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The SnapStylus is a simple solution for iPad users who would like to keep their stylus attached to their devices.
The SnapStylus is a simple solution for iPad users who would like to keep their stylus attached to their devices.
706 backers pledged $7,574 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      carl Holck-Larsen on

      When is it coming?...

    2. Steve Ross

      Still waiting for mine as well. Never got response and seems many others never got there's as well. What a scam. Kick starter needs to refund everyone's money on this

    3. Pia Ledy on

      Jack Malone is a little piece of shit. he ripped me off twice! I'm sure this comment will be deleted right away by him, but I'll post some of my correspondence with him anyway, so people will know NOT to invest in his tacky inferior little pieces of crap in the future. It's laughable that he considers himself a product designer!!!


      Pia Ledy
      Saturday Jun 30, 9:41am EDT
      This was your response to me on March 26, 2012:

      Jack Malone says:

      Hi Pia,

      I understand how incredibly supportive you were of both my Kickstarter projects. I also apologize for the delay with regard to The MagBar. I did re-ship your 2 SnapStlyus months ago. If you never received them, it is possible they were lost in transit via USPS first class mail. I will reship them this week. Your MagBars were never shipped due to some address errors, and those too will ship this week.

      Thanks again for your patience.

      Jack Malone

      Pia Ledy
      Wednesday Jun 6, 5:04pm EDT
      Jack, I have written you several times to tell you that I never received my MagBars, nor did I receive the replacements for the two stylus I bought. If I don't hear from you at by the end of the week, I am going to make a formal complaint to KickStarter.

      Pia Ledy
      90 Franklin St.
      New York, NY 10013

      Pia Ledy
      Friday Apr 20, 12:00pm EDT
      Still waiting..........

      Pia Ledy
      Tuesday Mar 27, 12:14pm EDT
      Thanks, Jack. I appreciate it. All of my shipping info is listed below. maybe you should send me tracking numbers this time so we can follow up if there are any problems.

      P. Pia Ledy
      piadesign inc.
      90 franklin street
      new york, new york

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      Jack Malone
      Monday Mar 26, 9:23pm EDT
      Hi Pia,

      I understand how incredibly supportive you were of both my Kickstarter projects. I also apologize for the delay with regard to The MagBar. I did re-ship your 2 SnapStlyus months ago. If you never received them, it is possible they were lost in transit via USPS first class mail. I will reship them this week. Your MagBars were never shipped due to some address errors, and those too will ship this week.

      Thanks again for your patience.

      Jack Malone

      Pia Ledy
      Saturday Mar 24, 11:22am EDT
      Jack, Where are my TEN magbars and my TWO snap styli?? I am tired of asking for these items that I backed. If I don't get a response from you by Monday, March 26, 2012, I will report you to Kickstarter and post on FB what a disappointment your enterprises have been.
      I have been incredibly supportive and patient, but I'm done now.
      Pia Ledy

      Pia Ledy
      Monday Feb 27, 4:45pm EST
      Dear Jack,
      I never received the 2 snap stylii that I sent back to be replaced the second time! The 2 "replacements" I received had no magnets! I sent them back to you some time ago, and am waiting for their replacement!

      Also, I invested $100. into your mag bar and have had no word on when to expect shipment of them.

      Please advise.
      Pia Ledy

      The MagBar: An Innovative Key Holder
      by Jack Malone
      Your Pledge

      The MagBar 10-PACK: Get a bunch of MagBars at a discount to resell or distribute to friends & family as gifts. Worldwide shipping included!

    4. Jeremy Krantz on

      Still nothing and no emails or responses. Been 3+ months. My money was essentially stolen and Kickstarter customer service has done nothing. Fuck this shit.

    5. Jeremy Krantz on

      Still have yet to receive it and have yet to receive a response too.. This is ridiculous...

    6. Missing avatar

      Anthony Cohn on

      Still no stylus after multiple emails... Is there a way to get my money back?

    7. Missing avatar


      No Product Yet !

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    9. Jose Flores on

      Just received mine. Works pretty good, the magnet keeps it in place.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan Nowicki on

      I just got mine but it isn't magnetic! WTH!! It won't stick to my iPad. Lame!

    11. Torrence Davis on

      No product yet. :(

    12. Missing avatar

      njnggsss on

      The maglus that I had mentioned earlier in this post is now available heres a review if anyone is interested. Mentions a product that crashed and burned on Kickstarter.

    13. Missing avatar

      Pam Lebeck on

      Reminds me of the machines that you stuck 10 cents into and you got a cheap toy 20 years ago!

      Boy, I just received an email confirming the crappy product I backed,,,,..... 1/2 year later, like I would be able to locate the piece of cheap device that I was unable to use as advertised. Funny I am still using the stylus I bought off the shelf at Best Buy 9 months ago that I religiously keep with my IPad.

      The fact that NOW I have to locate the device, And pay for shipping, and my time to return it, really makes me hesitant to back someone in the future.


    14. Missing avatar

      Alex Diaz on

      I received mine but it is a POS, and I even backed this guy on his next project. Shame on me for trusting what appeared to be promising upstarts.

    15. Missing avatar


      Still no product & no reply for me

    16. Missing avatar

      Bader Abbas on

      may I ask when did u receive it and why is it so bad?

    17. Benjamin Royer on

      Bader, Yes, many of us have received it - total piece of shit! you are NOT missing anything except the money you spent on it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Bader Abbas on

      no product here either
      did anyone receive it?

    19. Derek SE on

      No product, no reply & no refund :( this will be my first and last time to trust kickstarter.. Uncontrol policies = unhappy customers..

    20. Darva Campbell on

      Still no product for me, either. And no response to the several emails I've sent, other than something early on about "overseas shipping" costs . . . and I'm in California ...

    21. Missing avatar


      Still No Product Yet !

    22. Missing avatar

      Andry Sudjono on

      Let we all send a complaint to amazon and ask for an investigation...

    23. Missing avatar

      Andry Sudjono on

      This is a scam!!!! I want my money back...

    24. Missing avatar


      No Product Yet, and I almost forgot that I pledge this project :(

    25. Steve Ross

      No refund yet...

    26. Missing avatar

      Vanessa Cristi on

      where is the product????

    27. Gwen.

      I have email Mr Malone today for a refund. ( - ).

      I'll wait for his answer.

    28. Missing avatar

      Serena Reagan on

      I'm STILL waiting for mine! I told a friend about this and she backed it and she DID get one, but that was WEEKS ago. I've sent several emails, but not received any response!

    29. Brian Boatright on

      @Bryan I spent $10ea x 2 so I'm in for $20 not $5. Regardless of the amount fraud and deception is the same. I'm shocked out how the KickStarter admins just pass the issues with this GUY (not a kid IMHO) off as our problem. Just like eBay had to take steps to avoid fraud and bad sellers. KickStarter has a duty and it's in their best interest to make sure their "marketplace" is safe and things like this are prevented.

    30. Karen Prue on

      I haven't gotten mine yet :(

    31. Bryan Gough

      I know, I know... No one likes to lose money to a scammed, a fraud... But it's only 5 bucks. Jack is probably taking his prom date to the dance in his new (used) Toyota Corolla. Don't let this one experience sour you on Kickstarter. They provide a platform for people (most of which are truly innovative) to build a supportive community. Jack has lost his community, but I hope that Kickstarted has not lost theirs! With the exception of this $5 bad investment, I have been really pleased with the other projects I've backed on Kickstarter. In fact, I think this kind of experience further sharpens the consumers' skepticism - which, in turn, raises the bar for legitimate projects. It's unfortunate that kid Jack wasn't able to deliver on his promise, but, when he graduates from high school and goes to college (partially on our dime) I think he will be wiser from this experience, and will hopefully be driven by his conscience to redeem himself! But, $5 isn't worth anymore discussion, disappointment. Let's just drop it. Bye Jacky-boy.

    32. Andy Shaw on

      Hi everyone

      My name is Andy, My colleague and I had developed a Magnetic stylus named The Maglus and had looked for funding on another smaller crowdfunding site before the snapstylus appeared on Kickstarter. We would have loved to put The Maglus on Kickstarter but it was not possible as we are Irish citizens and you must be an American citizen to satisfy Kickstarters criteria.
      I had echoed the same concerns you guys are posting about here in posts earlier on in this thread as we had realized that the problems you guys speak about would occur because we had come across them during the development of The Maglus. It had been also pointed out to Jack that The Maglus existed and he refused to admit the concept was already out there and that he could find any evidence of it. This was a concern because we felt not only was he going to supply an inferior modified product but also it would affect people’s attitude towards individuals developing a new product and putting them on websites like Kickstarter.

      We have spent the last number of months designing The Maglus from the ground up to be a magnetic stylus for the iPad 2 and smart cover. It is more expensive relative to the snapstylus because we had to custom design every component to make sure we had a product we were confident to give to customers. As a new company it has taken a lot of our time and effort to get The Maglus to where it is. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and if anyone feels it is not appropriate to post here mentioning our stylus I apologize in advance.
      If anyone is interested in The Maglus we are shipping in the next 10 days or so. Here is the link to our site

      Thanks again for your time.

    33. Brian Boatright on

      Nothing from "Jack" for an address, nothing from Amazon, nothing from KickStarter (no surprise), and I wonder if I'm still in my 60 day window to dispute it on my credit card. I'll contact Amazon one more time before I try that though.

    34. GreyCatGroup on

      Hmm... So it has been nearly two weeks since it was pointed out to Jack that despite his "offer" to accept returns, the fact that he didn't actually provide a return address continues to add to his lack of credibility. Also, no response to mine and others call that he cross ship the replacement as a sign of good faith on his part. Anyone gotten their refund from Amazon yet. I'm just a couple days past the amount of time they gave him to fix the issue and I had not heard back from Amazon, so I just followed up with them myself.

    35. Steve Ross

      Everyone please go here:

      Warn others

    36. Steve Ross

      I just want a refund...

      check this out:

      Same thing.. so this thing is getting shopped around
      And kickstarter does nothing... no backbone to keep this clearly fraud from scamming others.

      We want real products that get manufactured by its authors... we dont want a $.25 cent made in china pen you upsell.

    37. GreyCatGroup on

      Martha, exactly why I want him to cross ship. If he was sincere about replacing, I would think the email he sent out telling us to return them would have included an address to ship them to. His offer is probably just a show to try and get amazon off his back for all the complaints and refu d requests they are probably getting.

    38. Martha Grahl on

      I received a response from Jack stating that I'd receive a working replacement upon return of the defective model. However, there are no return instructions, and although I responded within an hour of his email, that was August 31, and I'm still waiting to find out a return address and whether or not there should be any documentation included to verify the return.

    39. Brian Boatright on

      @Virginia let's assume for the moment that they do individually review and approve projects or their owners. It doesn't explain the default KickStarter reply when you email them with issues on a project or the owner which is "caveat emptor" or buyer beware. My KickStarter pledging and backing projects day are over. It was fun for a while but things got too big too fast and this is the result.

    40. Missing avatar

      Trevor Cotton on

      This project has left a bad taste in my mouth. Not sure I will pledge on KickStarter again. The item was overpriced even at the $5 early adopter price. The magnet is so weak it will not attach to my iPad 1. The quality of the stylus is extremely low. Congratulations Jack on learning at an early age how to easily rip trusting people off.

    41. Missing avatar


      I don't even get mine yet !!

    42. Brian Connelly on

      My stylus does not function....please refund or ship replacement.

    43. Virginia Postrel on

      On Kickstarter:…

      From the article:
      This later evolved into an approval system. Anybody could pitch a project, but Kickstarter had to give it a green light. (The stock example of a proposal they reject: “Buy Jenny a prom dress.”) In late 2009, the company raised funds from people like Jack Dorsey, a Twitter founder, and Caterina Fake, a Flickr founder, as well as two venture-capital firms, and now has 25 employees and not enough space for them in an office on Rivington Street. On a recent week, Kickstarter received 1,890 proposals, each evaluated by a “community team” of about a half-dozen people. About 40 percent are rejected (although most of those flagrantly ignore the site’s guidelines — which bar charitable fund-raising, offering financial incentives and of course anything involving Jenny’s prom dress — or are incomprehensible).

    44. Brian Boatright on

      @Virginia - First the price is NOT that low... More interesting though is how do you know Kickstarter screens the applicants? Maybe I missed something in the Kickstarter pitch. Do they have Jack Malone's ID on file? Finally I don't think Jack Malone is the persons real name.

    45. Missing avatar

      Trappe136 on

      Jack - you have stated "any backers who received a SnapStylus that fails to function as advertised will be sent a free replacement." My stylus does not work - when can I expect my free replacement?

    46. GreyCatGroup on

      Virginia, not absurdly low. Scroll back a few pages. You can buy the exact product from deal extreme for $2.50 including shipping. Want more, for $15 amazon would have sent you 10, including shipping. I doubt that is a real or at least not current pic or else jack is blessed with youthful looks as kickstarter or amazon wouldn't be contracting with minors.

    47. Virginia Postrel on

      My stylus wasn't magnetic either, except weakly in one tiny place, and I expect to return it once Jack gives me his address. Clearly there was a significant product failure. The sheer rage here seems disproportionate, given a) the absurdly low pricing b) the fact that Jack appears to be about 15 years old. Since Kickstarter screens its applicants, I don't think this is a scam. I think he got in over his head. He had a cool idea and overpromised.

    48. Brian Boatright on

      @Chris I got the same message from Jack apparently. I like your idea of a cross ship where by JACK sends the replacement units and a SASE for returns. Great IDEA!!! That's the ONLY way I will do it.

    49. Bryan Gough

      Jack, I haven't rec'd my stylus yet. If you haven't gotten around to mailing it yet. Keep it. And keep the $5. Consider it 'angel funding' towards your business education. Learn from this man, learn.

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