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Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 10 months ago
Dmitriy AdvolodkinBy Dmitriy Advolodkin
First created
Dmitriy AdvolodkinBy Dmitriy Advolodkin
First created
pledged of $10,000pledged of $10,000 goal
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Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 10 months ago

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alex Harcourt on

      I want a refund. Please let me know how to proceed.

    2. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Yes, our vest is also a great product and has received a lot of praise.

    3. Tobias Widmann on

      wow, didn't you make a vest like that. it's looking great and is actually what i was looking for

    4. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Hi guys, as you saw in the comment below, kickstarter does not allow us to run two kickstarter's at once. They want us to relaunch this jacket at a later date, however, because we still want to proceed with the project and we moved our campaign to indiegogo. Please reserve your jacket there and we will continue with the launch and shipments. Thank you for your understanding!

      RESERVE YOUR JACKET HERE: https://igg.me/at/greenhouse-jacket

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Can you re-launch the project at another time?

    6. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Hi guys, thank you so much for your support in helping to us to get funded! Unfortunately, as you saw, kickstarter suspended our funding because apparently you cannot run two projects at the same time. Why they didn't notify us before the launch and instead notified us half way through the funding? We're not sure, but our other project ended yesterday which gave us time to solely focus on this project. We tried to reason with Kickstarter but they wouldn't budge. Anyways, we're sad we couldn't proceed with this project but we will be back in a bigger and better way. In the time being, make sure to check out our heated vest which has all of the functionality of the jacket, but in vest form: https://dtouchgolf.com/products/1st-ever-electric-heated-golf-vest

    7. Missing avatar

      Lauren West on

      So sad this just got suspended...I was really looking forward to this jacket!

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Gipson on

      I have been discussing the jacket with coworkers and fellow motorcycle friends, just seeing if I could order additional jackets if some of them wanted them after the close of backing.

    9. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      The inside pocket is big enough for the battery and slightly a little bit more. Would do you mean by add additional jacket?

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Gipson on

      Thanks for the quick response and I would definitely be interested in the second version if it works out. What size is the inside pocket? Is it just large enough to accommodate the current batter? If it works out to make a second version, would I be able to add additional jackets?

    11. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Hello and thank you for your feedback Benjamin and Paul. Heating elements in the sleeves may be a great addition to the jacket, but it will take more power from the battery and will require design modifications. If we get enough requests, we can always create a second version of the jacket with these modifications after the campaign is over.

    12. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Koenig on

      what Paul Gipson said!
      Maybe as a stretch goal?

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul Gipson on

      Loving the idea and look of this jacket. Curious though, What would be the odds of adding heating elements into the sleeves? I'm an avid motorcycle rider and that would be a really nice addition. Not a deal breaker for sure, just something that would be really nice.

    14. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Koenig on

      ...since this is one of the first jackets with build-in heating elements

    15. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Koenig on


      Imho it will not be an easy walkthrough at airports. The security will make a x-ray scan of the jacket and they see the electric wires. Not sure what they think about this...

    16. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Hi Tempy, great question! In airports, they make you take off your jacket and put it in the basket. In that case, there should be no issues.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tempy on

      Silly question, but will the jacket trigger metal detectors and raise eyebrows at airport security?

    18. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Thanks Benjamin! Glad you like our jacket!

    19. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Hi Benjamin. As long as the power bank has a usb output, it can power our jacket. That's why we give our customers the option to use their own power banks or purchase ours. Everyone has different preferences for the power banks.

    20. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Hi Falah. Thanks for catching that. That's a mistake on our end. It should be March as well.

    21. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Koenig on

      Hi Dimitriy,
      Is it possible to use any normal power bank? Although they provide 5V instead of the 7.4V of the one you are offering.

    22. Falah Al Sukaiti on

      How come if you order 3 jackets you get them in January but if one March this seem to be weird

    23. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Hi Rebecca. Currently, the sizes posted in the campaign are the only sizes for the jacket. When creating the sizes, we tried to accommodate all body types. The jacket itself can accommodate longer torsos as well. If you have any issues with the size, we can always exchange it for a different size.

    24. Rebecca Lockwood on

      Do you plan to make tall sizes for men with long torsos?

    25. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Hi Charles. Yes, the jacket is both hand and machine washable, however we recommend hand washing over machine washing in order to longer preserve the heating units of the jacket.

    26. Missing avatar


      Does the jacket washable?

    27. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Of course Tobias :)

    28. Tobias Widmann on

      Thank you for the quick answer

    29. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Hi Tobias. We work with top heated clothing manufacturers to provide our customers with durable and long last products. All of our jackets are water proof and are made to wear in any weather conditions. Our heating elements are top of the line and able to withstand impact threw extensive use. The heating elements are completely flexible and can adjust to your motions during extreme outdoor sports like snowboarding.

    30. Tobias Widmann on

      Can you say something about the durability of it?

    31. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Hi Tempy and thank you for your support. The charger should handle the 220V without a problem but it currently does not come with plug adapters.

    32. Missing avatar

      Tempy on

      Hi, does the charger handle 220V and does it come with plug adapters?

    33. Dmitriy Advolodkin Creator on

      Hi Rebecca. We wanted to give our backers the option of either using their own battery pack or purchasing ours.

    34. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Reid

      Why are you selling the battery and charger separately from the jacket when both are necessary to properly use the jacket?