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Dr. Demento's most requested act of 2004 returns with a new album! Help fund it and win an Atari cartridge flash drive and other stuff!
103 backers pledged $4,800 to help bring this project to life.

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All rewards SHIPPED!!

Posted by reverendshoebox (Creator)

Hi, glorious people who backed my thingy!

Good news, dammit! After entirely too many delays due almost entirely to poor planning on my part, big brown padded envelopes containing your goodies are now well and truly in the mail, and will be in your sweaty trembling hands in mere days! 

U.S. contributors should expect their stuff within a week - it'll be slightly longer for those of you who live elsewhere, due to politics and geography.

Please let me know if you find anything missing or wrong with your stuff - we tried our best to get everything right, but we were working very late at night and may very well have done something stupid.

Also - for those of you in the Rochester or NYC areas, I've got a couple of shows coming up:

Wednesday, October 24 - New York, NY
Devo Spice Live DVD recording!


$12 in advance, $15 at the door
2-drink minimum (does not have to be alcoholic)

Doors at 8:30.

Click here to buy tickets or call 212-868-4444

@Broadway Comedy Club
318 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10010


Tuesday, October 30th - Rochester, NY
Worm Quartet CD release show!

More TBA!!!

$5 over 21 / $7 under
Doors at 8:30

@ The Bug Jar
219 Monroe Ave
Rochester NY, 14607

Thank you all again for your ludicrously amazing support! Enjoy your schwag, and feel free to drop me a note and let me know what ya think!


CDs! Cartridges! Bonus discs! Wheeee!

Posted by reverendshoebox (Creator)

Hi, wonderful people who enjoy the noises I make!

Things are obviously going slower than I hoped as far as reward delivery goes, but we're on track for a late-September delivery of pretty much everything at this point.  

The CDs are at the printers, and I'm told they'll be completed and shipped to me by September 20th.  Here's a look at the proofs for the final art - I went with the "eco-wallets" because I think they'll look awesome with the masking-tape art design.

Mrs. Shoebox's thumb is mostly-healed, if still a bit numb and weird, and she's plugging forward with the USB Atari cartridge thingies.  She improved greatly on my "shove everything in there and make it work" design, coming up with one that reduces the chance of the cable coming off the flash and uses the plastic in the cartridge to hold the flash in place, so only a small dab of glue is necessary.  Here's the outside and inside view (note that the label looks a bit like it's peeling off in this picture - that's because she hasn't glued it on yet!)  

Kim's cranked out a decent number of cartridges, the bonus discs and MarsCon 2011 DVDs are progressing well, and I fully expect at this point that everything will be in the mail by the end of September.

Thank you all for your patience and support!  Feel free to drop a note and let me know what you think of the album!  Or my face!


Digital copies are out - time to get physical! (See what I did there?)

Posted by reverendshoebox (Creator)


So, everybody who pledged at any level that includes a free digital copy of the album should've gotten them a link in their inbox.  If you should have gotten one but somehow didn't, please drop me a note and let me know!  Assuming you DID get it, how'd ya like it?

Currently working on the art for the CD layout, and then on to building the USB Atari carts!  Kim's thumb is healing, and she's managed to finish stripping the cartridges.  Here's a picture of Atari cartridge parts on a towel on top of a dryer, in case this is something you've never seen before:

And here's an in-progress pic of the album art on my glorious dual-Craigslist-monitor setup!

Devo Spice and I will be performing for a certain anonymous contributor this wekend - footage of this event is forthcoming.  We'll also be stopping by WEOS 93.5 FM in Ithaca to guest-appear on The Last Exit for the Lost. The show starts at midnight Saturday night and you can tune in online at - there's even a chat room so you can bug us in real-time, and we'll presumably be taking calls as well.

Thanks again for all your support, people!


Updates! Delays! Stitches! Excitement!

Posted by reverendshoebox (Creator)

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Posted by reverendshoebox (Creator)

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