always happy to wait a little longer if it means the end product is of better quality.

    18. Andi Kleiner on

      Hi, I hope spelling errors will be fixed. On the back of the Renegard character sheet "staarting equipment" is written with double 'A'.

    19. Missing avatar

      Luis Antonio Fuertes on

      Cada vez pinta mejor!!! Entonces, avisareis a todos los mecenasdel tamaño de las cartas y componentes para el tema de adquirir las fundas con antelacion o hay que solicitarlo? Gracias de antemano

    20. Ben Rankin('Boy Benjamin' on Soundcloud) on

      Great! Do we have an estimated time of shipping? Also how do I know if you have received my shipping payment. Sometime overseas payments can be funny.

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Crewe

      Impressive stuff, you’ve clearly taken our comments and used them to improve the quality of the overall product. I also appreciate the depth of content in the update and, although still annoyed by what will be a very long delay, feel very confident of a high quality product finally coming our way. Keep up the good work!

    22. Justin Boehm

      I agree that that info being on the back of the character card, if that's what we're seeing, is not a good idea. I'm hoping that we're seeing 2 boards, but I'll wait for the creators to advise.

    23. Baylock on

      Last thing: what's with the characters legs on the sheets?
      Are they waiting in a queue or something?
      Couldn't they be a little more dynamic?

    24. Mark Horneff

      @kitty, completely agree this looks like a frustrating way to play the game

    25. Missing avatar

      Joseph Hearn on

      I'd have been happy with the original figures but am glad to have the extra detail! Will definitely be worth the extra wait. I agree with kittylady though, I don't think that can be kept on the back of the character sheets. I'd forget where every counter was every time.

      I like the upside down text idea though, wouldn't be hard to read but you can't do it accidentally so if you find yourself trying you can quickly stop yourself.

    26. Baylock on

      Info on the back of the character sheet?
      Worst idea ever! Don't do that.
      And unless your character sheet is extremely (I mean extremely) large, the fonts is way too small to be readable in a convenient way.
      The difference between the largest text and the smaller text is too extreme.
      Please guys, some common sense is needed here.

      Otherwise, if the final result for the miniatures is this one, it's good news.
      Pose aren't resin samples right?
      Is it the same plastic we will get?

    27. Missing avatar


      ABSOLUTELY need to move all that info off the back of the character sheets. That's going to be a huge pain in the butt to flip over when you need it and then replace all the stuff. Otherwise everything looks really good!

    28. Elgracka

      Wonderful news! Keep it up