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Thanks for checking out our project. With your help we will make our idea a reality and get as many e-reader enthusiasts using inBOOK cases as possible.

With the launch of Amazon's Kindle in 2007, the idea to use a book as a case seemed obvious.  E-reader users were in awe of the device, but soon knew something was missing.  And nearly three years later something is still missing; the sensation and warmth that comes from holding a real book in your hands and the feel of the pages on your fingers. That all changes with inBOOK!  The inBOOK case simply uses books as the e-reader case making it the most logical extension to the e-reader.  

But we didn't want to stop there.  We wanted to create a case that was well designed and complemented the e-reader and we did so by using the craftsmanship of traditional bookbinders.  Our goal is to create such a unique and well made case that your family, friends and even strangers will ask, "Where can I get one?!"

So how do we do it?

All inBOOK cases use a simple snap-in design. We don't take a one-size fits none approach to making our cases, which means that we don’t use silly elastic straps that can fail, flimsy bands that can slip or other unreliable closures.  Our patent-pending custom holder is made specifically for your model e-reader and where other cases fail, like in drop tests on the case/e-reader corners, inBOOK delivers. How? Since we use books as the main component of our case, the books' bulk pages and hard back cover  deliver superior protection.

Our books are made to our specifications. The pages are constructed from 90 pound paper and the cover material is hardy 98 point board stock.  We create a cavity from the pages of the book and insert and secure the custom holder into the cavity. 

Why made by hand?

Making the cases by hand ensures a craftsman’s quality and provides lasting durability. Additionally, because each case is made by hand, it will be unique.  And finally, your case is special because it will be made here in the U.S.A., by a craftsman, with pride!

The Models

E-readers today are technological marvels.  With batteries that can last for weeks on a single charge, internal memories that allow for the storage of thousands of novels and electronic connections that permit content delivery in seconds.  inBOOK seeks not only to match this ingenuity, but to do so in a case that is as functional as it is artistic.

We will offer two models in four designs for the Kindle (Second Generation and Kindle 3) and the Nook (Nook Color and Nook).  The "Biblio" model will be unique in its design and will have 16 pages in front of the custom insert where the e-reader resides.  Biblio will be offered with either a Sherlock Holmes cover and short story, “Musgrave Ritual” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”.  The Austen design will contain the famous opening sentence from from "Pride and Prejudice", "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife", using a font created from Jane Austen's own handwriting, followed 15 journal style pages.

The "Folio" model will have an articulated cover design allowing the front cover to be folded completely behind the e-reader. The Folio model will be wrapped in Tocca in either black or tan and include a quote from President Theodore Roosevelt or a quote on Peace, both embossed directly into the cover.

We are designing a unique product that will restore the tactile feel associated with reading a paged novel; the warmth of the cover in your hands and the feel of paper pages on your thumbs. 

Special Note on Rewards

For any reward level that involves the selection of a Folio model case our Backers will have the option to choose a "blank" cover.  Meaning that once the project is closed we will provide an option for you to select your Folio model case with out a quote on the cover and have the cover wrapped in either black or tan tocca.  This is not written into the Reward descriptions to the right, simply because Kickstarter does not allow us to modify our Reward descriptions once a project goes live.  However, due to request we are happy to accomodate the "blank" cover request.

We need your help!

Kickstarter is a great way for us to realize our dream and we have structured our rewards to get everyone involved.  Any pledge level will assist us in making the first true book-style case a reality.

With your support, we plan to begin shipping your inBOOK case to you by mid-July.  We hope that you are inspired and excited by this idea, and choose to support our project. Either way, please spread the word and share our project with your friends. After all, everyone knows at least one friend or has a family member that owns a Kindle or a Nook!

What is the money used for?

To turn this idea into reality, we need to make molds for each e-reader model, purchase dies that will be used to create the cavity in the books and develop our packaging.  Up until now, we have provided 100% of the funding for prototypes, graphic design and some tooling, but as we said before we need your help.  100% of the money raised will go toward molds, dies, design work and will help pay for the main component of our case, the books!

Product Dimensions

Thank you!

Note: All products proudly made in the United States.  inBOOK will have a suggested retail of $49.99, e-readers not included. Kindle, Nook and their respective names and logos are registered trademarks of and Barnes and Noble.



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    ENTHUSIAST LEVEL. The above AND you will receive the bookmark actually used in the inBOOK case which is forged with the inBOOK logo. Shipping to Canada please add $2 and for International orders kindly add $5 to your pledged amount.

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    FIRST EDITON LEVEL. You'll receive the Backer bookmark with inBOOK logo and webpage recognition from above and you've just purchased and will be among the first to own a genuine inBOOK Biblio or Folio model e-reader case. You will be able to specify which e-reader model we should make for your case. If you select the Biblio model you can from either the Holmes or Pride and Prejudice covers and if you select the Folio model, you will be able to choose either the Peace or Roosevelt quote covers in either black or tan. Shipping to Canada please add $10 and for International orders kindly add $15 to your pledged amount.

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    BOUND EDITION LEVEL. Your basic two-pack. You'll receive the Backer bookmark with inBOOK logo, web page recognition and your choice of inBOOK case as described above. You will also be able to select an additional inBOOK case, Biblio or Folio, made for the model e-reader you specify with your choice of covers as described above. Save $5 off the First Edition Level by buying two and $45 off the retail price. Shipping to Canada please add $14 and for International orders kindly add $20 to your pledged amount.

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    LIMITED EDITION LEVEL. You'll receive the Backer bookmark with inBOOK logo, web page recognition and the inBOOK Biblio model e-reader case of your choice from above. You will also receive a Limited Edition custom Folio style case in either black or tan. The front cover will be emblazoned with a special 2" Diameter Kickstarter/inBOOK seal that identifies you as a Kickstarter backer and tastefully expresses our appreciation for your Backer level. Shipping to Canada please add $12 and for International orders kindly add $20 to your pledged amount.

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    OoaK (One-of-a-Kind). You'll receive the Backer bookmark, website recognition, two inBOOK e-reader cases of your choice as described above (Bound Edition). Additionally, we will custom make an inBOOK case just for you!! You will have direct access to our graphic artist, Lacie and she will work with you to create a true one of a kind case in either Biblio or Folio model styles. Imagine a cover that would represent your own style; you could create an autobiography style cover or Lacie can work with you create and adaptation of your favorite book. So use your imagination and we'll work together to bring your idea to life. Note: restrictions related to the use of copyrighted or trademarked material apply. Shipping to Canada please add $20 and for International orders kindly add $28 to your pledged amount.

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    Book Shop Pack - Pre-order a box of 20 inBOOK cases, each packaged for resale including UPC. You will be able to self-select the 20 models/designs you would like included in this retail pack. You don't have to be a book store owner to take advantage of this offer. With more than 30 million e-readers in the US market alone these unique cases will drive incremental revenue and profit for any store. Shipping to Canada please add $25 and for International order kindly add $35.00 to your pledged amount.

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