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MotOO Linux Build!

Posted by Hit the Sticks (Creator)

This update brought to you by Christian Plummer, our intrepid engineer.

Hey all! The reconstruction of our Linux build slave happened to coincide with the 14.04 LTS release of Ubuntu. So I figured "why not?" There's a pretty good chance it'll work with an up to date 13.10, but it's completely untested right now. I recommend using a PS3 controller (getting an Xbox controller to work is possible, but annoying). There is a simple controller mapper in the game, but if you want to try your hand at a more complex mapping or tweak your graphics settings then you can find the config files at ~/.config/C4-Engine/ 

Things to tweak (for better performance): 

  • Change displaySamples from 4 to 1 
  •  Reduce your displayHeight and displayWidth (the default is 1920x1080) 
  •  Change textureDetailLevel from 0 to 2 
  •  Change postGlowBloom from 1 to 0 

 Download the Linux Build: 

Note: The zipped build is hosted on Google Drive. The zip file is publicly available. If Google is telling you that you don't have permission to access the file, you might be logged into some private/corporate Google/Gmail just temporarily log out of that account. 

 Linux System Requirements: 

  • Ubuntu 14.04 64bit (is officially supported. Other 64bit flavors of Linux might work?) 
  • Dual Analogue Controller. 
  •  Video Card with 512 MB RAM (Nvidia hardware starting with the GeForce 8x00 series and all AMD hardware starting with the Radeon HD 2x00 series. Also runs on Intel Ivy Bridge GPUs and later, but at lower performance). 
  •  **An Intel HD graphics cards will not work** 
  •  CPU - 3.0 GHz Dual Core processor 
  •  System RAM - 1 GB 
  •  Free Disk Space - 674 MB 



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    1. Boris on

      Another issue is input - after killing the game from console-mode, the keyboard doesn't repeat keys that are held and the mouse sensitivity seems to be off. I guess the demo takes over input instead of using it in a sane way...

    2. Boris on

      Oh, one good thing - the game certainly feels more responsive and smooth when playing natively :-)

    3. Boris on

      Tested on Slackware.
      - Same as Neo, all keyboard controls get disabled, meaning there's no escape to the main menu and Alt-F4 doesn't work.
      - You seem to be overriding the main window somehow - motoo itself doesn't have one. The one time Alt-Tab continued working, it wasn't showing motoo in the window list, and switching to any window in the list didn't change anything.
      - Same as with the windows version in wine, the rendered view goes outside the borders at least to the left and right, so I don't see the full quit/credits buttons in the menu screen.

    4. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Just tested on Kubuntu 13.10.

      1. I started the game and it doesn't respond to the keyboard.

      2. I even can't ALT-TAB - the game returning to it's window.

    5. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I will check it now! :)