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Enjoined by an unfathomable deity, rediscover a derelict eldritch civilization, teeming with ghastly horrors and wondrous beauty.
Enjoined by an unfathomable deity, rediscover a derelict eldritch civilization, teeming with ghastly horrors and wondrous beauty.
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Tokyo Game Show 2014 Recap


Hi all,

I was happy that we were selected, out of the hundreds of other applicants, to have a free booth in the Indie Game Area of the Tokyo Game Show.  The first two days of the show were only open to business people and the press.  I made lots of new contacts, exchanged many business cards, and got a lot of press people to say they would cover the game.  The feedback was very positive, everyone seemed to think we had the most unique game.  

The next two days of the show were open to the public.  100,000+ people at the show each day.  Woah.  The show was gigantic, massive, overwhelming, awesome.  Tons of people played the game.  I'd say 90% of people liked MotOO.  

When we arrived at the booth on day 3 of the show, we had 3 stickers on our booth.  They are nominations for Best Indie Game at TGS, given by different Japanese gaming news sites.  There were about 75 indie games at the show, out of those, I believe that only 2 other games were nominated for 3 awards. Most games were nominated for 1 or 0 awards.  We are one of the top games at the show!  I already found out from Famitsu (the bottom sticker) that we won their best indie game award!

Here is our little booth and our nominations:

After the show on day 3, we were walking from the expo hall to the train station and saw a rainbow.  Immediately after taking this picture we felt a small

 I have to give the award for "Most Tasteless and Gratuitous Use of Booth Babes" to Sega.  Notice that no actual video games are visible, just a couch of girls for you to take pictures of.  

Glad you made it NPF!

After the show I got out of Tokyo and I relaxed.  

I ate horse sashimi...oops...sorry mom.

The final morning before flying back to the USA we went to Tsukiji fish market and went to one of the famous sushi places.  The chef was impressed with my sushi eating abilities.  

The trip to Japan and Tokyo Game Show 2014 was hands down one of the best experiences of my life.  I loved seeing so many people playing Mark of the Old Ones and really liking it.  I realize that they only played the beginning of the game, the rest of the game still needs a lot of work, but I am super motivated to get it done.  Off I go!  Gambatte!



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    1. Hit the Sticks 2-time creator on

      No, I haven't had Ramen Jiro Mita Honten. I should have asked you for recommendations before I went >.< Next time!

    2. Daniel Jung on

      Really?! You haven't tried Ramen Jiro Mita Honten, where it should have similar style as Yume wo Katare's? Also, Kotaro recommended that I try a bunch of ramen at Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. I would go there again next time to try more styles.

    3. Hit the Sticks 2-time creator on

      Daniel, no, Dai had a very long line and I literally would have missed my plane. I ate at Sushi Daiwa, which is just to the left of Dai and had a shorter line. Next time I will go to Dai, but I'm afraid the market will have moved by then. BTW, I had ramen 3 times in Tokyo, all at famous places or places recommended by friends, and none were as good as the place you took us to in Boston.

      Martin, I actually think that I miss-worded "sushi eating abilities"...I mean if you look at me in the pics you can tell that I have a healthy appetite...but what the chef was actually impressed with was that he would say the name of the fish in English and I would then say it in Japanese. Little did he know that the names of sushi fishes is the extent of my knowledge of the Japanese language...

      James, yes it's pretty cool :) Maybe we will actually get into some of the US game shows now...

    4. Daniel Jung on

      Did you eat at Sushi Dai at Tsukiji? I waited about 3 hours in line before I get in for sushi breakfast!

    5. James Closs on

      Wow, it's cool that a game just made its funding on Kickstarter is receiving accolades at TGS. It gives weight to the notion of "If you just give an idea a chance, you might get something amazing."

    6. Martin O

      Great! And hooray to your sushi eating abilities :-)

    7. Hit the Sticks 2-time creator on

      I did not record any public play throughs. There wouldn't have been much room for a camera, the indie game area was quite tightly packed. I was also busy talking to people.

    8. Zaranell on

      Glad to hear that people liked it! Didn't expect MotOO to get that much attention from the Japanese press, either. Did you happen to record any footage of the public playthroughs?

    9. Missing avatar


      Awesome, glad to hear that the TGS went so well! Thanks for the update!