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SlakPack is the world's first iPad accessory that allows you to interact with your device seamlessly while on the go. Read more

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SlakPack is the world's first iPad accessory that allows you to interact with your device seamlessly while on the go.

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Agree to submit one piece of feedback on how SlakPack could be improved, and its yours for only $20, shipping included within USA. Only 500 SlakPacks available at this price so orders are limited!

Hey Kickstarter Community! Thanks for checking out my project page. 

I have designed what I believe to be The World's First iPad accessory that allows you to interact seamlessly with your tablet while on the go! From the front, SlakPack appears as your traditional book-bag, with nothing to hide. However, flip it around, and you will quickly realize it is unlike any backpack you've ever seen! An internal, laptop-style pocket inside the backpack is fitted for a 10" (or less) size tablet (iPad, Xoom, etc.), which it lines up directly to a clear window that is built-in to the back of the SlakPack. Touchscreen devices work flawlessly through the window, eliminating the need to pull your tablet out of the backpack to actually use it! Whether you simply want to check your email, watch a movie, or read your e-books, you can now do so without having to worry about pulling your tablet out to use it; with SlakPack!

SlakPack is made of high quality 600D Polyester, and the window is constructed from a tough 10 Gage Vinyl. Each SlakPack has a rubber logo stitched on the front. A hole on the side of the SlakPack allows your headphone cord, or charging cable, to come through, for your convenience. SlakPack also fits well between the front seats of most cars, allowing passengers in the back (children) to watch their movies on long car trips!

After numerous design changes and a few months of testing, I now have the final design for the product-- but I need your help to come up with the funds necessary to cover production costs. Arrangements have already been made with a very reputable bag manufacturer, so I am simply waiting on funds to make SlakPack a reality for the masses! In exchange for backing me and my project, you will receive an excellent discount on the actual SlakPack (prices seen on right side).


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    Pure satisfaction knowing that you helped transform an idea into the final stage of production.

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    $15 reward

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    Your very own SlakPack sweatshirt with custom red banner across the front, along with SlakPack badge stamped on back. Comes in your choice of black or white, shipping included within the United States.

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    $20 reward

    2 backers Limited (498 left of 500)

    TESTER'S EDITION: Agree to submit one comment of feedback once you receive your SlakPack and the backpack is yours for a mere $20. Only 500 spots available, so get yours quickly before they are gone at this price! SHIPPING INCLUDED IN USA.

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    Guarantee yourself one of the very first SlakPacks to roll off the assembly line! You will be saving some money as well, since the retail price will be somewhere around $79.99. Shipping included within the United States.

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    DEALER PACK: If you own a store and you think that SlakPack would appeal to your customers (i.e. Families, Techies, iPad-owners, Skaters, Travelers, HUMANS, etc.) then scoop up 10 bags at a nice hefty discount! Retail value per bag is approximately $79.99! Shipping included within the United States.

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